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  1. I'd really like if we could get something to allow us two large weapon slots... and mostly because it would look SICK to walk around with a machete and shotgun crossed in an X on my back.
  2. I have a rather weak system and run the game at lower resolution. It's great, looks fine and is enjoyable- however the menus are very large on my screen as expected. I've noticed the game allows me to render the UI in a different window with it's own set frame rate to save on performance. I wonder if that window could also be set to a separate (possibly higher) resolution, allowing me to play the game at lower resolution while the menues are at a higher one to save screen space.
  3. This recent update to the IWBUMS has solved this issue on my computer. I dare say this now runs better than the last version, nice job dev team. If you were experiencing this issue before try it again on the 64 bit version.
  4. Alas they are both already set like that. I turned every setting I could imagine down a while back after my very first crash. Post processing is off, frame rate capped at 24, Double Sized textures off, Compression on, lighting quality poor, tried it at 800X600, etc. etc. I appreciate the helpful efforts, really do. If my card just ain't gonna cut it I can take the truth, I don't mind being told. This is not my final PC, I'll get another in the foreseeable future. This isn't like something I can make room for on my computer, right? We're talking about memory on my integrated card?
  5. It's still crashing at the same time, but I believe I'm getting a different error in the log? This log is very long, but I don't know much about how this works and am submitting the whole thing rather than attempting to edit it for only recent entries. I am certain the entry at the very bottom was what I was seeing when the game crashed this time using your instructions. Quigleyer_Error2.txt
  6. I have an HD 630 and I have the same issue- crashing during the "These are End times... How you Died" cycling text. The audio cuts out at inconsistent times during that loading process and the game crashes. If you can tell me how to find the error log on Windows 10 I can see if it's the same error. EDIT: SPECS Win 10 64 bit HD 630 (integrated card) i7 7700 @ 2.8GHz 8 Gb of RAM EDIT AGAIN: Log now attached Quigleyer_Error.txt
  7. One of the points Kim was making to me earlier that intrigued me was that there were several different ways to nerf guns. Stuff like panic's effects, zombie attraction, the effectiveness of the firearms skills in general, etc., etc. I can see that, that's definitely good thinking. But my reservations still come from thinking of the game in the longer term, and I think multiplayer is the future of the game. I know that, as you had pointed out Kim, there are lots of good reasons to think twice about initiating in PvP, but it could also be said those reasons are diminished the more armed people you have at your back. If a group of 10 people can get on a server and find enough guns to supply themselves as quickly as they would in a realistic southern United States I think that multiplayer balance is going to be hurting as a result. There's part of me that thinks that's a good thing, part of me that thinks it's a bad thing. On one hand it's really cool that a group of marauders could join a server, arm themselves, and cause some mayhem. That's something that could totally happen in the zombie apocalypse (like those crazy motorcycle guys in both iterations of Dawn of the Dead), and that adds some spice to it. But on the other hand that sounds like a big blow to the balance of power that comes from long hours of building up a fortress and scavenging for supplies. With enough armed people that could find guns easily you could just form a firing line. Honestly keeping it as an option is always going to be the best bet, but I think we all agree with that (whether it be mods or weapon spawn rates, etc.). It's just about how vanilla will play out...
  8. I really like your first argument, but with the second argument I wonder- do you live in the southern United States? My neighbor (back home now, at my mother's house) still fires his gunpowder cannon every 4th of July. People aren't exaggerating... it's REALLY like that. There are guns everywhere- hunting season sounds like a mini war. The other neighbors have some kind of mounted tripod machine-gun that I'm positively sure is illegal. I had 22 classmates in my high school that parked across the street in a guy's field because they wouldn't take their guns out of their cars when they came to school in the morning. For reference there were around 400 students total in the school (so it's kind of a lot of people...). Around those parts people are just as likely to own a gun safe and leave their guns on top of it as they are to actually lock the thing. And my county wasn't even that "backwoods". If you could only come visit in November you'd hear more gun shots out in the piddly little country (I was actually born in Kentucky, but lived most of my life in VA) than you'd ever hear in any city. You stop flinching at gun shots you hear them so much, and so close. But I like the balance argument, and that they aren't developing guns because it's not a zombie-killing game specifically. I think that makes sense, and I personally agree it's more fun. But it's not... realistic, if that really matters.
  9. Svarog,


    Hey there, I'm kind of a new member to the forums and I saw you're happily giving simple mod advice, so I thought I'd send you a message.


    I am no coder, I'm terrible at figuring out files and stuff.


    I work as a freelance illustrator in the pen and paper RPG industry (here's a profile link to my G+ illustration dump site https://plus.google.com/u/0/collection/0h9A_ ).  I do mostly fantasy and sci-fi stuff for smaller-time publishers (couple of bigger ones), but  I get a lot of wild moods where I just want to work on my own thing.


    Recently that's become the zombie apocalypse, and I've been playing a lot of Zomboid to compliment that.  After seeing the updates to resolution on the IWBUMS beta and Mondoids with newer in-progress shots of assets like the forge and burning barrel I began to think this might be something I could create my own little assets for.  


    I went looking around inside my folders where I believe the game to be installed and found some .pngs of a "BerretaClip" and a "RifleClip" and what looks like a shirt template, but I'm not entirely sure where to find the actual in-game assets.  A lot of the stuff I thought would be helpful just turns out to be giant text files.  


    Can you tell me where I would find the actual 2D image assets (I assume they're all .pngs?).  



    1. Svarog



      Yes, they are all in .PNG format. You will need UnPacker to unpack and split the sprite sheets.


    2. Quigleyer


      Thanks man, I appreciate the help!

  10. With OVERWEIGHT and OBESE now that the nutrition system is in they basically give you a good 2-4 weeks of not needing to eat at all at the beginning of the game. If you take OBESE (-10) and STRONG (+10) you'll still have more carrying capacity starving than you normally would on a full stomach without STRONG, so you're only taking a penalty to speed and injury chance at that point- BUT not needing to eat.
  11. My refrigerator was destroyed in a recent zombie attack, but I couldn't get my generator to power it while it was there. Currently with my generator connected I can't turn anything on, not even lamps. I have 40% fuel in it, connected (got the book and all), and have it turned on and humming happily. I'm on IWBUMS beta. Do you perhaps have 0 points into electrical, and only have the generator connected through the skill book? I do- not sure if that matters/ is bugged, just looking around.
  12. Haha I wish you wrote that one just a wee bit earlier, I went in thinking I was going to make myself a man last night with 3 fully loaded pistol magazines, a fully-loaded-and-then-some shotgun, and a bunch of mollies. I came back fearful of my life, exhausted, chased all the way home by zombies... with a very painful burn on my leg. Thank goodness for thick skin, eh? I know this is going to sound weak coming from the guy who can't seem to hit a zombie in a crowd at the moment, but I do hope that the developers stay cautious in this area. While the developers are trying to make a difficult survival game with re-play value, I understand they're also really focused on multiplayer right now. Making guns really easy to find by increasing their spawn chance in a setting that constantly re-spawns loot speaks of an environment that can easily become kill-on-site. Without regular server wipes those on top will always stay on top... you know? Just my two cents in multiplayer survival games. Easily accessible guns in online survival multiplayer games easily turns into a void of character interaction, at least in my experience.
  13. Sorry I did a double-take on this one and so I'm asking if I understand it correctly. So having thick skinned DOES reduce the chance of infection once you're scratched, AND the chance that you will be scratched? Or just one? I think I'm reading two different sets of opinions here. I thought "Less likely chance of a bite or scratch breaking the skin" meant that you had a harder time being scratched, and I know I've been hit several times that could have scratched me, and only received "minor damage" when I've got thick skin. The math I'm seeing around here is also different than the math I was assuming on. I thought if you were scratched you had a flat 25% rate, and if you were bitten you had a 96% chance to become a zombie. Are you all saying that it's a 25% chance that you will be bitten when it rolls for scratch or bite when you take a hit?
  14. I must be doing something wrong with guns in this game. I have never, ever said, "man I'm glad I fired that gun" after doing so in this game. It usually comes with a large amount of regret and a solemn oath to never do it again...
  15. I thought all scratches were 25% chance? Bites 96%? Something like that? Pretty sure thick-skinned decreases the chance of getting the scratch/bite at all. You can definitely see situations where you SHOULD have been scratched if you watch really hard :D. Does anyone know if "Lucky" helps you once you do get scratched though?
  16. So does the helicopter always draw zombies towards you? I could have sworn that it drew them away twice in my last playthrough. I had two 4 day stretches where I didn't see a single one following the loud chopper noises (I was inside my house both times, luckily), which is really weird for survival right now. Is the helicopter event scripted right now day-wise? I'm curious because it seems to be really close to the 7th day, which is a place I've been a lot lately (started over more times than I'd like to admit). I know it isn't coming at the exact same time every time, but it always comes at the end of the first week in my experience.
  17. (I understand your time is limited, please don't feel the need to continually respond to me if I'm getting annoying.) Thanks for pointing me there! So it's like a constant meter of -3500 to +3500, and then weight loss/gain/maintenance is applied depending on where in that scale you fall? With my recently deceased character above (he died last night, fifth scratch is the charm) I was seeing the loss of nearly 1 kg (~2 lbs) a day, which would mean by starving myself I could lose about 7 kg (14 lbs) a week! I think that whatever the number for max weight loss and gain is it should be roughly 1/3 of that so that the average person can lose or gain ~4 pounds a week. That is still a bit extreme, but would probably work okay in a video game. EDIT: Just saw the Mondoid announcement that days will be changed in length. So I guess those numbers (for potential loss/gain in a week) will be lower if the max weight loss/gain value remains the same? That'll probably help. But I guess on the other end that could easily nerf weight loss to the point it isn't a big deal anymore. I honestly don't know how "realistic" this needs to be. I'd say there are no stupid opinions personally. Just like in real life your weight loss and gain is determined ONLY in your calorie loss or gain. The composition of foods is just fluff, and I hope it remains that way. If you eat MORE calories than you use you will gain weight. If you eat LESS calories than you consume you will lose weight. Without calorie content fat, carbohydrates, etc. is all unimportant. Don't let those numbers intimidate you in the game, just look at the calories (90% sure).
  18. Are you talking about with the IWBUMS nutrition system build? I think hunger is a lot less of a problem to deal with, despite those negative effects, than it was previously. Currently being hungry only hurts your strength and healing (right?), but the real game is now in the place of calories consumed versus calories required/burned. Maintaining weight is exceptionally difficult and you see pretty wild swings of weight loss and gain within a relatively short amount of game time (at least I am). I would say that I'm pushing it to the extreme, but the system is TOO responsive, IMO. If you're a little hungry that's really no big deal now. Even if you're REALLY hungry that's only a big deal if you're underweight (and need to gain) and carrying a lot or healing. Actually starving is a slower process now, though I think it would be much faster than it should reasonably be given what I saw with ease of weight loss (hence my starvation mode suggestion). Generally speaking I don't have a problem with the amount your character gets hungry, I find it to be pretty sensible given the activities mine is always involved in. But that's just my opinion, your's is just as valid obviously.
  19. Hope this is in the right place, sorry I'm new here. I will abide happily by any moderating decisions made about the proper place for this and apologize ahead of time. Hey folks, I'm back to playing this after a long break. Survival mode is umpteen times more fun for me now and after 10+ dead characters I'm starting to get to the point that I'm playing with the nutrition system and living long enough to see the results. My 5 weeks broke down like this: First 3 weeks: I needed to gather and stay quiet, I ate on the run a lot. This time period was one spent eating entire bags of chips and pies in one sitting. Every morning I got myself "well fed" and went out to gather. I never let myself be any kind of hungry for too long. After day 14 I noticed I had gained a lot of weight, by day 21 I was up to 89 kg and had the overweight trait. Gaining 10 kg (22 pounds?) in three weeks is a little insane for someone who is running around, bashing zombie brains in, jumping through windows, chopping trees, and in constant "fight or flight" mode through sheer panic. For comparison the guy who did the Super Size Me documentary gained 24.4 pounds (~12 kg?) in his first month (four weeks) of eating nothing but giant McDonalds meals and living a nearly entirely sedentary life. QUESTION: does anyone know the cap for calories burned per day? Week 4: It was time for a change, and I had enough materials to begin truly fortifying. I had two safe houses and chose one to move all of the food to and began constructing a log wall. Because I was relatively safe the whole time I let myself get hungry (and very hungry). Only twice did I lose the hunger moodle, and it was from eating a lot of low calorie canned food. Within a matter of days I was down to 84.X kg and had lost my overweight trait. If you just let yourself get hungry and run the timer quickly you'll see the kg just melt away... and keep melting... and melting... Week 5: Log wall is constructed, I'm pretty safe, I have a medium-sized stash of canned and dry food, and I started to get crops coming in. I'm currently trying to maintain weight and finding it incredibly difficult. In real life I am a very efficient dieter and have lost 180 lbs (90 kg) through diet and exercise in my lifetime- calorie counting and approximation is something I can do in my sleep. But obviously this is a game and it comes with hidden mechanics and caps that aren't entirely obvious to the player in the game's current state. I have some suggestions on things I think could improve this portion of the game: 1) Starvation mode (a moodle?) This is a real thing- a lot of people call it "hitting a plateau" in weight loss. Your body essentially thinks you're in for a long starve and starts to covet your body's excess fat- sometimes you will even eat muscle away in lieu of fat in more prolonged instances. Losing weight becomes incredibly difficult, you become very agitated, and if you go long enough EVERYTHING HURTS. The human body can only metabolize so much of itself within a given time. I don't know the exact numbers behind it, but I do understand a lot of it is based on the weight of the individual. If you think you're still losing weight it's probably water weight and you're actually de-hydrating yourself. ---- So if we look at it like that I think "starvation mode" can work as a cap on the amount of weight one PC can lose in a given amount of time- let's just say one week right now. The limit doesn't necessarily need to apply to real-world numbers and the number would more reflect what was balanced in the game world (so we can hit that sweet spot of realism and balance). ---- Since this would essentially cap some negative effects from not eating for that given week (after you've lost the allowed amount of weight) you could start to accumulate other negative moodles that apply so it's not overly abused. The longer you're starving the more moodles you get. ON EDGE, IN PAIN, and QUEASY would apply perfectly here- but I'm sure there are other options as well. The idea here is just a bit less of a fall for slacking on your micro-management, and it even adds some "realism". You can't just steadily lose weight, it doesn't work like that. Realism and balance! Doing it this way (and not adjusting the cap on calories allowed to be burned per day) is better, in my opinion, because the more you would reduce the cap of calories burned the less of an impact doing activities has on your need to eat, which is NOT good, IMO. 2) Calorie Counting devices (items) I think the game would really benefit from devices that specifically make the nutrition side of things easier. Devices like calorie counting watches, both for estimated calories burned and for calories consumed, would really be a cool way to help micro-manage the numbers game. The idea here is that we keep the system complicated, but we can get some aid from rarer items scattered around the world to make it less tedious if we are lucky enough to find one. http://www.keepinspiring.me/10-best-calorie-counter-watches/ ---- One of the biggest issues I'm having with this portion of the game, despite diet-watching being a thing I do well in real life, is that I'm at a total loss as to how many calories I'm burning doing any one activity. Without an external way to tell the players approximately how many calories they're burning doing stuff they will NEVER know. Does chopping trees burn calories? Does walking? Sprinting? I don't even know which activities burn calories, let alone how many calories. That's what this idea is supposed to solve. ---- I would suggest that week 1 players (the first week? The game-learning scenario) get this as a starting device, personally. New players need to be able to have access to these numbers quickly, or else they'll just be entirely overwhelmed. CONCERN: This game takes place in 1993. I was too young in '93 to know if devices similar to these were around, but I don't think it's too far-fetched to think they were. From what I've seen playing this IWBUMS build I'd say the developers are totally on the right track. This is a fantastic addition to the game and only brings in more depth to a genre that's typically lacking in things to do. This system only has minor shortcomings in my opinion and is looking really solid.
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