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Spiffo Mascot Costume

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So, this is either gonna sound really cool or really stupid. 


You know how certain fast food chains have costumed mascots to advertise their products? Like the Chik-Fil-A Cow, or Ronald McDonald, etcetera? Well, one would think that with a chain like Spiffo's being popular enough to warrant its own feature-length film, it would stand to reason that the restaurants would have a Spiffo suit lying around for some hapless employee to climb into and sweat his balls off while holding a picture of chicken and waffles on the side of the highway. 


Thus, I suggest a Spiffo mascot outfit as form of clothing/armor (at least, for when the animation update finally drops). I know what you're thinking: a mascot costume as armor? Is that realistic or practical? Well, yes and no. I used to be a college mascot, and let me tell you, the fur on that costume was THICK. It wouldn't be easy to bite through that, especially if the person wearing the suit was resisting and fighting back. Plus the mascot head would have full protection at the cost of limited visibility. With that in mind, a thick, fluffy Spiffo suit could protect against bites and scratches on the arms, legs, and torso, as well as pretty much negating all damage to the head and neck area. 


The downside would be the heat. Again, from experience, I can tell you that it gets REALLY hot in those things. I've even passed out on one occasion from the heat. Thus the character wearing the suit would be much more susceptible to overheating and thirst. Plus you can't easily drink water while wearing the mascot head, so you'd have to remove it in order to drink from a bottle or water source. 


I dunno. I just think it'd be both hilarious and badass to slaughter zombies across Kentucky while dressed as an adorable raccoon. Spiffo IS the official mascot of both PZ and Indie Stone, after all. Why not take that to a whole new level? 

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8 hours ago, Damien Darkside said:

Didn't one of the Devs have like 5 different animal mascots that eventually turned into Spiffo? You can see them on the PAWS movie poster.


Yes. The badger is my favorite. :] You can still find posters of it out there in children's bedrooms.

Spiffo is cool and all.... but badgers!

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