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  1. Veterans could have a pain resistance training. (To not leak Intel when they get captured and tortured) It would be hard to build it up due to how doomed you are if you get scratched by a zombie.
  2. I live in Michigan, above the Ohio that's above Kentucky. Every super market i go to has Hunting Equipment. This has gotta be the best thing i have ever heard since Charles Chaplins speech.
  3. It would be pretty nice if we could fill up our bathtubs and sinks with water before the pipeline gets destroyed or something a few months in? Kinda like how you fill up your bathtub to take a bath, or your sink to do the dishes, except you drink from it. I can already imagine filling up the sinks of all the houses i loot. and when i need to, make trips to those houses when the drought comes. It would add so much realism. I would stop praying to the holy rain collector. I'm only thinking like a survivalist in a game about survival.
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