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Extra Weapons Mod

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On 11/20/2013 at 0:24 PM, tommysticks said:

TommyGuns extra weapons mod!




Created by Tommysticks


3-D Models Added!


Read README for installation.





Hidden Content



Hidden Content



Hidden Content


Old Installation tutorial can be found here:


Watch and reminisce!


This Mod was inspired by the following Mods:
GunMod 0.2.0 by Austin
Fletchery 0.4.1 by Austin
Meal Ready-to-Eat by The_Real_Al



Download Link:




I noticed that some users ( PZ- Mods ) reported sound absence in the AR-15 . I also had this problem and found a simple solution. Follow:

Take corresponding .ogg sound file AR-15 weapon of any weapon mod and insert in Zomboid folder \ mods \ TommyGuns \ media \ sound \


Test ok in SP.

Builds 33.20, Build 34.28, Build 34.28 iwbums.


If you found any issuie please report to mod creator and community.

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Hello tommysticks,

I'm sorry to bothering you but I just want to know if I can use some part of your mod in another mod? Because I want to publish a new stand alone mod with only archery based on your script, lua, and textures... and model will be taken from francogp that made model for hydrocraft mod ^^ (I do that for people who are using ORGM and/or don't want to use hydrocraft for personal reasons) 

I will of course give you proper credit and link to your page, and just in case you want it, I have made a new model for a compound bow that can maybe update yours or being add in your mod if want it, you can see some picture of it in hydrocraft mod page (165), but I don't know how send you this in PM, so you will have to take it from the future archery mod I want to create XD but you already have my permission ^^'

Thanks ;)

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Please update the samurai sword so it looks more like a proper realistic katana, it's a little cartoony right now to be honest I just want to help.


Please post a direct link for people who can't use steam to download the mod. Thank you! :)

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