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  1. is there any chance for this next, upcoming update to have thigh high socks, thigh high leggings, full leggings, and floofy skirts in it... as well as more girly things, such as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings? (would be fun to be able to wear those dogtags we find everywhere. and for them to actually have text in them) (i tried to make this into a mod but failed so very horribly xD;)
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    final doom? lol
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    does this mean we'll be able to find floppy disks with games and text files and images and totallynotpornstuff around? also, can we take a moment to appreciate the last 3 to 4 letters of the video link? lol you sCUM! the following conversation snip came as a result, on discord: https://discordapp.com/channels/136501320340209664/136501320340209664/713077024154976287 [14:14] chad: Old floppy disk with the original Oregon trail game on them lol [14:14] eksynn: heck yea! [14:14] eksynn: gameception ftw [14:15] eksynn: and it's basically freeware now, so it's totally doable to have the actual original oregon trail playable [14:15] eksynn: organ trails.. not so much, but would be funny lol maybe we can talk to them about it? ( ・ ▿・) [14:16] Ghost R: searching a government PC for to find out what caused the zombie outbreak [14:16] chad: “You killed 1000 lbs of meat but were only able to carry 100 lbs back” [14:16] eksynn: xD [14:16] chad: Or something like that been awhile lol [14:17] eksynn: brutal lol now i wana play oregon trails or organ trails.
  4. about the zombie not standing up thing, what if your legs are wounded enough, the z would temporarily switch to a crawling zombie and you played the animation of hitting a wall while running straight at it? (it would basically topple you over)
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