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  1. Just the chances to get sick from cold and bad weather. As far as I know it has nothing to do with the infection.
  2. 'cause otherwise Average Joe become God of the Undead World. And that's good but it's also boring.
  3. You know you play too much Zomboid when you look at your golden fishs in a diffrent way.
  4. "Don't have to worry about nothing" Did I write it wrong? If so, sorry I'm not that good in english..
  5. Zombies. More and more dangerous zombies. Not different tipes of them (that's already a NO) but zombies that will not let you live in your safe-house in peace.
  6. I like this, but to do that we need a welding torc that work without electricity, so we need containers for storing gas, a tank. Or maybe you mean just to put metal on wood with nails and screw (quite hard without a drill)?
  7. I don't get your point. If you burn a log you don't have to put anything else in for hours. I don't know what you have to do with campfire beside of cooking and purify water things that you can do with a simple log (you can even cook with a single branche). Plus to transform a log into planks and planks into sturdy stick takes time, time that you will save putting a simle log in to the fire.. I really don't understand why are you making your life harder?
  8. Why use sturdy sticks for a campfire? It make no sense. Use branches or logs they burn for a way long time and you don't have to worry about nothing.
  9. Well... we are prey to zombies too and that dont stop us from protecting ourselfs right? Depending on where is your safe house, you can defend your horse really easy. Also if left free to feed, the horse can efortless outrun any zombie... that is... if the zombie dont use a vehicle himself Yeah cowboys zombies! I'm totaly in for that!
  10. So we have to be cowboys and "lazo" them? In any case our horse will be a prey for zombies making really hard to leave them wild. Anyway that's just my point of view, don't want to argue.
  11. As far as I know, a horse need to eat 2,5% of his weight a day. And grass isn't all he needs in order to stay well. He needs 40% grain per meal and 60% hay, otherwise he need 3 times that eating simple grass.. quite of an expensive vehicle
  12. I belive that a horse consume a lot of food and water in order to survie and carry you aound.. I don't think it would be usefull.
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