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  2. When adding eggs to pasta or rice, regardless of how many you have in your inventory or around you, the x in "Add Egg (x)" never changes. For example, when I was making a few pots of egg rice, when adding eggs it consistently said "Add Egg (10)" even though the amount I had was dropping every time. For some reason instead of (10) it's stuck on (7) for me now. This will not give you infinite eggs though as when you run out the option will still go away. This was on vanilla v41.50.
  3. By the way if you don't already make rice and eggs in this game, try it. I'll sit in my base and make like 6 pots with -62 hunger each and it ends up lasting you a long time, you can focus on other things besides food. You have to get a generator right away and stock up on eggs though.
  4. The title explains the bug. I'm not sure if this is intentional or an issue with the frozen item having different properties than the thawed one (v41.50). This was in the vanilla game.
  5. Found another bug related to the farm plots. The furrows you dig go horizontally while the ones on the map run vertically, causing them to overlap and look sort of weird.
  6. I did not update with any of the hot-fixes when I did this I should have clarified. I play on vanilla. It seems to be fixed with other cans of food now I will have to find more canned soup to test on again though.
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  9. 1219. DIY dumbells and barbells. Concrete + bag of sand/gravel + metal pipe/metal rod + bucket/sauce pan/pot + hacksaw = DIY workout weights. Making these irl as I type, lol
  10. In the Beta 41, I was sick and recovered from it, but the next days I still had all the withdrawals and symptons although nothing was shown in the health and other tabs... I did everything I could but still died after 2 days... rip sledghammer OP mothertrucker Build :(
  11. If you guys want to play that old version you can: I was given permission to post this with the Desura keys (as Desura is defunct) so there's no setup required. Just open the application and click "login". https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/195F9t1obsgaBlGLLY9FozQTeuodnj6gW?usp=sharing Start with "Story Mode", then grab a pillow from the wardrobe and click on your wife.
  12. I think they do listen to suggestions. I like to believe my suggestion about zombies doing a ground attack after going through a window inspired the similar feature that showed up in the game a few weeks later (it was because it was incredibly OP to do insta-kill attacks on prone zombies after they went through a window or over a low fence, the goal wasn't to make your lives miserable, I promise! :)).. One can never know of course, their version was slightly different, and at least in one way better than what I wrote. Could also be a coincidence, but they used the words "lunge attack" in the patch notes, which is what I called it in my suggestion too. Would be fun if I contributed to the game in some small way
  13. Basically, in the earliest builds in the game, you had an option to smother your wife with a pillow. If I recall correctly that is, I didn't play the game before 2014 myself.
  14. When inspecting long socks, the picture of the socks is way below the inspect popup. I've only noticed this for long socks in my game, and multiple pairs too.
  15. 1219. What about rolling up your sleeves? I think that would look especially nice with some of the shirts. It also adds character to your characters but I don't think it would be too hard to implement and would be another thoughtful, small feature like the rest which give me my love for PZ.
  16. I got the game when it was quite new but have only 330H in it but sorry dont remember the Pillow part.
  17. Awkward... and here I was giving out random reacts because I didn't know they had specific meanings! Sorry for the pillows to anyone! I thought it was like "I could lay my head on this beautiful post"
  18. Spiffo/Pie are I think special thanks to people when you really like something (Spiffo being the highest of course.) Like is self explanatory. Pillow is to smother someone for basically behaving poorly or if you just heavily disagree with someone's opinion. Hopefully you played the old versions to know why pillow means what it does.
  19. Im quite new on the forum and was just thinking on what the 4 diferent way to react means for you and so. The hart/like, pillow, pie and Spiffo?
  20. Maybe to ad an grapeling hock and expand the ropeclimbing system.
  21. I love that you cant save the game and go back to but some sort ort of saftybox shud be aded, you die from an misclick/mousebutton dont react or by lag. And you can jump back just some second. A way to se in first person/radar or a way to se longer when you drive a car, so you se wher you are driving And maybe some simular when using an binoclars. Real nudity options, atleast for Europe and areas that is ok. More gore options and that the area is still gory afther the Z have sespawnd.
  22. Yeah, I think this is only done as an alternative to zombies being able to climb over cars. Since cars have various models and climbing is more difficult to animate.
  23. Well unless its a big Van both players and Zs shud be able to climbe/crawl over an car. And yes to have an siting/sleep animations in sofa and beads + be able to jump over them sounds good.
  24. I imagine it would, I too would still like zombies to be able to crawl under cars, but only if they are already on the ground/crawling. I agree that a standing zombie having the knowledge (and motor skills) to suddenly bend down and crawl under a car is a bit... jarring?
  25. No it will be to mutch encumber and lock werry bad. Or if you can have that it must be 70%+ chanse you get stuck when you pass somthing.
  26. You can disable crawling in Sandbox options.
  27. We're not disagreeing that it's super annoying to have headgear all over the place. Just disagreeing that it's "easy" for the devs. As a developer myself, it is incredibly frustrating to hear that something is easy to implement, because something very "small" can end up forcing you to rewrite a huge portion of code. Of course, the devs in this case would know best whether or not they feel this is worth implementing. I still 100% support the idea that headgear from zombies should not be littering the floor in my world, however they choose to/ or not to implement that.
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