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Car floating in the air upside down (Multiplayer)

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Exactly what the title says. When in multiplayer, I reproduced this bug two times in the same session. The two vehicles we found, after we drive them a little bit, when we're almost at out base, they simply turn upside down and floats in the air. You can still enter the car and start the engine, but it does not move. 

This happened in my first multiplayer session, this weekend (latest build). While in single player mode, I played all month and never saw this happening, so I believe it's multiplayer only.

I forgot to take a screen, but someone posted one on reddit, I'll attach it to this post.

Sorry if this was already reported.


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Known bug, no solution at this point. You can nudge the floating car back on wheels with another car, though. Also, if server admin accessible - he can delete this floating car and create a new one.

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