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Useful mods that would be great to see implemented to vanilla

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There are a couple of mods created by excellent people which improve already existing game stuff.
In my opinion these are must to be implemented to master branch since there's nothing but upgrade of gameplay experience (I mean there's no mods in this list which add new cars, guns, etc. Minor fixes and improvements only)

Fluffy Hair [LINK] - This one replaces boring tail hair under a hat with appropriate hairstyle. Mostly just a fix.

Disable Passive Car Wear [LINK] - This prevents some car parts from cracking out while driving it. There's apparently should be at least some minor wear tho.

Swap It [LINK] - Such a useful mod that allows you to swap weapon in your arms with the one on your back.

No items [LINK] - There should be an option to start without belt.

Crashed Cars Mod [LINK] - Replaces burnt cars with crashed ones. Much more useful and atmospheric.

Size Labels [LINK] - Clothes has size. It's obviously a nice idea.

Gun Suicide [LINK] - It's a shame you still cannot commit suicide in PZ.

If i'm mistaken somewhere please correct me. Also I'd like to see your opinion about this.
P.S sorry if you had hard time reading this, english is not my native language >.<

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