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Found 81 results

  1. Hi! I saw this video a few minutes ago: ( 3:03 - 3:40 is the part i'm referring to) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkOuxKS6ZBU&t=227s&ab_channel=ambiguousamphibian For me it seems way too easy (or at least in this video) to just "out-walk" those zombies without much struggle. He didnt even had to run. I thought that they will grab you when youre in reach, or make you stumble? Most of those zombies had their arms around him already but they did nothing other than catching into the air sometimes? Is this really how its supposed to be? And another Question i had was about the Zombie speed. I always thought that some Zombies could walk faster than other Zombies or even the Player. In this video however all Zombies walked very slow, even tho some of them had those "fast walker" animations. They seem to be too slow for my liking and not much of a threat. Is this intended too? Because i really remember them being faster, making you run in some situations. Thanks for the answers
  2. cool things you would like to see in Project Zomboid translated with google translator I must say that I loved this game, it is one of the most realistic in terms of survival and zombie apacolipsis, everything and the action are attached to reality and surviving is very fun in this game, by adding the animations this game became something very incredible, it gave a touch of beauty and an amazing realism, it is amazing the things that continue to add to this great game, I have no complaints, I just want to give my ideas and see if they are interesting for the other players of this great game game . daytime activity and nighttime passive state I found this to be something extremely entertaining and curious, it seems like a simple option but whoever is curious about what types of zombies are those in Project Zomboid, can get an idea with this. This mode could be taken to something more than just an option, with day and night a simple concept is created, the zombies, although they are affected by heat, also receive energy from the sun, just like a solar panel. This could be led to something deeper, such as the use of ultraviolet light, in lamps, flashlights or cars, either more as something that the player must prevent or as something to use in their favor, since this type of light by mimicking the sun, it could trigger activity in zombies. You could also see this method as an example to create different types of zombies, sometimes an explanation of why zombies are the way they are is not necessary, but having a theory is usually very interesting and fun. When referring to types of zombies, I would speak of those who, for x excuse, get the most out of sunlight and therefore maintain traits that they possessed alive, such as running zombie runner: maybe this is the game but not so well implemented, this zombie is the perfect excuse to use the run mode in the game, because in my opinion that action is very forgotten, we only run to get to a place faster or sometimes to get out of large areas full of zombies, but this is only because of the rush, because the zombies cannot reach us walking and therefore running is something forgotten, the zombie runner should be added to survival or apocalypse mode, to give but I use the action of running, this zombie must also get tired, maybe after about 5 seconds stop running, because a zombie with infinite energy against us, a character that gets tired, is not the best option. trotting zombie. just the same idea but a little slower, but still fast enough to catch up if we walk or run in stealth. Police / military zombie: in this case it would be as simple as the zombie retaining the ability to pull the trigger, obviously a zombie with impaired senses would not hit an elephant, but the objective of being able to shoot would be none other than make noise, this so that when we meet these zombies, we not only see them as an easy reward for the things they bring, but also as a threat that can make noise if it is not killed in the right way. screaming zombie: another variant of the previous zombie, looking for the same effect as the previous one mentioned, perhaps this zombie could make different noises, indicating that it is that type of zombie that can scream louder than the medas and call other zombies. Muscular zombie: perhaps this zombie is more difficult because it would imply making a more robust and muscular zombie design, I am not talking about making a mutant zombie, in this game reality is sought, and in real life very large and muscular people tend to be found , We generally see them in fights or as bodyguards, that type of people would be these zombies mentioned, with a size larger than normal and a greater resistance, perhaps that is more difficult but it would be interesting to see different designs in terms of bodies. refers hunter zombie: a zombie that can track us and that is found in the woods, mostly to feel or give any threat to those of us who create our bases in the woods far from the city, because once we kill all the nearby zombies, these They do not reappear while we are still in the place, sometimes it is usually too peaceful when your base is already finished. Obviously, these zombies mentioned, should lose their abilities or reduce them at night, creating the concept that they need sunlight to absorb that energy, this would be one more reason to go out at night and use the flashlights more, returning the days more threatening than the nights. radio events and missions to promote nomadic players eventos de radio y misiones para promover a los jugadores nómadas The radio in the game is the only device that gives us information of any importance, in survival mode and others it serves to know the weather and give information about the possible arrival of the noisy helicopter, after this has passed and it only limits itself to giving information about the weather. My idea is based on expanding the functions it gives, an example is the one shown on the screen, implying that the military need to find certain files that will be scattered Throughout the map, this will also serve as another objective for those nomadic players, there are those who travel throughout the map and who may not do so because they do not see a valid reason for them, since many modes of the game, such as construction, gardening and others, are lost by being nomads, even so there are those who travel the map for the pleasure of not being fixed in a place and who would be motivated if there were such objectives. The other point would be something similar to the helicopter, it would be a massive event of zombies in movement, this huge group of zombies would prowl all over the map, without stopping moving, this great horde and its movement would be informed by another radio frequency, which we would keep an eye on it, as their arrival would give a huge increase in zombies in the city, which would advance to leave after a few days. events like these would give a greater value to communication systems, radio, woki tokis, etc. well, these are some of my ideas, I hope they serve as inspiration and see if they are of interest to other people.
  3. As some of you know, there are few ways to deal with zombies. You can kite them with melee, use the guns (usually backfiring or not being very effective.) Using stealth (not consistent due to the randomness and respawns unlike other stealth games with actual patterns of enemies in a level.) Or leading them away from areas. If you're a engineer then you have a extra option of bombs (currently not worth investing into outside of 2-3 traps.) Suggestion 1: What if players were incouraged to use the verticality of the game, such as leading zombies onto a roof, depending on the height this can outright kill them, or turn them into crawlers. (in their current state, they land like a super hero with no consequence, and recover from falling faster then the player.) Suggestion 2: Electric fences, using a combination of metalworking and electric skill, incouraging the player to actually level up these skills for the reward of killing zombies that try to vault over it, and also the player if he/she does not turn it off from the outside. (this would likely need somethign to balance it, such as high fuel drain on a gen. And also still break if enough zombies vault over the electric fences at the same time.) Suggestion 3: More buildables in carpentry and metalworking, there is a huge lack of customization, while I do think going out and collecting useless items for survival is fun, and often times dangerous for no reason it would be nice to have options with the mentioned two skills, maybe even electric combined with them. Example: Building your own version of reinforced doors you can find in banks, rosewood secret facility, police stations. Or something more simple like the doors that are mainly glass, or wood with a glass to view whats on the other side. Suggestion 4: More alternative recipes for crafting within the existing crafting recipes. This idea is more inspired by cataclysm, though I do not expect it to match the same level or complexity as Cataclysm, it would be nice to have less straight forward options on some things. Take desperate crafting mod as a example of this, without completely ruining the balance of the game.
  4. Description [03/04/2020] - Tested on Build 40 Stable and IWBUMS Build 41. I created this mod to add a bit more realism. It seemed a bit unrealistic that one can run straight into 1 or 2 zombies and not risk getting attacked. Mod Info: Zombies that you collide with or run into will grab a firm hold onto you and they will attempt to bite you. They will not be able to grab if they are hit or shoved. If they grab you, you won't get hurt as long as you hit or shove them before they attack. It is possible to sprint out of their grabs, but that may or may not save you depending how close they are once they attempt their attack. Steam Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2013479771
  5. Steam Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1992785456 Customizable Zombies v2.3.4 [06/01/2020] - Tested on Build 40.43 and IWBUMS Build 41.37. Tested on Build 40.43 Multiplayer. Choose the spawn percentage chance of each zombie type. Zombies have a chance to become a Crawler, Shambler, Fast Shambler, or a Sprinter. They also have a chance to be in a Fake Dead state. [Update 2.3.0+] You may now modify zombie Health using the "HP Multiplier" setting for the Crawler, Shambler, Fast Shambler, and Sprinter. Options Showcase Gameplay Demo (w/Default Settings) Steam Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1992785456 Description Mod Features: These are the default settings. 2% chance to spawn in a Fake Dead state 5% chance to become Crawler 47% chance to become Shambler 47% chance to become Fast Shambler 1% chance to become Sprinter 1.000 Health Multiplier for Crawler, Shambler, Fast Shambler, Sprinter. ========================================================================== --- Build 41.26 Update: https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Build_41#IWBUMS_Build_41.26 --- Build 41.26+ IWBUMS has a revamped mod system. Each save file has their own list of mods. If you do want to use this mod for your old saves on that build, go to the title screen, click "Load", click on the file you want to load but don't start the game. There's a "More..." button on the bottom right the screen for each save file, click on that. Click "Choose Mods...". After that, find and Enable this mod. Click "Back" and load the save file. It should now work on the old save file. To change this mod's settings, go to the title screen or pause menu if in-game. Click on "Options". On the top-left, click on "CZombie". If you are in-game, you must reload the save file to see the changes take effect. On a server, this mod will use the host's settings. If you are the host, it will use your settings. Links: - Github (You can find older releases here) Language Translations: Simple Translations for: AF, ES-AR, CH, CN, CS, DA, DE, EE, ES, FR, HU, IT, JP, KO, NL, NO, PL, PT, PTBR, RU, TH, TR. If you want to improve or add better translations, let me know here: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/1992785456/3540329659709473797/ . Bugs/Issues: Bug: [Build 41 IWBUMS] - If the Sandbox Option for ZombieLore is set to "Sprinter" or "Random", zombies might randomly trip. Bug: [Build 40] - If set to "Sprinter" or "Random", the zombies may not spawn with the correct speed.
  6. after loading the game i noticed that when zombies reach a specific distance from the player they just freeze. When I move slightly away after a short delay they start to chase again and freeze again at the same distance. Edit: one of them did not freeze. Maybe has to do with respawns.
  7. Check out our Forums and Discord! At Reanimated Roleplay, presented by Infected Gaming We strive to provide a welcoming community and create a wholly organic Roleplay experience. Whatever you want to do, Knox County is your oyster! But beware, the apocalypse is not for the faint of heart, This is the story of how you died, remember? Check out our lore here, for information on what is going on and what is up and coming! Hope to see you soon! - The Infected Gaming Team
  8. Looking at the newest blog post, I'm a little confused. Why is 1-1 combat being made easier? Zombies are already so much easier than they were a few years ago. Their animation's been slowed down and their hit registry feels off to the point I can stand in one place, let one keep doing its thing at me, and not get "hit" for a good 2 or 3 seconds. Especially on higher strength or speed settings zombies should be dangerous. If anything, they should be buffed. More pulling, clawing, punching, and tackling with the new animations, better hit responses to where if they do their animation, you get hit. You shouldn't be able to treat even small groups of zombies like a joke, but you can right now and apparently the group buffs are being dialed back. I don't think this is the way it needs to go, or maybe there should be a zed difficulty setting added that changes exactly how powerful they are more than the vague options we have now. My suggestion would be to either revert whatever nerfs or changes are coming to make individual fights easier, keep whatever group buffs there are after tuning them, and implement more concise, effective options for zombie difficulty. Superhuman strength should let them pull you down and hit you hard when they hit. Higher sense should give them better reactions. That sorta thing. I remember back in the DayZ days people complained zombies were too hard and they nerfed them big time, and in the recent game Hunt: Showdown similar complaints led its zombie-ish monsters to get nerfed into pointless distractions. I don't want that to happen with PZ. Zombies should be a threat you have to be careful with and learn to manage, not something you can easily strafe around and stunlock solo or even in groups, which you can do now. One shouldn't be instant death, not at all, but it shouldn't get any easier than it is right now.
  9. Survivor Stories: The Project Zomboid Roleplay Experience We begin in June of 1996, the last of the regional governments have collapsed. The old world is dead and forgotten, destroyed by the work of Dr. Klepper. You wake up after staying in a house in Slocan Lake, British Columbia for the evening, trying to survive. Thoughts of the news reports you witnessed from around the world of the events that have transpired would be ingrained in your memory. You find an old radio, still crackling with static. Where do you go from here..? ---- Survivor Stories is a roleplay experience that is tailored to have the stories of each survivor eventually intertwine and gain meaning and development through staff-run events and the natural course of conflict and drama that would arise in a post-apocalyptic scenario. We aim to… Provide an experience that is both immersive and stays true to the core mechanics of Project Zomboid. and... Create a community where everyone can feel comfortable and create to their heart’s content! ---- We have a Discord server where you can apply and join in on the fun: https://discord.gg/ZBjSbah We also have an assortment of mods such as Hydrocraft, ORGM, and other quality of life mods to make your experience even more fun! Survivor Stories PZRP is always looking for more to join our community as we get together to build a dramatic narrative in the zombie apocalypse.
  10. The feelings from the old Zomboid never gets to me anymore. The map is huge, there is always somewhere to run to and live in solitude. And when the zombies do arrive, they are easily out-runned. I've tried to mix and match sandbox settings to make a difficulty preset that keeps me on the edge of my seat. The main thing I'm missing in my balancing is fast zombies. We already have the choice between the standard "fast shamblers", and "sprinters". But for me, "fast shamblers" are too easily out-runned. On the other hand "sprinters" are so fast that you are essentially doomed from the start. I would very much like a preset in the middle-ground between fast shamblers and sprinters; a running speed. The speed of the zombies have not changed since the old small map of zomboid. But the map-size has! This does in my mind induce a clear imbalance that I believe has been overlooked. I would even go as far as to propose that the standard zombie speed in the survival/harcore mode be changed to accommodate this. That is one step in the right direction to make you feel a bit more helpless, in a world that I personally find too easy and void of danger. An alternative is to have a more mixed group of zombies with different run-speeds in the same game.
  11. Aight. Ever since the conception of games in this style such as Class3Outbreak, the idea of making my home area has been a thought. There are so many amazing options, Monroeville and the mall, Evans City, Any of the boroughs and townships in Butler and Allegheny Counties. And hell, to top it all off there is Pittsburgh. Now, I have absolutely no mapping experience and may just be using this as a good excuse to forget about my fiancee leaving me. However, I really want some input here. Here are some Google Maps images of local areas including the aforementioned. Monroeville: https://gyazo.com/e38857243ecbd99ea1fbc0119ff13970 The Mall: (featured in Dawn of The Dead) https://gyazo.com/bbaea16c9aa723ac43a5e8fa6e9249cc Evans City: (Home of Night of the Living Dead) https://gyazo.com/2e55455f11d06c4271e6c0a1ea75e000 Butler: https://gyazo.com/9cedc6993d74d642f11b04d0cb152846 Cranberry Township: https://gyazo.com/2d03b8777935912067c88b71e9310353 Connecting roads: https://gyazo.com/b06bb52ddc7906bfdbce70d6470b6a2b Zelienople: https://gyazo.com/e8602d983501e6a6e12e54fb439ba8ad Callery: https://gyazo.com/03ea7cc1265bb8efaa4ef835d5d1af0f Connoquenessing: https://gyazo.com/ca54b35b14bd084c4c8ea9867e082bf9 Meridian: https://gyazo.com/01e056def79de3da5867853cef1e1167 All of there are Southwestern PA, north of Pittsburgh. I know scale seems to be a thing we all have a hard-on for and we definitely need some sort of MP or fleshed out SP to make these maps worth it. The resources contained alone would make it boring to play on your own. Just wondering, is any of this something someone could take on? Can the game handle this sort of scale? Could it handle individual towns but not all of them interconnected? Hit me up share your thoughts.
  12. Simple mod that gives the zombies a chance to spawn without clothes! LINK
  13. nolanri

    Restless Zombies

    This mod has the same effect as the Nocturnal Zombies Mod but the AI is in effect all the time and not just at night. Zombies often stand around in groups doing nothing until they see or hear something. But not anymore! This mod will gives Zombies Primal hunting instincts and they will be moving around a lot more, scattering in random directions and be restlessly searching ... for you. Tested and working on Multiplayer Note that the AI effect is triggered by passing time so, if you set sandbox settings to make days longer it will lesson the effect this mod has on the zombies movements. http://undeniable.info/pz/RestlessZombiesMod.php
  14. Its that time again for a new lore to be starting up. The start of the lore is Friday, March 2nd, 2018 at 7pm EST. It is not too late to jump on over to the forums and submit a character application HERE If you do though, please be sure to read the lore posting bellow or on the forums HERE as well as the server and community rules HERE Mods - You will find out in game Zombie and world settings - you will find out in game 1. The Lore It all started without a single voice on the television warning us, a silent whisper through the streets of Fairhaven. Our only warnings were hidden within the depths of the web, even then, the information was bare, mere mentions of a super-virus with no list of symptoms accompanying it. How could we have prepared? We couldn’t have. Within weeks, the super-virus finally tore through the veil shrouding it. It made national news, and Fairhaven was placed under quarantine by the U.S Government. We watched as parking lots were converted into refugee camps, shopping centers became quarantine centers, and our neighbors houses became burnt out shells of their former selves. Nobody told us anything, just that we couldn’t leave. We held on by a thread, biting the bullet where we could until people started vanishing from the camps, starting with the elderly, ending with children. Nobody had any real clue what was going on, families made scenes, tried to incite violence, until they vanished too. People were too afraid to act past the formation of C.E.I.T.A. We kept on eating our pills, taking our shots and watching the news for more information. All of this in the span of three days … three days, a major populace was nearly wiped to nothing, sections of the city barred off … only in three days. By day four? All we could hear were gunshots in the distance, the news telling us the quarantine had been expanded to Peoria and Bloomington, cutting us off from South Illinois. It wasn’t long until many of us were loaded up in buses and hauled off towards the military evacuation point outside the city … but not all of us, some of us were left behind to make our own way there. We gathered up in our cars and rode off, some towards the border, and some towards the evac point, right up until we reached the backed up highway with cars miles down. 2. The Towns Over The River (Fairhaven) (City) Valley Station (Kings Mill) Muldraugh (Twinsburg) West Point (Hartsdale) Rosewood (Union Center) Ohio Map + Dixie (White Horse Creek)
  15. Hi, Sometimes when I drive slowly with a lot of zombies (20-30 zombies) behind/next to my car, my car is like capatulted and it goes from 5mph to 60mph in one second and I think it mostly happens with slow vehicles like vans. So yeah it's fun to have such a boost but when there are trees everywhere you get an instant crash and that's way less fun game's version : 39.67.5 but it does that since the beginning of vehicles I didn't see anyone reporting this bug, I'm playing with sprinter zombies so maybe it has something to do with that It's very easy to make this bug happens, just take a slow van, attract a lot of zombies and drive slowly next to them or even in circles
  16. Having seen the impedning weather system that includes thunderstorms crossing the map, I wonder if that system could be co-opted to script a massive horde event. I am imagining a horde of zeds that spawn at the map's edge and move across the entirety of the map like a storm. Alternatively, I could also see an invisible draw beacon that passes over the map, attracting zeds as it goes. In the case of the former, I'm not sure how the migration of zeds would interact with standard zed activity. I imagine they would ignore things like moving to empty tiles or forming up with preexisitng hordes. In the case of a sound event or player action drawing them, I imagine that when they return to an "idle" state they would set off again towards their destination on the far side of the map. Once there, they would despawn. I guess it might be as "simple" as spawning a horde of special zeds who wander towards a map's-edge beacon when they would otherwise be idle. My intent is for a mid-game event (one to several months in) that has the potential to wreck any fortification anyplace on the map, if it happens to be in the path of the migratory horde. Perhaps there's a way that the path could be drawn over an area of the player's greatest activity. What do you all think? Other ideas for life post-helicopter (aside from more helicopters)?
  17. anyone who wants to join my server can: lots of zombies rare loot. try and survive with me! im usually on during weekends
  18. Not sure if this one was already suggested, but here goes. When a player dies, they drop their weapons, I think. Correct? ( Haven't really died enough to be 100% sure. ^_^' ) Anyways, what if there's also a chance that, upon dying, they wind up KEEPING that weapon in their hand(s)? Doesn't necessarily mean that the zombie will be able to USE it, though, as... y'know... ZOMBIES. No "Learning". Only "Eating". (Though a pistol-holding zombie's finger pulling the trigger COULD be a threat, though mostly because guns are freakin' LOUD...) But what if y'all made it where, instead of dropping their weapons, survivors' zombie forms hold onto said weapons, at least until they start "Reaching" after the living survivors when close enough, to which they THEN drop the items, instead? This way, we could easily spot the "Dead Survivors" who may very well have valuable loot, as well as add a bit more variety to the zombie hordes, without necessarily making things that much more difficult to deal with, and yet, also make things simpler for "Loot Priorities" when it comes to looting a dead horde. Perhaps in addition to that, the zombies that DO spawn with weapons could also be holding onto them, so that we don't "Magically pull an Axe out of a zombie's arse" when looting the dead bodies... and besides that, it could also add a bit of variety to the "Survivor Zeds" whenever the backpack updates roll out, so we see a bit MORE variety between the "Bag Carriers" as well. Anyways, just a small idea I had. Didn't see it in the "Common Suggested" thing, so figured I'd throw it out there.
  19. Alright, based on my most recent death experience, I'm reading a book in a my house on the edge of town. Everything is barricaded. I triple-accelerate the play speed in order to plow through the book. I begin to hear a very rapid thud; it sounded like the helicopter. I thought, "Well, I haven't made a peep and I can't be seen, I'll just wait here and let the action pass me by." Turns out, for some reason, a zombie mystically sensed that I was in the corner of this particular house. It had started pounding on the boarded window, but due to the triple acceleration, it sounded like the helicopter. By the time I heard the glass shatter, peed my pants, and hit a movement button in order to shift play speed back to normal, it was too late. The zombie had gnawed me the death just that fast! Sooooo, two things I learned from this particular death: 1.) Currently, if you hear anything, anything, ANYTHING, that sounds remotely strange while you are in accelerated time, get back to normal speed and check it out! It could/will save your short, remaining life. 2.) My suggestion is that, upon any zombie sighting, the game automatically kicks back to normal speed. I think that's fair. Yes, taking one step already puts you back to normal speed, and that's probably good enough 99.95% of the time. However, if you're slightly ignorant and naive, like me, then it's not too much to ask that normal speed kicks in when a zombie is seen. It at least gives the player a few seconds to react, which would be true in reality. Unseen zombies, well, they should still kill you anyway . Anyone out there agree with me?
  20. Ok I see that male and female zombies have 3 versions in each. I been working on 6 more versions but dont know how to implement them. Is it even possible to add more variety?
  21. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: NightmareZ is now on Steam! Get it on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/509930 Greenlight page link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=693100216 Here is the Greenlight Trailer: Please feel free to provide your feedback and suggestions to improve the game. NightmareZ is a side-scrolling platform action game with lots of fancy features, multiple enemies and retro visuals. This is my first major game project. I will soon put it on Steam Greenlight. Game Story: Who could ever think the Doom's day to arrive so early? The world has been completely consumed by Darkness(Dark energy). The zombies and evil spirits manifested themselves to rule over the world. But this is not an impossible task to restore the human beings who have already been lost. The fate is displaying the NIGHTMARE of being consumed by darkness spontaneously. In this catastrophic situation, a speck of light of HOPE appears. The person who has been lured to the battle field by the king of darkness, is not a human being but a demon with unusual demonic power. He wants to fight against the evil forces. He had lost his family 5 years ago due to the sudden attack of evil spirits. He is now guided by a saint who provides him the instructions from time to time. He is the son of the greatest warrior, Zaxina. He is Razor. There is a deep mystery behind the demonic powers of Razor, which his brother knows. Razor had never seen his brother from birth and hopes to meet him someday. His current aim is to seize and annihilate the evil demonic forces! Here are some gifs and screenshots given below to give you an idea of what the game is all about. Some screenshots from V1.3 which is currently under development. Follow the development blog for updates here: http://anamikmajumdar.blogspot.com/2015/03/project-nightmarez-2015.html Like my Facebook Page and stay in touch with me here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Amaxang-Games/459063974167243 UPDATES: V1.3.1 is coming soon with some new features! It 95% done already. Only 5% to go for the final release. You can expect this game to be finally released in October. To follow the development process, it is highly recommended that you follow the game dev blog: http://anamikmajumdar.blogspot.com/2015/03/project-nightmarez-2015.html Now, you can read more information about this game in my official website: http://www.amaxang-games.com/2015/04/nightmarez-full-version-indie-roguelike.html Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AmaxangGames Feel free to post feedback. Thank you.
  22. Good afternoon, I think zombie guards would be a pretty cool idea. Where you could capture zombies and chain them to a fence, or on stakes around you're base as to camoflauge it a little bit from the encroaching zombie hordes. Food for thought.
  23. Hello comunity of project zomboid, I am grateful that you have gone through this suggestion. I was talking with my friends and we talk about project zomboid, i tell s suggestion and my friends start to say more suggestions and thats howthey were created. This suggestions are for the community, if anyone love this ideas please help us shareing this suggestion to someone else. I begin with the suggestion of the prosthesis. The second idea is about eat zombies (Yes, what you read): The next idea is about the armors: And the last idea but equally important is the idea of the coliseum and waves: Credits:
  24. How does the idea of "Zombie Traps" sound? I believe that it would open lots of new features, ideas, gameplays and much more potentials for the gameplay. Some of my ideas would be: Bear traps ( A trap that could either work for big animals such as Deers ( if they get implemented in the future ), bears etc or either as a zombie trap to immobilize them or even wound the zombie and making it walk slower. Spikes Pit Fall Boulder Trap These are some ideas of mine. What do you guys say? Do you like the idea ? Let me know and opinions are welcomed!
  25. ProjectSky

    Spawning zombies

    How do I spawning zombies in multiplayer? spawnHorde(x,y,z,num) The code only work in single player. what should I do?
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