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  1. I´ll try it. Thanks, guys. Still, the option to forage for insects only would be very nice. Edit: I tried it. Made furrow 50 times, got 10 worms and got tired just like when you forage. I must say I prefer foraging, when it comes to obtaining fishing bait.
  2. Hello, I´ve seen this suggestion mentioned here somewhere in 2017, but nothing after that. I can´t find it even in Commonly Suggested Suggestions, it feels like it went under the radar, but I feel right now is the best time to talk about it due to upcoming Hunting patch. These methods of preserving meat would not only add to realism, but would enhance the necessary preparations players must undertake for coming winter. For drying meat, you could introduce carpentry structure - drying rack, where you would simply place meat in and it would overtime change to dried and non perishable food source. For salting meat, you could introduce a pack/bag of salt item to the loot table and through cooking tab you could combine it with meat, which would deplete a portion of the salt bag and give you salted meat, which would be non perishable and dangerous to eat unless you boil it/cook it in pot of water. For smoking meat, you could add another inventory slot to campfire, that would be separate from cooking window and would serve for smoking the meat. For all this, you would first need to find teaching books for each method of preserving meat. You could also introduce Hunter occupation, that would know these recipes right from the start. It should work on all kinds of meat - game, fish, etc. Thank You, hopefully this will reach the Devs.
  3. I don´t care about frogs, because of their low caloric value. I would rather get insects and go get me a big fat fish. I am already using a composter. How does this gravel method work? Never heard of it. That sounds insane. Rows after rows of furrows.
  4. Hello, most of the time when I forage for animals, I am after insects for fishing bait. The problem is that around Foraging level 7-8, you start getting frogs and wild eggs, which I don´t care much for. Please add a separate Scavenge Focus option for insects and maybe let the animals option (frogs,..) appear only after you have high enough skill level. Thank You even just for considering my suggestion.
  5. Hey, I am confused. Anyone know what do I have to do to be able to post in Suggestions sub-forum? I am guessing I am restricted because of the new account? I searched on google and here, but couldn´t find any thread describing my issue. Sorry for bothering.
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