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If it is possible, I would like to see a "last action" feature. So when you eat a berry(or any other action that has a repetitive process) instead of going through the right click> eat>all motion, maybe it could be possible if "E" or even another key could be a "last action"  option. So if you do the right click>eat>all right after instead of repeating mouse method, you just press "E" and your character will just eat another berry.
Would make eating berries, foraged edibles and other things a little quicker to do.

There are so many things this could be used for as well.

-Foraging you could set your list to forage so say you right click>foraging and uncheck a couple of boxes, you can then just push "E" to continue foraging for the list you have set. If you wanted to forage for a new set list just have to right click and check/uncheck the boxes you want to forage for.

-Cooking- as long as all the items needed are present once making a bowl of salad instead of using mouse method you can just press "E" to continue making the same dish(only if needed items are present).

-Cutting down trees- after cutting down one tree with mouse method, all that would be needed for next would be to simply walk over to next tree and press "E".  

-Filling water bottles- as long as you have empty bottles in inventory, fill a bottle with mouse method and then every empty bottle after could be filled by pressing "E" as long as the water source is present and empty bottles are available.
-Filling gas cans-right click>fill gas can and then there after as long as gas is available and have empty gas cans in inventory press "E" to continue the action.

These are just some of the actions I could think of at the moment.

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