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  1. link8dragon

    Night Drivin’

    Yeah, with a little transparency or a slider for opacity in option, so we could totally remove it and play the hardcore oldstyle on some server
  2. link8dragon

    Night Drivin’

    I'm really happy of how all evolve, can't wait to play with this new clothes and anims, but if you made change to weapon (things that would be really appreciate), it could be really nice to see bullets flying when we shoot, like when you "shoot" with bow, we see the arrow flying ^^ (sorry, not english native), and maybe made the laser-sight noticeable/visible would be nice too. But I'm ready to wait for any guns modification if I can play with all the great work you did on clothes and anims on a future build (in 2 weeks... maybe )
  3. link8dragon

    Extra Weapons Mod

    Hello tommysticks, I'm sorry to bothering you but I just want to know if I can use some part of your mod in another mod? Because I want to publish a new stand alone mod with only archery based on your script, lua, and textures... and model will be taken from francogp that made model for hydrocraft mod ^^ (I do that for people who are using ORGM and/or don't want to use hydrocraft for personal reasons) I will of course give you proper credit and link to your page, and just in case you want it, I have made a new model for a compound bow that can maybe update yours or being add in your mod if want it, you can see some picture of it in hydrocraft mod page (165), but I don't know how send you this in PM, so you will have to take it from the future archery mod I want to create XD but you already have my permission ^^' Thanks
  4. link8dragon

    Hydrocraft Mod

    @Hydromancerx OK thanks for the answer... So yeah, the idea is take out stuff and make my stand-alone mod for archery (for people like me who prefer making their own overhaul, sorry for you, love the mod, add so much things that it's maybe to much things, I like keeping a vanilla taste) so I will ask Tommysticks his permission before doing anything, of course (don't know bows come from extra weapon too, I personally use ORGM) and I will wait for francogp answering me too... If you are still interrested by my compound bow, you have my permission to add it to your mod (just in case nobody answer me, it will still be publish somewhere and I will not make an add-on just for 1 bow... and maybe a new crossbow, nah...) I just have to take a look how to send you in PM (don't want anybody take it here too, sorry guys ^^) and just like you did all times, give me a little credit, I don't do that for being MOTY but credit is always appreciated I just want to know one thing, traps on hydrocraft (from nolan richie i think) they work on Zeds? because I read on nolan page that they are just for player but you look to have add barbed wire fence and things like that working on Zeds... I presume ^^ Edit: I don't know how to send you that XD can't attach anything in PM and I'm not sure that just only text in a PM work, right? Re-Edit: So yes it work, just have tried to copy code in an other model (a copy of katana model) and I have find my bow with model working, so I give you here the texture and send you in PM the model (text) with ctrl+a (select all) and ctrl+c (copy) then ctrl+v (paste) ^^
  5. link8dragon

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Hello Hydromancerx, I'm sorry to bothering you but I just want to know if I can use the archery part of your mod, because I want to publish a new mod with only the archery of Hydrocraft (with simplier Recipe, replace arrowhead with sharped stone, a 2nd fletching made with newspaper, and a Recipe to break stone in 2 sharped stone) So I ask your permission to use the lua, script, model and texture (I have ask to francogp too, but I don't know who belongs the lua property, so i'm asking to you for starting) and like I already made this new "Compound bow" I want you to know that you will already have the future permission to take it and add it in Hydrocraft (if you want it, for sure) and maybe create him a Recipe with carbon fiber or things you have add with Hydrocraft take a look:
  6. link8dragon

    Hydrocraft 3D weapon PATCH v0.2 for zomboid v34.x

    Hello francogp, I'm sorry to bothering you but I just want to know if I can use your bow and crossbow model in another mod than Hydrocraft? because I want to publish a new mod with archery, something simplier than Hydrocraft in recipe, and with a new Compound Bow I made myself, take a look: edit: it doesn't render so nice, forget to zoom before taking this screenshot ^^ but normally you can see crossing rope and the shooting rope behind, for compound system to work... I have add 2 better screenshot on Hydrocraft page
  7. link8dragon

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    @Axezombie: I think I have read somewhere that batteries should be dead after 6 month, just can't remember where, so, I suppose that there is a "degradable" variable (function, thing, don't know ^^) that does not match the "6 month=dead batterie variable" but more longer (I think) As if you find a car after the 6 month, a variable tell the batterie to be dead on that find car, but if you find one before the 6 month, the "degradable variable" turn on and prevent the other variable ("6 month=dead batterie variable") to start on that car, resulting of batteries during more longer and do not being magically dead after 6 month (like if you have 50% batterie on 5 month 30 day and the day after, 6 month, batteries is dead because of a variable overwrite the other) So, I personnally like the idea of keeping the batterie on the car I use the more time I can, even if after 6 month all other car have dead batteries (I use mine, so it must work more longer, dynamo-reloading keep my batterie alive ^^) but I understand that you want your neighbor's car have a dead batterie 'cause he has never start his car in 6 month (and you don't too) So, maybe creating a new line (variable, function,..., something) that applied the "6 month=dead batterie variable" on never start car (even if we find that one the first day of gameplay) Or maybe look into the degradable time of batteries to match the 6 month (but I think it's harder, 'cause of car start, usage, have lights on,...etc... or not) and sorry for poor english, I try to being understand ;P
  8. link8dragon

    Super Survivors!

    Have just tried, work pretty well and I have accent ^^ Wonderfull, and thanks for adding it, I hope FR people will like it
  9. link8dragon

    Super Survivors!

    Et voilà, here it is with correct syntax and accent (and some correction/modification I found better ^^)
  10. link8dragon

    Super Survivors!

    I'm sorry, don't know that (and I don't know how to do that, changing .txt by something else u mean... no? ^^') Because I already noticed that issue with vanilla word in the FR version of PZ, like the "annoted map" I guess, that are "carte annotée" in french and display "carte annot©ee" or something like that, so I supposed that came from the game... I will correct that quickly (just have to find where XD) and send you a correction ASAP (tommorow if not later tonight, maybe ^^) but if you can just quickly try the "é" in: ContextMenu_SShotkeyDesc =...(utiliser avec la touche t) =>(utilisé avec la touche t) so you can easily check in option menu if it work (but "utiliser" is the good way to write it in this case XD it's just for testing) Going to work and send you that
  11. link8dragon

    Super Survivors!

    Hello Nolan, I really like your "super survivors" mod and I can't wait to see it playable on multi (at least on local) but like I can just wait, I have made a FR translation of your mod (creating a new FR folder in media/lua/shared/translate and translate all the file ContextMenu_EN in a ContextMenu_FR version) It seems too work pretty well for me (even if I can't use the "é/è/à/û/ù/ï" in PZ, so it has huge grammar errors but it's trully understandable ^^) and I have try to stay the closest I can as the EN version So I hope it doesn't bother you if I paste it there (so you can put it into your mod for updating it, if you want) Or delete that comment if I can't
  12. link8dragon

    United States Military Pack

    Hello, I really like your mod and I see that i'm not the only one ^^ And, just for you to know, DJ Crash (a russian modder I see publish things on steam) looks to have made 3D custom model for some of your clothes, at least your mod is listed in his modpack "BOTE Pack" (the only one with clohtes) and he looks to have custom models for some clothes (look at this screenshot: ) So I was wondering if maybe you could ask him for using his models and maybe update your mod for having custom clothes show up on player (and maybe Zeds, but one thing after the other ^^) the only little thing a it tricky ^^ is that he russian and speak english as well as I speak russian, so that's not gonna be very easy to understand each other But it could finish your mod well
  13. link8dragon

    Lockpicking Mod (1.8.1)

    I think too, but i don't know how to do this by myself Thanks for quick response
  14. link8dragon

    Lockpicking Mod (1.8.1)

    First of all, great mods, i think that using the crowbar for opening locked door must be in the vailla game (that's why i came here and dl your mods) but i have a little problem with the Xbox 360 controller (because i play in splitscreen with my brother) It doesn't show option for unlocking the door with the controller... i try in singleplayer and it doesn't show too WITH the controller but it appear with a mouse (appear just 1second when i click on a door with the controller STILL activate for player 1) it doesn't matter when i play on a server or in singleplayer but it's a little bit annoying in my particular situation I hope it will help you to make your mods better again and if you can fix it (because i see it work for expended building mods, if you want to contact the creator to fix it)... it will be awesome