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List your Favorite Zombie Movie \ TV Series

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What is your Favorite Zombie Movie or TV Series?


1. My Favorite has tobe "Kingdom" on Netflix



2. Second has to be Kabneri of the Iron Fortress



3. Then Zombie Nation


4. The Train to Busan


5. The Walking Dead


6. Dawn of the Dead


7. Highschool of the Dead


8. Warm Bodies ( Mostly cause its a Unique Comedy - Girl Meets Zombie, Girl falls for Zombie ) 


9. I am Legend

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Over the years I have come to appreciate this series more and more.  It's an "audio drama"- kind of reminscient of old radio dramas, but a lot less cheesy and a lot better production value.  It's all audio, but through sound effects they paint a really nice picture of what's going on.


Sorry I know you said TV show, but I figured you were looking for new content also, and this one is kind of obscure.

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Good list, I have to check out your top 2 never heard of those. One thing I'm missing though is Shaun of the Dead, that's an absolute classic. An oversight or is it's humor not your cup of tea? In the off chance you've never heard of it:




6 hours ago, Quigleyer said:

kind of reminscient of old radio dramas, but a lot less cheesy...


Hey man, one of my all time favorites is an old radio play that's not cheesy: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.


Listening to the podcast you linked and you're not wrong about it's production value, the sound design is perfect. The acting leaves something to be desired though, it kind of reminds me of good RP rather than trained actors although I'm only 15 minutes in so maybe that's a bit of quick judging on my part.


Edit: I have to swallow a bit of my quick judgment; some of them are actually pretty good. I've listened to the first part of Lockdown and it's really only in the first 15 minutes where the acting drops some major balls; it gets a lot better in the prison. It's nice material to listen to when cleaning the ol' apartment :)

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