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  1. Effects of Not Sleeping

    Hallucinations were indeed in early versions of the game with ghost like zombies behind you that disappeared if you tried to lool at them. In real life you need 2/3 days to experience hallucinations, but anomalous experiences can occur after a single sleepless night e.g. seeing shadows out of the corner of your eyes. Generally sleep deprivation doesn't lead to fainting or collapsing. Although you may fall asleep very quickly in moments of, say, sitting down and resting. In sleep deprivation studies people have stayed awake for 13/14 days as long as they stay active. There should definitely be harder consequences for sleep deprivation though.
  2. More Job Diversity

    No Psychologist? Bonus for survivor group of reduced panic, less chance of mental health problems and less interpersonal conflict.
  3. Depth - Choose Your Own Adventure!

    What do I know about Dr Amanda Wilson and her work here? What kind of person is she? The same questions for Kaila! I'll save asking about relationships with other factors for another time. It'll be good to get a handle on the people and their motivations. I imagine that will play heavily in the times to come.
  4. Depth - Choose Your Own Adventure!

    Ain't going nowhere without breakfast. And Nel ain't no fool to take on other people's work for free. So: 1) A
  5. Depth - Choose Your Own Adventure!

    1) B 2) A A people orientated character likely armed with likely a weapon sounds useful. What skills or knowledge would I have picked up working on the hobby garden?
  6. "Cold" metalworking

    The suggestions are fine but the general tone across the posts is a bit contemptuous. Being contemptuous invites anger, as demonstrated above. Honestly we just the forums to be a pleasant place to be around.
  7. "Cold" metalworking

    Truly astounding!
  8. Kids VS Zombies (mod? challenge?)

    I believe this thread has run its course.
  9. Immunization

    Problem with this suggestion is that it makes the assumption that zombification is the result of a virus. Most viral infection theories do not fly in the face of the behaviour and survivability of a zombie. I think TIS have not declared much lore regards the cause and nature of their zombies, so would be difficult to support any suggestion that infers this.
  10. Easter egg on vanilla map

    There's quite a few to find, some which you may not get because of how long the forums have been going. For example, that road you linked to with Enigma's books also has a reference to mendonca, Robomat, and myself
  11. Personality Traits - Complex Traits

    I like the idea that every trait has negative and positive sides to it as it reflects real life. I'd like to see it expanded to all personality traits.
  12. Need help with mod Lua file being picked up

    I've moved this over to the Help section.
  13. Locked on request - you can post any comments to the existing thread in the suggestion forum.
  14. Tiles custom? problems and doubts.

    Moved to mod help
  15. Red Autumn D&D Campaign

    Unless there are killer dinosaurs