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  2. This happens to all vehicles at any condition when the trunk gets damaged while it is filled with sweet loot. The alternative is to drop all that sweet loot on the ground, unfortunately. That would be much worse...
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  4. Almost all my deaths lately have been to a tiny little tree that I didn't see. Is there a mod that allows you to move faster through trees? I don't care about the bigger ones slowing me down, but the tiny ones just don't make sense to me. Especially since they are almost exactly the same as bushes during winter/six months later.
  5. So in the list of zones there's a few types I haven't been able to find any info on: NAV Farm FarmLand Townzone Trailerpark What are these used for? I'm assuming they have something to do with zombie or loot distribution? Any info would be appreciated.
  6. learned it in code today. As I understand it, part of the code from the distribution was taken out to the procedural generation. in distribution, it looks like "food (from 1 to 50)" for the containers to which this code was written. food is listed in the procedural generation file as a food list with a chances. in total this is for convenience so as not to duplicate the code. You can change both the usual distribution and procedural generation.
  7. Nebula

    Low-tech Alarms

    Shards of glass can be lifted and placed in the right place. This added a couple of builds back.
  8. Предлагаю сделать стол как контейнер, чтобы на него можно было что-то положить. p.s And I would like to see automatic animations (Fatigue, or when it smells bad, etc.).
  9. What I mean by that is often when I find a vehicle that is damage. Let's say the trunk is at 12 percent condition and the capacity says 80 and I've temporally placed items weighing 50 in the trunk. When I return to retrieve the items the trunk might change to 32 capacity. Now it's says 50 of 32 so the weight of my items in the trunk now exceed the maximum capacity of the trunk. I know it sounds strange but it happen all the time. Eldergamer
  10. I did not use a mod and the 999 points I was testing and I do not know why it crashes me a long time ago It still crashes me today since the first day I bought it
  11. It would be cool if you could spinkle gravel or broken glass on the ground, so it makes an audible 'crunch' when stepped on. I would use it to give me an alarm if i'm out farming at night or in the fog. Or put it around the entrance & exit of a building you are camping in. Twigs/sticks could work also. A louder alarm could be a string of empty tin cans that you attach to a doorway, so they clatter of anyone (or anything) pushes past them. Neither of these ideas is new ; the tin-cans were in Fallout 4, and the glass-on-the-ground was in Thief
  12. Could someone explain the difference between Distributions.lua and ProceduralDistributions.lua ? Thanks in advance, Eldergamer
  13. Now with flashlights and batteries being fixed its a true immersion loss to run cats eyes perk.
  14. Cat vision is a fierce vanilla cheat in my opinion! It generally needs to be cut out of the game. Developers often talk about realism ... what the hell is realism? Where have you seen people with night vision?
  15. Overlays are removed when picking up an object, if it's really that distracting. Not that I'm against having the ability to remove these things without doing so, it's just a possible workaround until that happens.
  16. Let us cycle through / reset to default all the new "lived in impression" furniture variants. Some players on Steam forums are upset about not being able to remove dirty dishes from their sinks etc. The only way to reset the sink to default is to pick them up (risk of destroying), and putting them down again. But it would also be nice to setup a nice set of granny chairs, ngl
  17. There is also a mod that gives far too many points for character creation which appears to be erroring out.
  18. Pretty much everything goes out o the window in terms of preserving saves if a crash occurs. Java will simply output what's in the buffer, garbage, or 0, breaking it. So the most important thing is to determine what caused the crash and prevent it, if possible. If you don't have enough RAM or are only able to use Integrated graphics, crashes are going to be much more likely.
  19. The game is going well for me, but I'm going to try what you say
  20. Beard


    The crashes most likely happen because of this: GraphicsCard: Intel Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 The integrated Intel graphics cards are pretty underpowered and have problems with the IWBUMS version currently. I can recommend 3 things you can try to lower the crash issues, but at the end it might still crash because the graphics card can get overloaded rendering a lot of zombies or similar. 1. Make sure your drivers are up to date https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/81496/Intel-HD-Graphics-4600 2. Run the game in 32 bit mode by going to your game folder Steam Library > Rightclick ProjectZomboid > Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files And running the "ProjectZomboid32.bat" 3. Lower any settings in the options, lower the puddle quality, turn texture compression on
  21. Can confirm. I survived for 7 months in this place here: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.39902734136614454,0.038777983386069026,253.34010852616257 And after killing the initial population, no zombies ever came there.
  22. I was able to implement it by creating a zone type in the .pzw file. Added the lines: <objecttype name="ZombiesType"/> and <objectgroup name="ZombiesType" defaulttype="ZombiesType"/> into the .pzw file along with the other zone type entries. (I could've swore I added the "color=#####" line to the object group, but it was gone after the first save.) Save the text and load up in the world editor, you should see a "ZombiesType" object type. Select it and add an object to the world for the zone. Give it a name from the list above. Some of the Zombies Spawned around that zone should fit the description. Worked for me anyway. It would be nice to find some more in-depth info on zones than just whats in Ringo's tutorial. Like what the townzone/nav/farm zone types actually do. Searches come up light on the forums.
  23. Last week
  24. 1158. When character is washing, some of the dirt/blood should wash slowly, not all at once at the end of the action.
  25. The game crashes and I don't know what to do, they are not the mods or anything, I have mods but they are not the mods because before I put the mods the game crashed before so I don't know what it is console.txt
  26. All kind of trash – listing them for completeness, though it would be funny if you could dismantle it for some empty cans and broken bottles and such
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