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  1. I would like to add, that for some Upper lever floors, you may need to be on the "other" side. so build a ladder. It's a glitch i guess, you can't destroy a wall you cant "see"
  2. I agree with the fact that the cooking system ATM is somewhat complicated. As long as that gets fixed in some way I'm a happy camper. GUI would probably be very useful to cook in a more user friendly way
  3. It's someone who runs a server, and has experimenting with modding. I've never checked for color status. Is that information wrong?
  4. Sorry, the topic was "Vehicles should be a RARE commodity" but someone mentioned I should change it to make it more specific, so I changed the title to "Working Cars should be a RARE commodity" I'll just change that now. My computer isn't the best, it's runs ok on SP, but on MP it seems myself and most other players I've asked have a lot more problems. I honestly don't know for a fact what the problem is, but I have been told that is the meta events. I also have some other theories, but I don't think I should write them down.
  5. Yeah. I don't really have a strong view on this topic. Sounds cool, is it realistic? I know nothing about sewers. Couldn't find much. Apparently it depends on the city. Some cities have big spacious sewer systems. Others are small. Like almost crouching. And also apparently most of this smaller sewers run normally half full... Maybe after the water goes, they could be accessible. ? I really don't know much about the topic, and couldn't find much information online.
  6. So the shouting and the dancing did not work.. are you suggesting we use a red cape to lure zombies against the player? I did not know about Portugal's ethics of bull fighting. I may read more on it later.
  7. That was one, the other one (that i know of) was brutal server. Where the admin spawned lots of zombies. And we all started lagging out and getting disconnected. There's pictures there on the server page, It wasn't even that many zombies. Maybe 1 FULL Block of zombies spread on a 4 block radius. I couldn't even look out a window without freezing in the game. And those 2 are pretty much the only servers I knew, so I'm assuming there's probably more problems (or will be in the future) with other servers. I think the car comment got taken out of context. Someone suggested all vehicles should be accessible for driving, and I told him, aside that I didn't agree with the fact that cars should be that easily attainable, that It could slow game performance. To which I can't say I'm sure, they're not even out. But if I was to speculate, I'd say 8 people (or even way less) driving cars on different directions on a MP server could probably cause some performance issues. Edit: Are you sure on the Ram>? I have 2 GB's Close all processes (Even explorer) run the game at minimal settings and low Res, and I still stutter a bit, MP seems to be where i find most problems, unexpected stuttering, and freezing, Disconnected sometimes glitch deaths. The later is not so common, so it's usually a pretty enjoyable experience. The game consumes 1.3 of RAM, or so says my task manager.
  8. As much as the idea of keys seems the most realistic, it Seems somewhat unpractical for application, in my opinion. I really feel way to limit availability is fully "fixing" vehicles who are not completely destroyed by completing a set of long/difficult tasks. There's 1 or 2 posts a page back that in my opinion are dead on. I'll Quote them again in the future if I feel like they need to be mentioned again. I think we should leave out NPCs too ... I fear they will take a toll on performance You know, the biggest performance issue for many players is the zombies. Think how much memory would be freed up for stuff like keys if we took the zombies out! So you say that you are wrong and lazy? How ironic... :S =================================================================================== Prove your point. Also as mentioned before, I am not a native english speaker. It took me a while, and a lot of work to be able to read write and talk it. Also, to @robomat and crazy eyes. RAM Performance already IS an issue on MP servers. If there's multiple vehicles running loading different cells x2,x3 times faster than the average player. It MAY be a problem for MP servers. Also the topic of this thread is "Working cars should be a RARE commodity" which I think you both have approved of the idea. Not having many working vehicles, would make them not as easily accessible. And as by-product, it might Save some RAM usage. Who knows how NPC's may react in the game. And who knows, there may even the the chance that they could consume a lot of Memory and could be useless in MP. (I really hope that is not the case) And Zombies do crash MP servers if there's too many of them at once. Already destroyed 2 servers. (fast professional servers) Also what is this being lovely most of you keep talking about!? I looked it up, because I truly thought it meant like pretty woman. Well it turns out it is? Means attractive, handsome, good looking, a glamorous woman or girl..? its adjective for physical feminine beauty. Why are we trying to be attractive glamorous girls!? Who are we trying to pick up?
  9. that is really cool. where can i find more of this info? tell us more how do you go insane anywyas?
  10. I watched some of that.. Wth does that relate to this post? ps. bull fighting is not what it used be anymore. now they trim the bulls horns. people don't have as big as risk of dying. I'm not saying I'm supporting either deaths or bull fighting. But I do support A fair battle. The bull always dies now, because they have soo much more against them.
  11. I think i know your problem. you're modifying only the player sandbox settings. You should go to progam files 86/steam/common/project zomboid/ etc.. etc.. Look for a file called VARS.BIN open with notepad, it will give you the settings for multiplayer options such as time and type of zombies etc. make sure that computer is the one running server.
  12. Was this a previously saved character? it also could be your comptuer. My older laptop can only handle demo and the older build. The moment I switch to the newer builds and MP it goes black screen. Reason why, is that there is not enough memory or materials on your computer to run all the meta events in the newer builds. Try a different computer. and also try the older builds. if they do work, I am almost assuming that would be the case.
  13. Seriously? Un- usually a prefix implying not, or incomplete, or the opposite of. Similar prefixes include 'Im' and 'A'. Immature, Unmature, A-mature... Just because they are not words themselves, does not leave them meaningless when broken down a little bit (imagine how many more words there would be in the English language if every variant of every word, and every prefix were all legitimate words themselves) It seems like you're walking on the very fine line of being [blatently] intolerant of non-native English speakers (there's another one! You could, by definition, probably use 'inmature' and be left with the same definition as immature). Use your noodle a little bit, and you'll figure out the meaning of almost all the discrepancies in posts that have been translated from another language. Getting off topic here. Again I guess.. Why write 2 paragraphs when you can use 2 sentences. I am NOT a native english speaker, it took me years to understand the language, so when I don't understand something I look it up, and I don't assume. I think blaming others for not writing things correctly is wrong and perhaps even lazy. And I don't understand how you can try to justify words like A-mature as being a synonym of immature. which state or country do you hear this? On topic: the only reason I disagree Kajin's Idea (Not fully) it's because I feel like it would be a lot more difficult to keep track of all the usable vehicles (assuming again that most of those are non usable due to keys, parts, etc..) that it would be using the other ideas. Also if more vehicles are usable, wouldn't that cause some more major RAM consumption?
  14. This seems.. complicated and overrated. I guess it's also each to what person finds what depressing. A Jar of mayonnaise all by myself in a bloodstained bathroom (now we're adding room decoration to the equation...) If I'm really hungry, past week 1. I don't care. I',m happy I am alive and satisfying my basic needs. In fact I am ecstatic because I love mayonnaise and red is my favorite color. Please give me 2 points of purpose and spirit.
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