Server "Amanecer de los Muertos" Community in Spanish, 24/7, 40 slots, Vanilla, safehouse and started pack..
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     Welcome to the server "steam" Dawn of the Dead. This server is courtesy of the great community of "The 35th United Nations Coalition Regiment, is a military simulation community in ArmA III" can visit its page and forum for more details about this great organization:
A special thanks to all the team of 35RCAU for their help.
I invite you to post your doubts and comments about the server in the forums of 35RCAU in the section  Project Zomboid.
You can contact the server staff in the Facebook group.
You can Communicate with your peers in the Community Teamspeak in the Project Zomboid section:

Server Dawn of the Dead Vanilla 24/7.
1. Single GPS mod (only for administration left).
2. Safehouse enabled.

* Days to claim home 1.

* Days to create faction 0.

* You can not take things from a safehouse if you do not belong to it.
* You can not enter a safehouse if you do not belong to it.
* You can not burn a safehouse.
* When someone from the Safehouse is Online, the safehouse becomes a normal home. (Attentive to this).
* You can make respwan in a safehouse that you belong to before you die.
3. PVP enabled.
4. "Safe" zones implemented in the future.
5. Started Pack: Hunting knife, Chocolate, school backpack, boat with water.
6. WhiteList OPEN, Maximum 2 accounts per Steam ID. (Suggestion one that is PVP and the other PVE).
7. Permanent bans at the first serious fault. (Ignoring the rules does not exempt them from them and zero tolerance).
Administrators and Moderators are awarded the right to pass judgments.


Any aggregate / exclusion will be at your discretion.

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