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  1. Because... "People don't know what they want until you show it to them." ~Steve Jobs. I'm still curious about these better solutions you keep mentioning. Seriously, I'm down for hearing some interesting and immersive ideas.
  2. By very nature this is exactly what tripping as you described it would be. Edit: And saying "lol just don't use features of the game such as moving backwards or looking around" is not a reasonable way to excuse it. The word "reasonably" in the above quote also nullifies Fake Difficulty in this situation, IMO. If you choose to overly abuse the features that become outlined as possible tripping hazards, that's your choice. 
 And I fully agree that eliminating the use of features is not a reasonalbe way to accept a tripping mechanic. Just because certain situations can raise a possible problematic occurance using these features does not mean I intend to never make use of them. Everything in excess has it's downside. I'm beginning to think that the comments against a tripping mechanic are out of fear rather than justifiable arguments. Nothing mentioned in past comments against tripping has held any real weight for me, especially since there aren't games which have this feature for anyone to really be able to argue against it. Negative specualtion is all that's being touted. It's highly possible that this could be something big and helps create more entertaining intense moments throughout gameplay. I'm sure it will need much rework before it'd come to such, but I am interested in seeing how tripping plays out and what it will become after feedback and features like proned combat get implemented. 
 I'm staying positive and will embrace it until I have experienced it first hand and can come to better conclusions, good or bad. I hope your fears end up being for naught, though I don't doubt that they may later be warranted... after we've had an opportunity to see it in play.
  3. Nothing on that Artificial Difficulty page suggested anything that says tripping your character would be fake difficulty. In fact, this sentence sorta defends such a feature... "It is important to note that just because a gameplay feature is annoying and frustrating does not make it fake difficulty." To me, it's not fake difficulty if there is a reason for it to happen and the player is aware of what those reasons for it's occurance are.
  4. What are a few of these "Many better ways" you speak of? ... you know this because... ?
  5. I mentioned walking "large distances" backward and looking around "while" running. A few steps back here and there, and stopping to scan your surroundings shouldn't cause you to trip, I agree. Personally, as is now, I just walk around zombies with no worry. I run a bit, turn around, walk backwards and swing at the closest, then walk around, run a bit, turn around to walk backwards and swing at the closest... repeat until X number of zombies are far too easily terminated. Put something in that messes up my equation, and I'm no longer capable to dropping an infinitly large hoard or must question my actions if I attempt to do so.
  6. So is everyone else. The problem is, what you described there had nothing to do with anyone's judgement and everything to do with the RNG. If we were to learn that walking large distances backwards, being highly paniced and running, spinning your character back and forth to look around while running, running while over loaded, or drunk, or all of the above combined could cause RNG to implement an occasionally trip, then it seems to me it'd be a lack of good judgement to choose to do those things in the moments that you shouldn't risk it.
  7. I recall laughing at the incapabilities of strangers stumbling several times through out my life. When not paying attention to where I'm placing my feet; even walking forward; there were moments (like a section of concrete on the sidewalk that is an inch taller than the other) where I've stumbled... not necessarily tripped and fell but had a temporary imbalance. I've fell when running to catch a football only to have stepped on a sprinkler head and twist my ankle. Watch a few episodes of Americas Funniest Home Videos, sometimes people fall from what appears to be no reason at all. Sometimes the most capable people have misfortunate moments, which you can see by googling 'sports or gymnastics fails'. When imagining a hypothetical situation of how balanced we would be if we were actually really dealing with a sudden zombie looming before us, most would like to assume they'd be that infaluable badass. Most would not be. In real life, people don't intend to trip... they don't control their falling down. It happens unexpectedly and can happen at the most inappropriate times. Personally, I would enjoy something like tripping. Though there should be more combat mechanics added for prone fighting, like kicking and wrestling off unwated zombies. (Would be pretty f'n cool to fall back on the ground, have a zombie fall on top of you... Then successfully wrestle the zombie so you're on top and stab a knife through it's skull. Get back up on your feet and spin around to one stab kill the next closest approaching zombie before preparing to make another escape from the hoard.) or (You open a door and a zombie lunges instantly, you step back and fall on your ass... So you kick and push the zombie back into the room it came, regain your footing to either shut the door and gtfo of there or ready your weapon as it lunges a second time.) I'm all for adding shock value through a series of misfortunate events caused by a players lack of good judgement. So long as you can fight for your life while in a prone position.
  8. Initiation - For your first Apocalypse. Survival - Choose a preset difficulty or create your own difficulty. Story - Experience the Apocalypse through the eyes of Bob and Kate. Multiplayer - Let their be antagonists and allies.
  9. I plan to get shot dead by looters before the zeds get to me. I think the outbreak would be on the news before it would be in everyone's face... this would start a bunch of panic and riots as people try and grab everything they can from stores and markets... the one's with the most guns and least care for others will win. I'm sure a big chunk of people will die by the hands of the living before the zombie plague spreads to their area... I will likely be one of those who are killed by careless gun toting rednecks who would kill a man over toilet paper. Unfortunately.
  10. I prefer isometric games personally. I'm tired of only seeing a weapon bouncing up and down as I run around in a FPS. I like to be able to see my player, and love how they made things fade out of view when you're not facing that direction. They did a great job, and this game stands alone on originality because of this.
  11. I usually prefer to make pancakes when I'm cooking either of the two, just because I hate to have to pull out the waffle iron. But when I'm out and about, I always order a waffle or french toast. Went to Barista Parlor in Nashville the other day, decided to try their Pop's Peach Waffle and oh my god was that the best f'n waffle EVER. Waffles ftw, polls lie.
  12. I don't run, ever... unless the cops are chasing me, but I'm not a bad person, so I don't run, ever. I'm sure there are many women who can out run me due to this. I don't lift weights, I tend to lounge more than get exercise, I have my hobbies that keep me active, but am by no means a tough or fit guy. There are plenty of women who could kick my a$$ I'm sure. My line of work requires in depth and high attention to detail organizational skills. I need to keep a neat workspace and maintain exceptional quality as well as keep up with the fast paced environment around me. There are many women I'm sure would be less a neat freak than me simply because of the years I've spent that require such an ability of me. I am the cook of the house, the gf is good, but she will not get into it as I will... I'm originally from the south, so have many cajun recipes that put me a notch above many others who simply bbq or boil some ramen. Though I do not farm, I am usually testing my fresh produce in various ways before deciding which veggies I'll be using in my meals I prepare. My gf is more than happy to buy frozen and let the microwave or oven do the rest. Lastly, If I were in a Zombie Apocalypse, the only woman I'd want with me is my gf, if I have one at the time of the Apocalypse... that will be plenty enough drama for me. Though I do feel that you'd risk getting other men in your group that might go all Shane on you (Walking Dead) In the end, I would feel a lot less regret if I failed a male partner than a female one. I would rather there be more men in my group because of this. I would likely get myself killed trying to save a women member simply because I feel she would have needed my help more, even if she didn't. I could maybe see them stereotyping some NPC's to make the world seem more 'stuck in it's ways' natural and perhaps may be more emmersive because of this, but I feel there should be no restrcitions based on Sex when creating a character to play.
  13. IF there were a 'Sleep Deprevation' status/energy bar... It could dwindle to 'passing out' after 3 in game days (maybe more or less with trait/flaw choices) to recover 1 days of sleep loss, 5 minutes of looking at a black screen. So, the standard sleep (black screen) needed to refill your energy bar from 0-100% would be 15 minutes. Allow options to set a wind up alarm clock (could alert nearby zombies) so you don't oversleep if you only wish to recover 1/3 or 2/3 of your energy bar. (other wake up methods could be implemented, (I.E. gun fire nearby, a window breaking in the house, or chat from players scurrying through your cupboards.)) all could have a %chance of awaking you. % chance greater in your favor the more full your sleep deprevation status bar is. 1/3 energy or lower could lead to faster hunger, quicker stamina drain when running, loss of max carry capacity, and more suseptable to sickness and infection. %chance of alarm working 'on time' very low. 2/3 energy would have similar effects only not as harsh. above 2/3 energy would keep you in a 'normal' state. NOTE: All numbers, durations, and effects are strictly my opinion mostly used as an example to describe how a Sleep Deprevation energy/status bar could be implemented into MP game play.
  14. I love the energy bar idea! It should be considered as a feature if the engines capability can do it. Edit: Yeah, energy bar/status bar seems like best Idea I've read so far... On another note, I'm 15 days in and power/utilities just went out... I've got very little water saved, but planning to make rain collectors here soon (hope it's not too late). My question is, how does anyone run around in a pitch black home with no light sources and loot? Adjusted brightness settings? I can't loot with no light, let alone find my way to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat >.< I hadn't tried using a lighter, candle or flashlight yet... Was thinking of building a lamp in my safehouse, is this a good idea or should I keep my only flashlight for carrying around?
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