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  1. How long does it take usually to level up? I never used the trait but when I googled it and see what it does wouldnt it make sense to make it harder to obtain considering the affects of it?
  2. awh come on itll be fun , what could go wrong lol.
  3. I have ran a few dedicated servers from gportal(server was central usa) and a few of the players were from different areas of the world and we had no real issues with desync it was only a little weird getting in a car and letting them drive. But fighting zombies near them or looting near them I never noticed any problems. Hope that halps.
  4. I dunno i have like 3k hours and the longest i have lived is maybe a month lol, i think assuming that everyone is a pro at the game is silly. Going to have a wide range of skill regardless how long you have been playing the game.
  5. Honestly I want to weigh the risks before even trying to take on zombies, I dont want to be a zombie killing machine with no punishment if that makes any sense. Wouldn't it be a tad over powered if we could just layer on multiple layers without any downside? I want to be able to find a fire fighter outfit and enjoy it but still have to be careful. In terms of theory crafting i dont know if zombies are in our universe so three's no telling how or why they have death daggers for teeth, maybe they ate so many people that the bones sharpened their teeth lol.
  6. lol see if hydrocraft and snakes modpack can work together?
  7. Happy Holidays from all of us in the discord!! Thanks for giving us the bestest splendiferous game and community :3
  8. Coffee tables made from those large wooden wire spools , road sign craffee tables. I was given credit slip for this idea.
  9. Been gaming since the early 90s had my fair share of toxic communities over the course of the years and I think they do a really good job at keeping that crap out of their community while also being tolerant of mistakes, i would not stick around if it was as you claim "insanely toxic", just average public server behavior most of the time nothing a block cant fix. I like the discord and steam forums for discussions have met some nice people on steam forums that dont use the discord and vice versa.
  10. puppers

    Cellar Door-doid

    where's the lofi pz music with the deer skeleton stickers skringles , a loverly ambience
  11. puppers

    Sky High

    Wasting whos time? Nobody is holding a biscuit to us making us wait around for the game to update I have no problem waiting for build 42, from all the blog updates its exciting, and it gives me more time to focus on other hobbies or games I have neglected. They tried that with build 41 and the community asked for bigger updates instead of intermittent ones because it was causing issues for people who have community ran servers, mods, or workshop creators. Some bugs can take much longer than a few days to squash, I don't know if you were around when they had the issues with I think linux crashes? but that took a while even with the help from the community.
  12. I would check the configuration settings for the mod , havent used it in a long time but maybe the image i provided has something to do with it?
  13. That would be a fun mod , i hope we get mods like that for the game, would be so cool.
  14. Ragdolls for trees being chopped would be cool and things like that or for fun theories like when can i bounce the tennis ball
  15. Wouldn't it kind of be difficult to make the game "challenging" as humans are pretty adaptive? On top of that a good majority of players utilize workshop mods and some of them can be pretty over powered, at least in my eyes, wouldn't that create another obstacle?
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