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Bugs around zombies that come from windows

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Combat around windows:

-The attacks from crawler zombie that came from a window can queue so if u get hit twice u will fall twice also queue with the last action u made so u can be stun lock to death.

-Crawler zombie become untargetable while he is launching his attack. So if u attack this one you will swing to the air and get hit by the zombie.

-The attacks from crawler zombie has a long phantom range and also is a 360 hit box.

*Suggestion make the attack from crawlers faster but also the make stunt way shorter also less chances to fall. Get rid of the phantom range and 360 attack.


-Sometimes when u knockout a zombie it falls and then he flips forward making weird to follow with a finishing strike to the ground.

-Knife stabs sometime doesn't register i would say 5% of the times.

-Zombies that become regular crawlers has weird hit box u have to move away from them to detect the hitbox properly.

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