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  1. Eerie Country Beta

    Great stuff, looking forward to playing this. I did do a cartozed to check out the map, and I saw some missing tiles in the middle of the map, was this on purpose?: Check out here for the map image (May need to download it): http://www.mediafire.com/view/1sqk5kpwijj7v75/eerie.png
  2. RELEASED: Build 38.22

    Hi, This may have already been reported. I think I understand what you mean with custom maps spawn points. Any custom maps that are selected will get loaded, so you do not need to spawn at the custom map spawn points. I do see problems (in 38.21 [and 38.20?]), when I have my map mod loaded, and spawn in Muldraugh, KY, custom maps do not load. Same with save game loads that had custom maps, new custom map areas no longer load. I gather that Bedford Falls standalone is experiencing this too. EDIT: AH ok, you just posted 38.21 that will probably fix my problem.
  3. RELEASED: Build 38.22

    Hi Robert, Thanks for the newest release. I tried PMing you a while back on the forums, but I do not think that the PM worked. I tried my map mod to spawn at St Lamb, but that did not work, got vanilla. Thanks for this info from steam: "Hey, could you contact me through our forum? When build 38 will be public you won't need to compile all the spawn points to one file, everything is done automatically now " Not sure I understand, since i do not have the spawn points all in one file, but in each separate map directory, with the lots pointing to "Kentucky" folder within the mod, which finally points to Muldraughh KY. Any help to resolve this would be great, since I must be missing something simple. if/when I get some time I will move some custom areas to stop overlapping 38.19 areas of interest. Best, ddraig
  4. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    " Changed how custom maps are loaded: After selecting your mod, you now arrive on the "select spawn location" screen and no more "select map" screen to avoid confusion. Every map mods enabled is now loaded, including their spawnpoints. It means you don't need to code your own multiple maps mod to load more than one. " Hi. This is great. But I noticed that this, or something else in IWBUMS seems to break all AIZ map mods, when it should not. AIZ basically takes all map data and puts it into a "Kentucky" map directory, which has map.info lots=Muldraugh, KY, and then all custom spawn directories similar to Rosewood, KY & West Point, KY in that they basically just have a map.info & spawnpoints.lua with the lots=Kentucky. Thought that might be a problem but even when I spawn selecting 'Kentucky', with all the custom map data there, it does not work (no custom maps loaded), when it should. Oddly when I had the spawnpoints.lua in Kentucky directory pointing to New Denver location, that map loaded, but others did not. Not sure what is going on. Thanks!
  5. Check out the txt file in the root of the mod folder, and read the workshop description for dedicated. I PM'd you for hosting in-game
  6. Hi, Im trying to help people get the map mod 'AIZ Enhanced' to work on a listen server. When running a listen server I get the screenshot attached. I saw other threads with similar problems with custom maps, and evidently deleting the map_meta.bin in the multiplayer server saves directory should fix it. But it does not in my case. Get the exact same error again when hosting again. Also there is no cell 50,13 that I can see anywhere in the map data in either the muldraugh,ky or mod map files. Dedicated server seems to run fine. Any ideas? Thanks for any help!
  7. CartoZed

    Hi I PM'd you, but not sure if attached, so attached here as well. Also had a question for you in the PM. Thanks for fixing this. It appears to work fine now. debuglog.txt debuglog.txt
  8. CartoZed

    Thanks, getting another error now, attached. Im using multiple custom maps merged with default maps, along with custom texturepacks.
  9. CartoZed

    Hi, I get the same error too.
  10. RELEASED: Build 37.14

    Fantastic! Thank you.
  11. RELEASED: Build 37.14

    Hi, I play with GOG, since I do not like that Steam forces me to update, unfortunately there is not opt out of updates. Not sure if this was asked before, have not gone through the whole thread. Can this be added to GOG now please? There are also changes to mods like Survivors that I use, that are optimal with 37.14. Thanks!
  12. Syncing Mod Data on Items to Other Clients?

    Cool, let me know how you get on!
  13. Syncing Mod Data on Items to Other Clients?

    Hi robob27. The only thing I can think at top of my head, is if the inventory item has an id, that will be synched from server to clients. and then pass that id as an argument, and then loop through the player's inventory on server. I was working with both functions recently, and I noticed that sendServerCommand with player object passed into it to target a player, does not work. I had to use sendServerCommand w.o. player and broadcast, and send the player number I cared about in the arguments, and then on the clients compare that with the client player num.
  14. Craft Helper 1.2

    Crap, I should have read this thread properly, since this looks like an older version of craft helper that I modded. If/when I get time, I will look into updating v1.5g version, not unless someone else wants to do it, and see my code changes. I think this version nonetheless has what is essentially different between craft helper and the vanilla crafting windows (looking up available recipes and what is needed/not needed from items in inventory/containers) . The extra features added to newer versions seem to be incorporated in the vanilla version.
  15. Craft Helper 1.2

    Hi, I managed to get it working with build 36. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ley9m9g8t84x3ld/CraftHelper.zip The crafthelper context menu works fine, to find all recipes for an item in inventory/container, as well as indicating what you have/dont have to complete the recipe. EDIT: The book on the HUD is working. But if you have mods like hydrocraft with a ton of recipies like me... opening it is painfully slow. I got a weird error on line #237 on ISUI\ISRichTextPanel.lua where "self.text" was being treated as a table, instead of a string for some odd reason. I gave up trying to find where it was doing it on crafthelper side, so added a tostring() to that line, which fixed it, and added ISUI\ISRichTextPanel.lua to the mod to override the PZ one. I mention this as an FYI, that any future PZ builds that change that file could cause problems. There were some significant changes made to to fix the mod, to compensate for how the PZ java now deals with how recipes and items relate.