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  1. United States Military Gear

    Hello, I really like your mod and I see that i'm not the only one ^^ And, just for you to know, DJ Crash (a russian modder I see publish things on steam) looks to have made 3D custom model for some of your clothes, at least your mod is listed in his modpack "BOTE Pack" (the only one with clohtes) and he looks to have custom models for some clothes (look at this screenshot: ) So I was wondering if maybe you could ask him for using his models and maybe update your mod for having custom clothes show up on player (and maybe Zeds, but one thing after the other ^^) the only little thing a it tricky ^^ is that he russian and speak english as well as I speak russian, so that's not gonna be very easy to understand each other But it could finish your mod well
  2. Lockpicking Mod (1.8.1)

    I think too, but i don't know how to do this by myself Thanks for quick response
  3. Lockpicking Mod (1.8.1)

    First of all, great mods, i think that using the crowbar for opening locked door must be in the vailla game (that's why i came here and dl your mods) but i have a little problem with the Xbox 360 controller (because i play in splitscreen with my brother) It doesn't show option for unlocking the door with the controller... i try in singleplayer and it doesn't show too WITH the controller but it appear with a mouse (appear just 1second when i click on a door with the controller STILL activate for player 1) it doesn't matter when i play on a server or in singleplayer but it's a little bit annoying in my particular situation I hope it will help you to make your mods better again and if you can fix it (because i see it work for expended building mods, if you want to contact the creator to fix it)... it will be awesome