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    Wow, that new rotation is looking great! Very excited to play with the new animations, when it's all nice and ready Have you thought about some degree, or some cases of rotation being head-only? Say the first x% of the rotation the character turns their head first, before their torso?
  2. Wayfarer

    40.43: No "sound" (dialogue) from equipped Radios

    Hey, Just wondering if this bug is on the fix radar? It's kind of a bummer to not be able to make use of radios and headphones, having to use placed radios or use vehicle radios. They're noisy. I like the immersion of the broadcasts during the beginning weeks.
  3. Hi, I think I've got a bug happening where radios don't produce dialogue when equipped. Car radios and placed radios are fine. I've disabled the few mods I have, and since verified Steam files, and appears to be in vanilla. Has anyone else had this? I cropped the hotbar out in the image, but radio was in secondary slot. The behaviour is the same when it's in the primary slot. Also the same with/without headphones and at max volume. You can see the dialogue from the radio in the truck, and none from the equipped radio.
  4. Woops. Edit: I had basically forgotten I had a mod enabled. Disabled and there's no problem. Sorry... delete this if you like
  5. Edit: I had basically forgotten I had a mod enabled (that is evidently incompatible). Disabled it and there's no problem. Sorry... delete this if you like. ----- Hi, I didn't find it if there's anything logged about this already. Tried to use the trowel to dig, and the red error notification popped up. Saw the message in the attached image in the console. Tried a few places around the vicinity with no difference. At first I thought it may have been because it was in a little fenced section. attempted index: new of non-table: null function: plow -- basicFarming.lua - line 680 function: perform -- ISPlowAction.lua - line 44 Build 40.43, x64, via Steam.
  6. Actually, it does, sort of. But maybe just limited to replacing available vanilla hair files with modded ones. I replaced the "hair_baldspot" file with the "hair_hippie" file, and in it changed the "hair_messy" line to "hair_baldspot" - dunno if that bit is necessary but seems logical. I haven't looked around for any other way to get it working as extra hair styles.
  7. I don't think this works in build 39(.67.5), with either standalone files or modelloader files
  8. Wayfarer

    Slay Bells Ring

  9. Wayfarer

    RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Yeah, it's hard to do much...but you can do the basic to get a mostly-functional car going, or improved if the tires are bad or the battery's damaged. I also had a tires and a battery disappear. I think one battery and maybe one or two tires over the course of swapping all tires between two cars, and a battery from a third. I thought it was because they "broke", due to low Mechanic skill or something, and not a bug. If it was intended, it was a tad ambiguous with no message saying so. Is repairing going to be a thing? Like if your car is pretty good except the trunk or a door, will you be able to repair or will you need to replace? That's so we can test the stuff. I imagine when it's implemented "for reals" that's going to be a big goal
  10. Wayfarer

    RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    I've reloaded a same-version save game and can no longer get in the Franklin Valuline I've been using. The driver seat is empty, so I think I should be able to enter. Doors aren't locked and I have the key. I can't get in the other side because the other front seat has stuff stored - I've noticed if seats are used for storage you can't get in/out that side, assuming that's intended. I don't see anything that looks pertinent in the console. Have restarted the game, also just as a check re-bound the interact key. I can get in other vehicles no problem. The radial menu only has the Mechanics button on it. Neither door is reported as locked or broken. Windows 8.1, vehicles 28.1.
  11. Wayfarer

    Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I started a new game with the latest version. A few scattered notes: Confirmed that reload issues like light switches and loot are gone. And it's awesome ! If I move the car info window around I can then close it without exiting the car. According to Steam overlay FPS I'm getting mid-high 50s when driving around on furthest zoom. Occasional drops to mid-high 40s. Got both around Muldraugh Fossoil station, where there were other vehicles and plenty of zs. Up around 58-60 driving along the straight SW/NE road NW from the block with Fossoil etc, at full zoom and full speed. Definitely increases at closer zoom, though is then of course harder to see that 12 seconds ahead When driving fast-ish and zoomed out, I slowed a little and zoomed in, to turn back toward Fossoil. The view kept going ahead of the car, as if it were moving at the faster rate, until I was stopped by a tree. Edit:: Hmm, make that 35-40 FPS cruising SW down the big road from Zippee mart past Sunstar etc. When I stopped some more vehicles dropped in. Turning of station wagon seems wider than that of the normal car/sedan and small car/hatchback. Car transferred to higher z-level. I parked my small car outside Fossoil, grabbed some things and fuel, deposited fuel in boot, and then found I couldn't get back in. At first the green square showed, but couldn't enter. I had to run away a bit, then it was clear it had ascended to a higher plane of car-xistence. It's coming together very nicely. Despite being a tech test build, I'm more and more able to just play with this.
  12. Wayfarer

    Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I'm not certain that I've noticed an improvement. Not to say there actually isn't one for me, as I didn't track the FPS before. I just tried F8 for display FPS and F11 for debug, but nothing came up in-game. Is that normal? There's still a bit of degradation, but mostly when zoomed out and probably at higher speeds. I'll do more to test later. I've also seen cars higher on the z-axis (ones I haven't used). I was playing for a while and kept seeing repeating messages in the console to do with "moving vehicle back onto chunk". I tested quitting while in-car and reloading, it crashed to main menu and created the _crash game save. I attached a pic of the console message. EDIT: I could load the _crash save, and the car was higher on the z-axis. The vehicle info window appeared to get stuck open until I got out of the car (the x didn't work). I can comment on reloading a save with more repetitive results across games: Loot distribution changes. It seems like containers in particular locations may be getting the distribution properties of other locations, or maybe the rates are being drastically impacted...or something :S e.g. houses in general. On new game, it's all normal. After reload, I don't find much at all, and what I do find is proportionally lots of pens, flashlights seem more common than "normal", kitchen counters don't really have anything, especially food items, that sort of thing. e.g. Muldraugh farmers market which I think is a pretty safe bet for lots of food across games, with produce being very much the majority, the shelves in the centre were bare but the graphic was as if it there were items. Assuming that's not an affect of dynamic loot, it seemed bug-like. The fridge freezers also had burgers and meat, I'm thinking normally they perhaps wouldn't? Slim example, yeah, but still hopefully useful. Compared to "normal", interior-locked doors to bedrooms etc are much more common, which I can't open from either side. My system: Windows 8.1 64-bit DirectX 11 GeForce GT 740M Intel i7-4700MQ 2.4GHz 12GB RAM Presence of strands of golden retriever fur likely
  13. Wayfarer

    Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I found a pickup at the "north farm" outside Muldraugh.
  14. Wayfarer

    Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I've just started playing around with this. 1. It's pretty awesome seeing vehicles and a quick little joy-ride attested to fun physics and seemingly-smooth handling. 2. It's really cool seeing vehicles in PZ I've been playing on Sandbox mode, based on "Survival" preset with a few changes - erosion set to 200, 0-6 months water/power, and normal loot. Game reloading, lights/power/loot: After seeing about the reloading issues I quit and reloaded, in-game 5 hours in, so hadn't played for very long. It seems the light switches have lost the on/off as if there's no power, but there is - fridges and ovens are working. Loot: I've not had a chance to check out the looting changes on reload. Frequent "pause": In a few plays I've had a frequent "pause" at some interval, maybe every <10 seconds or so. It's not like a framerate stutter, everything just kinda stops momentarily. Just after it's happened I've flicked to the console window and seen the below message: <numbers> fmod: Java_fmod_javafmodJNI_FMOD_1Sound_1GetData:3930 JNI_FMOD_Sound_GetData correct buffer Update: I've been playing quite happily for a while now, and haven't had the pausing. I'm not certain of the circumstances it's been occurring in, sorry. I'm seeing the fmod sound correct buffer message in the console, so that may be a red herring. I've just been driving around and only experienced some degradation at higher speed and further-out zoom. I've always had a slight drop fully zoomed-out on foot anyways, so wasn't too unexpected. In an earlier, separate game in which I'd only been to one other house besides my starting house, I'd had the pausing thing. So from my experience, it's possibly not even related to vehicles in line-of-sight or control/influence. Drawing order: I've seen mention about the drawing order, and I've seen it, too. My opinion is that if it turns out to be kind of a "rabbit hole" maybe it's not worth the time? Especially if lots will be changing with the animation work anyway. Interface: Engine start key: I remapped my start engine to [z]. On [v] I'd sometimes start the engine when I meant to open the wheel, or both. Am I supposed to hold it for the wheel? Either way, I prefer a separate key. Vehicle info window: I remapped to [t], replacing local chat. I suggest pressing the key again should close the window. That'd be easier than clicking a small x when I'm focused on driving and there's zombies. (Player profile context: If I'm looking for a house or something, I turn down my car stereo so I can see better ) Handling: I know the handling/physics is still in the works. I've been playing around with CarNormal and thought that the turning arc was a bit wide? A cool addition to the "survival" aspect: In the little I played of Dead Island, I gleefully ran down hordes of the things. In CDDA, much the same, also there's spikes all over my car. But, depending how one plays, I can see the humble sedan becoming something of great import in PZ, spikes or no. Maybe you don't want to splatter zombies because if you break it and you can't fix it... well, maybe that's how you died. Or maybe it's just plain inconvenient because it's got all your stuff in it. I dunno, it's gonna be fun being all serious long-term survival-attempt just as much as tearing around Carmageddon-ing it!! It's really cool though, you guys must be excited. We are
  15. Wayfarer

    Hydrocraft Mod

    That's what I thought, and why I was confused I did some tests and troubleshooting, and it's sorted now - I was perhaps being a bit silly. In case anyone else thinks "it's not working!" the skill bonus arrow things don't show up straight away... In the past however I did have cases where certain books would disappear from inventory on completion, and no bonus would apply. I think that was related to the "old" issue, and my game was probably not quite right. If in doubt, reinstall game or mods, that sorta thing, and it'll work itself out.