Wash Clothing Recipe Issue [40.25]

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Recipes.txt line 3009 -- Soap not found because it's a obsolete item.
(There are two Wash Clothing recipes with the same required items but only difference is one needs Soap, and another Soap2) then need to make Soap not obsolete to not conflict with the actual build of the game or delete this recipe.

    recipe Wash Clothing
        keep Vest/Shirt/Trousers/Skirt/Blouse/Underwear1/Underwear2/Shoes,


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More "general info for modding" than "this is correct for Soap vs. Soap2."


Objects are made obsolete when their type is changed or we do not want them spawning for some (possibly catastrophic reason).


Let's say Soap was originally an object of type Normal. But, at some point, we wanted it to be multi-use. So, we just change Soap to a Delta. It seems to work in testing, but when it's released to the public, anyone that had Soap of type Normal in their save file ends up with a corrupted save. This is because the size, in bytes, of a Normal and a Delta differ.


You can see this happen, sometimes, when a mod kills a character on load in or causes an area of the map to be reset. If you look at a backup of the map_p.bin file or the blamed chunk in a hex editor, you'd find the offending item in its inventory. My first intro to it was Hydrocraft changing ants from normal to food . . . wiping out Redboid in it's first week or two. :(


ofc, I could be wrong. This might have been fixed a while ago (adding headers to the item types so the varied number of bytes between types doesn't result in buffer underflow / overflow), but am not 100% sure on that.

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hi - this maybe off topic.

3 items of clothing are dirty.

Right click Wash clothing > select all  only ever washes one item.

even when there is only one item dirty you still get the Wash All - when it shouldnt say all any more.


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