Looking for Artists for Custom Textures and Buildings!
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Hi everyone!


So I've been working on my map Valley Station Military Outpost. Recently it was suggested I should seek some help(Yeah I know I'm not the best artist lol). It would really give me a lot more time to be creative with my mapping as well as look more PZ authentic.


So here are some baselines:


Must be Original work

Don't use stuff from other games as your work (You want to use it as a base or modify it then maybe) otherwise I'd want permission from the content creator.

Things need to look okay in 1x tiles too (I make all my stuff this way because yes there are people with bad PC's like me).


So if you can do the textures, the props or both even better!


A few things I might need?


Anything Military Related:Vehicles, signs, barriers, etc.

A Rocket (yes I am serious) preferably 8 stories high (since I've been told mine aint so pretty).

Communications Tower(s)

Lab Equipment (you should see my crappy vials and microscope)

Computers 90's style

Launch pad controls and other equipment related (or looks related) for the rocket (similar perhaps to the security consoles)


I guess if anyone is interested let me know! I'd be more than happy to add it to my map and give them they awesome credit they deserve!




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On 26/10/2017 at 6:08 AM, Hydromancerx said:

There are some 90's computers hidden in the base game files. I don't think they are normal objects yet but the textures for them are there.


Where abouts would i find these? Is there any rules about using unused stuff from the games files?,

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