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  1. Honestly, I found this game struck a really nice chord with me. I've only played about 7-8 hours but damn, they were some really heartbreaking hours. I began with some knowledge on the game and ended up making in 29 days on my first try. I don't know if it was luck or skill but I was really proud. But like Project Zomboid: if you die, it's your own fault. Even better is that when all of my characters died, I didn't quit the game and not play it again, I went back and tried again to do better. It's also interesting that you can try so many different things on each run. For example, on my first
  2. But, how many people in Kentucky have matchlock rifles in their homes?
  3. I've been running for almost six in-game days, still haven't found it.
  4. So does this mean that soon we could have full-on texture packs? Total conversion mods?
  5. All of these ideas combined is probably what PZ will (hopefully) look like in something closer to 8-15 years. Very cool though.
  6. We all know what hat they should really add. M'lady, Holy cringe Batman. Face wear and head wear would be pretty good too.
  7. Also baseball caps, Aiden Pearce: Zomboid Edition. YES "Now with advanced trench coat wind physics on zombies" - The Ubistone Dev Team
  8. Also baseball caps, Aiden Pearce: Zomboid Edition.
  9. Glad to see how fast you're updating the mod, keep it up!
  10. Hello. So I read the Mondoid from the 26th and I thought about the whole thing with clothing and what variety of clothing there should be, so I thought what if they added hoodies? They would have better protection than blouses, some storage (1-2) in the front pocket, the pull over ones and then the zippper ones that can be un-zipped if you get a little to warm and they would not be as good for protecting from the cold than a sweater in the winter but warmer than a blouse. Thoughts?
  11. Like the idea, but I'll wait till more items are implemented. (Please do a spear out of a stick, duct tape and a kitchen knife!)
  12. 1. Trailer Park in between Muldraugh and Westpoint or the Big Warehouse in Muldraugh. 2. Bandit-y for most playthroughs and sometimes good. 3 and 4. A small group of people willing to be bandits and I will always have my eyes open to see if any of them turn on me. 5. When playing good a member but as a bandit I'll probably be alone or a small group leader. (Good discussion by the way.)
  13. Well it might be the fact that I'm playing on Bedford Falls... so am i. in fact i sometimes stream from bedford, with the YAW weapon working Weird...
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