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  1. Hearty Appetite makes it so you have to eat almost constantly. I feel that it should give you 1 or 2 more points.
  2. Quick question: What level do your carpentry need to be in order to paint walls?
  3. Would it be possible to add a trait that gives you level 1 carpentry???
  4. Damn it Robert! Teasing us with new content like that
  5. YES! And enable me to take a shit aswell !
  6. I prefer Project Zomboid's way of updating over Day Z Standalone's anyday. Even though it takes a lot longer for each update to come out, they are always extremely bug-free unlike Day Z Good job guys!
  7. I tried to make waffles for once, and the god damn wafflemaker broke down and burned all my dough. THAT SHIT DOSENT HAPPEN WITH PANCAKES!!!!11111
  8. They need to make a sprite/model for that at some point
  9. 1. No, not at this point. 2. You can find axes in warehouses and garages, or you can craft one with stone, tree branch and a sheet, by scavenging the forest.
  10. I don't really like that your char automaticly drinks if him/her is thirsty and has a water source. I would find it rather cool if you were able to toggle it on or off, so it would work just like the food.
  11. Everyone is talking about their post counts. And I'm just sitting here eating cheese...
  12. Kill those damn bugs! I want my new build already
  13. DANG! I wish I had costumes like these guys! Good job
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