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  1. Been playing since 2015 with a thousand of hours. I don't recall ever having a zombie break down a door while sleeping and I am hopelessly clumsy[walking noise maker lunch meat]. If there are a lot of zombies around I take a chair and sleep in a closet and move furniture and make obstacles. There are so many small things in your surroundings that can be a life saver of saving. I vaguely remember the meta sleeping event, but you can turn that off now and usually is by default? You can also turn building strength created by players up higher. Although I am not sure if the weakness does anything in terms of zombies strength with doors and objects. Would have to ask that in the discord. The sandbox options are so vast that you can tinker and adjust mechanics to your liking better suited for your playstyle, like zombie navigation. As far as the zombie AI , I have no opinion on the matter.
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