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  1. The zombies falling over on their back, then oddly flipping to their stomach with the head moving to where the feet had been has happened to me alot too.
  2. All of the following was noticed while playing splitscreen in IWBUMS. both players were using controllers. 1) both players could climb through windows, even when the window was shut and had max boards nailed to it. 2) the vehicle dashboard seems to disappear at times. I think it is due to opening other menus while in the driver seat. Exiting and entering the vehicle solved this. 3) the move furniture interface seemed to be bugged. The radial menu would appear but would not go away/let us select one of the options. Using the mouse works as normal. 4) vehicles appear to become unreasonably slow with sunday driver. I have used this perk for a while and I realize it does slow the vehicles down, but not usually to an unusable extent. We experienced the vehicles moving slower than the slowest setting of zombie speed at several points. The vehicle was in very good condition and had full gas/ tire pressure. There were no zombies being run over when this would happen. Sometimes exiting the vehicle and entering it again fixed this, but not every time. 5) zombies flickering in and out when behind a wall, with the sims cut away system. This may not be a bug so much as by design. They would appear/disappear alot when hidden from our perspective (not the player character but us, the isometric point of view camera in the sky) when the character should have been able to see them. 6) I love this game. I play it more than any AAA game. Thank you so much devs. Do not be discouraged by impatient people.
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