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  1. So, right now all of the crafting routine is handled by character inventory. All of the materials are there as well as the instrument. But I think would be interesting to bring, in addition to that, some workbench system, that would require a stationary workbench in order to create something, or just simplify the familiar craft tasks. For example, there could be a stationary metal band saw, that can create metal sheets from some other cheap material, or maybe even from furniture, with additional efficiency and higher drop rate, or maybe it can do some other importing operations. But its work require the resources, that can be gain only in that special facility, where it is located. So, as a result, you can get very cheap, possibly unique, craft opportunity at this spot, but you will need to fight all of the zombies in the area, that can be attracted by a band saw noise, secure that place, and turn it back to power, but all of it will worth it at the end It could also be a vehicle parts crafting benches, that obviously required an factory environment, some heavy machinery for precision engineering, lens production for scopes, glasses and binoculars, ammunition production benches, or maybe even just a simple stationary workbench, that you can craft yourself and put it in your base, to make some importing stuff, or make some of the resources requirements lower, and production faster, but you obviously can't take it with you on the journey, and can use it only when you at home
  2. Hello! I want to create a small mod that will add a graphic effect to the game, change color balance maybe, stuff like that, but most of the manuals is about adding an items to the game or map editing, so I'm kind of clueless. I would appreciate too see a full explanation on how add such filters to the game, if anybody got that experience, or just a tips where to start would be good too Is there any soft for that kind of modding maybe? (I can figured out how to create an effects it self, but I very confused about how to add it to the game as a mod, which format to use, how is that kind of graphic mods work, etc.)
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