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  1. You could already pick up broken glass with the Pick Up tool, so I checked what this meant and as I suspected you've added it to the context menu. So I did my due diligence and checked if picking up glass with the Pick Up tool would also get you injured and it doesn't (it also won't play the animation). Keep up the good work! Especially the soap is a welcome change.
  2. I thought you were done with running 😁 But you're right though a safety check when you're not on the ground floor would be nice.
  3. This zombie tried to chase me, but ended patting me on the head for hours. I've seen this happen once before in a house, no idea what could cause this. She's just completely stuck in place, I could dance around her. Tried to take a vid, but when I got back in the game she bit me in the neck
  4. I've actually made a rediculously long post on my findings when experimenting with the zombie spawn system and I've come to the conclusion that adding just two settings, which could be very easy to implement, will greatly improve your control over how you want to ramp up and/or down. And that is something like Halfway Population Multiplier and Halfway Population Day that function pretty much in the same way as Peak Population Multiplier and Peak Population Day, but you can set those somewhere in between the start and Peak Day. Add something a little harder to implement like an Ignore Respawn Unseen Hours Hours (yeah how you define these things might need some naming work) with a high threshold and you'll be able to make sure that a cell keeps firing respawns during this period and afterwards still have a high Respawn Unseen Hours (like 3 months or something) so you can actually clear the zombies from cells later in the game and not end up with a ghost town in the beginning. I go in a lot more detail in my post but it still has to be approved by a mod (as does this post, so when you read this I guess my other post will also be approved and you can find it in the General Discussion. Fair warning: it's a daunting read that by virtue of all the parameters I've tried to understand and describe also can be rather confusing.) Edit: Yay approved, here it is
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