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Found 8 results

  1. Here comes some single (and simple) suggestion to help this profession to be a tad more attractive (& usefull) ; 1) Perks cost reduction on character creation When you select Doctor, the cost of Herbalist / Nutritionist is reduced by one (maybe two) ; afterall, it's more than possible you get some additionnal formation (or more accurate informations) on these as a doctor. The cost reduction reflect it, but you also can just don't use that benefit. 2) Trained Healer Tied to the profession a similar effect as comfrey poultice (=> reduce healing time for wounds treated by Doctor) : maybe not halved but reduced it*. => To reflect the benefis added, change the cost for that profession from the actul +2 creation's points to -2. * : it's also possible to scale the said effect on the First Aid lvl of the Doctor)
  2. I'll try to keep this relatively 'simple'. Aiming and Firing The aiming system we have in-game right now isn't all that great; You look in the general direction and hit a target without really aiming at all. I haven't played multiplayer yet but I don't really think that the current aiming system will work very well with it at all. I think hand-to-hand weapons are okay, but guns aren't. First of all, with the 3D system, when aiming, arms should be slightly detached from look direction, so it's a sort of keyhole aiming style. So if I'm facing forward, I can move my character's arms still to aim within that 45 degree forward direction. Bullets would be fired towards the mouse cursor, however would take height into account too. Say you're got a zombie next to a wall, he's standing still, so it's purely a target to shoot at. If you howver the cursor over the grass in front of the zombie, the gun will be 'aiming' at the ground, so the bullet will hit the dirt. If you hover the cursor over the zombie's legs, it's aiming at that height, and will hit the legs. If you hover the cursor a little above his head on the wall behind him, the bullet will hit above him. This would work by having an invisible 'aim target' attached to the cursor, which would move across the space in 3D, up and down walls, along the ground, etc, kind of like a laser pointer from the gun to the mouse. The gun would then trace a ray from the gun's 3D position (even from rooftops or balconies) towards that point in space, and if it intersects with something along the way then that is what it will hit. For example, you're on a three-story building rooftop, in front of you is two-story building with one zombie on the roof. You aim your mouse cursor at the road behind that building, so although you've aimed at the road, if the 3D ray passes through the zombie, it would hit him. This ray would be invisible, and the aiming would not be 100% accurate (skills would play a larger role here), but I think this would work really well for making sure PVP gunfights aren't a "I can click faster than you" affair. Gunshot Wounds So to combat the DayZ style bloodlust that some players may have, gunshot wounds should be dangerous, but not instakill dangerous. Basically, the player body model is already in-game, you've got your body parts which can be damaged, etc. So depending on where the raycast hit point is on player's avater, that part of the body would be damaged with a gunshot wound. A gunshot wound would cause bleeding and agony, and the 'Needs medical attention' moodle would linger until the bullet is removed. You could get lucky and the bullet may pass through you entirely, but if not, then you could risk trying to pull it out yourself (and likely infect your wound), or try to find a doctor. Depending on where the bullet hits, you would have effects to your character: Head = Instant kill Neck = Death in under 5 seconds, slow movement, heavy bleeding Chest = Death in under 10 seconds, slow movement, crawling, heavy bleeding Stomach = Slow movement, crawling, heavy bleeding, possible passing out (Likely needs someone to drag you to safety and carry you back to camp) Legs = Limping or crawling, bleeding Arms = Decreased melee damage, decreased pushback force, bleeding And also, all gunshot wounds should be treated properly, and I believe the devs plan to overhaul the medical system which would definitely play into this to ensure the wound doesn't become infected. Having these effects for getting shot would make it more of a risk to try and shoot someone. These factors would come into play: -You may miss. Result = DEAD -You may hit them and they may shoot you back. Result = INJURED -You may kill them and their buddy shoots you. Result = INJURED OR DEAD -You may kill them and steal their supplies. Result = ALIVE So you'd need to be a good shot, you'd need to be quick enough to pull your gun, aim accurately (+ have good aiming skill), and shoot them before they can react and run/start shooting, and even if you down them, they could still shoot you before they bleed out. Taking Cover This one isn't so big, but I believe sneaking will make players crouch low in future versions, so having more low objects like cars and what-not would allow for some really intenses gunfights. Well, those were my ideas as simple as I could get them, still pretty long, but let me know what you think. This would be a lot of work for the devs but I personally think that in order to have PvP being fun and giving players a chance to defend against griefers and bandits, this is the way it should be done. Thanks for taking the time to read through. -Ben
  3. I want to address the time it takes to heal and the rate at which cloth strips become dirty. It is seriously off in the game as it stands. I rock climb IRL and I do it freehand and through brush and thorns (I'm a bit crazy like that) The amount of scratches I've got (ones that actually break the skin and bleed) is into the 100s if not the 1000s. 1) A scratch that doesn't draw blood requires no first aid and you'd have to be crazy unlucky for it to get infected. 2) A scratch that does draw blood can be staunched by wrapping it in cloth and it will stop bleeding after about an hour, the body is awesome like that. After the bleeding stops you have about a day or max 2 till it is at no risk of reopening. You'll use either one or two bandages for that. One will probably negate all risk of infection (also note that infections are usually minor and just cause swelling and a tiny bit of strain on the immune system). From a resonably superficial scratch 1-~3 mm you'll be left with a scratch mark for about a week but it is totally safe from infection or reopening 3) Deeper wounds (ones that completlety open the dermis i.e. 1cm in) are more tricky. Bleeding will probably take a day to fully staunch and you'll have about 3 days with risk of infection and have to change bandages once or twice daily. The wound will probably take a week to be completley free of risk of opening These can leave scars. (this approximates a zombie bite) 4) Much larger wounds: ones that rip into arteries or organs can obviously kill you. These would take professional medical attention. For the sake of argument (and gameplay) unnatended you could surivive these but good luck without surgery and anesthetic. Maybe if you're blessed with a superhuman immune system you'll mange (I've heard many stories). Stitches, microsutures, sealing with a flaming metal rod... pretty much a nessesity. Start praying your organs are intact. 5) and this one is fun: As you get infected via the blood and suffer through it, your risk of infection goes down. You pick up all the vanilla ones first and the first cuts you get in your life will swell and hurt intesley. Subsequent injuries of this nature will eventually not swell or even hurt. Your body has just leaned to fight small quantities of the common infectious organismns out there. To be honest I wouldn't even dress a superfical cut now. I just wrap whatever napkin or whatever I have in my backpack round it for a little while till the bleeding stops and cary on, making sure to keep whatever digit or bodypart it is away from contact with the rock. However I still wouldn't dip it in a can of 1 mounth old rotten food. Though likley if I did that I wouldn't die. Anyway, this is real data from firsthand observation and I know how much shorter healing times are in real life to how they are in the game at the moment. It kind of spoils it for me to see the body being depicted crapper than it really is. In conclusion : More zombies: yes! lower healing times: A must. If you guys agree (or just believe me) please like the post and bump it
  4. Getting My Fix I'm back with more hyper-real ideas. But, I don't feel like fucking around with an intro today. So let's just get into it. Complicated Healing There should be more to it than just, slapping on some bandages, and choking on some chicken. Bandages. I feel, different body parts, should have different healing requirements. Like Bandages. . . for example, maybe you'll only need around 2-3 bandages for your arms, but for your body, you could need anywhere around 5-10 bandages (depending on the specific locations and your size of course). But, if you don't have any tape, or safety pins, etc., then you should have to tie the bandages together. But, no matter how you apply the bandages, you should always be able to add more tape. For more durability (that, we'll get in to later). Health & Infections. Food's healing ability should also differ on different parts. And as a matter of fact, we should have health indicators on each and every body part (that you are willing to do). Full health meaning: Healthy, and No health meaning: Infected. However, if it's a Zombie infection, or just simply, a Bad Wound infection, both will kill us the same way. By spreading to our heart, lungs, and/or brain, but the Zombie infection always does it faster, plus, it can't even be treated, it only gets worse (that's how we'll know). So, even if it's just ONE, of your hand's (or even finger's (depending on how far you go)) health indicators that has completely depleted, that, will start depleting the next connecting indicators, and so on and so forth. So, if the infection is in your arms or legs, you're savable with proper amputation. But, if the infection is in your body, neck, or head, you're fucked. More Complicated Healing Now, unlike the Zombie infection, Bad Wound infections are obviously treatable. So let's dig into that. Step 1. Wound Cleaning. Rivers, streams, pools, baths, showers, sinks, and even toilets, should all be able to be used to clean your wounds at least, assuming they are all clean of course. But if not, you can boil it. That is, if you can't find any alcohol, good enough for sterilizing. Application would involve, pouring the water or booze all over the wound, and/or pouring it on to a rag, bandage, or whatever, then wiping down your wound. Step 2. Stop Bleeding. If you're Bleeding BAD, and you have a belt or something, you can just strap on the pressure, easy peasy. But, if you have nothing that can handle wound applying pressure, then there should be two options. One, put a bandage in one, or each of your hands, as in, put a bandage in either the the Primary and/or Secondary slots. Then allow us to apply one, or both hands with pressure on to one or two wounds, max. Only what's doable obviously, I wouldn't ask to be able to apply that kind of pressure with my left hand onto your left arm or whatever, wouldn't make sense. But when it comes to option two, it's the same as one, exept it's just your bare hands instead. But, with your bare hands, it can be more unsanitary. Step 1 & 2. Cauterize. Got a fire? Got a sturdy piece of metal? Good, then you can go ahead skip Steps 1 & 2. No need to clean it and squeeze it, just sear it shut. Which means you'll save time, but you better have something to bite down on, because it's gonna suck. Plus, if your character screams a lot, you are definitly gonna wanna smoosh you face into a pillow or something. Step 3. Rebandage Periodically. Through time, the bandage will get dirty. So you'll need to change it from time to time until it's healed. And allowing us to change our bandages, can force us into a situation like, you simply bandage it when you're on the go. Then clean it when we can get to water or booze and safety, and then rebandage, stuff like that. Other Stuff Wear & Tear. I think more than just your weapons should have a durability. Like, your clothes, your bags, and your bandages. Whether we get badly hurt, or not at all, each injury can be taxing on our clothes, bags, and bandages. So we'll probably need to get good at Sewing and stuff. Solid Wood. If you break a solid piece of wood, like a 2x4, a branch, or a baseball bat. You should be able to use the broken end you're holding as a quick stabbing weapon, but then still have to find, or make a whole new one. Except for the bat, bats always break in that way that allows you to screw, nail, and bolt the other piece back on. But first, you have to make sure you don't use the handle end as a stabbing weapon too much, even though it would make a much stronger stabbing weapon than the 2x4 or the branch. And second, you'll need to grab the other end of the bat, and then get a hammer and some nails, or a screw driver and some screws, or for the sturdiest repair, a drill (or a hand drill) and a wrench and some bolts. But, once the baseball bat has been repaired, the next break, is permanent. B & R. We should be able to take the good parts out of other guns, and put them in the place of the shitty parts in our guns. And with the proper tools, materials, and skills, maybe we could even make our own guns and ammo. And same idea for all the different types of melee weapons. I feel, every Role Playing Game, should thrive off detail. Especially when Graphics, are not what they're maxing out. But, that's all I got so far, I love you all, peace. P.S. Are you planning on adding surgery to the game?
  5. Hello everyone! I'm VenomDG and i've noticed while playing multiplayer that you CAN NOT sleep. This is an issue due to some sicknesses only being curable with sleep and rest. The main and most common being nausea. Me and my friends have tried many things and tried searching up MANY times on how to fix this issue but the only cure we found was sleep. We have died every time we were effected by this which sucks because as soon as you see you know your queasy, And that leads to one inescapable thing... Adding the ability to sleep in multiplayer sort of like how minecraft does with everyone needing to sleep at once for it to work, or just making it where you lay in a bed and you have a 5 minute timer or something and need to wait while your character rests would be AMAZING. I'm tired of dying every time from a sickness you practically cant avoid. Hopefully something will be added in to cure nausea besides sleep or sleep added to multiplayer. Thanks for your time.
  6. After reading the Antiseptic thread, an idea popped into my head about different types of not only treatments, but wounds and injuries one can receive. Like when I fall off the platform for the 11 millionth time, it strikes me as odd that all I have to do is hustle inside, chow down on food and wait to heal. If we had the same injury in real life, we would most likely have fractured or broken a bone. So I think we should have multiple types of injuries that a quick hit of food will not be able to fix, and will require extra medical attention to treat it with. And depending on the injury type and maybe what caused the injury, there can be a chance of illness, or at least penalties to a character until they fully recover. Some injuries, treatments, and effects could be: Minor cuts- Bandage, butterfly bandage?. Simple mundane injury here. Puncture/stab wound - bandage, butterfly bandage?. Would require some antibiotics to help prevent chance of illness ( maybe possibility of getting the zombie virus if stabbed with a knife that has zombie blood on it?). Wide Cuts/slash wound- Stitching, bandages. Antibiotics can help reduce chance of illness You must stich this wound up or you will continue to bleed out. Gouged out eye- sterile gauze?, bandages. With only one eye your field of vision is reduced, but at least you could wear a cool eye patch. (Not sure if a blind character could be a thing or how it would be implemented). Sprained arm/leg or broken arm/leg- the arms would require a splint and a sling, and it will take longer to loot and unable to hold 2 handed items or wield a weapon with two hands. The legs would require just a splint but huge penalty to moving, having a walking stick or a crutch(es) can reduce the penalty. ( Recovery should only be a few days to a couple in game weeks, not realistic but it would be very boring/difficult to play if your person had to wait weeks or months to recover). Bite/Mauling wound- Bandages, stitching. Not just by zombies, but possibly from feral animals or pets of PCs/NPCs, antibiotics can help reduce chance of a NORMAL INFECTION ONLY (If bitten by a zombie pray to the gods it won't kill you). Envenomed- Anti-venom. With the knowing that animals will soon be introduced, it could be possible to encounter venomous animals native to Kentucky and be bitten by one. The venom could have a chance to kill a player and if they could find very rare anti-venom in a hospital somewhere, it will cure them of it. A venomous bite will make PCs and NPCs very sick and weak, if pets are bit they have an extremely higher mortality rate. Amputation- This has been debated to hell and back on weather it will be in the game or not with threads dedicated to it solely. Only listing it as more of an acknowledgement that its an injury that can be encountered.
  7. Hiho! Another suggestion either for Survival or Sandbox: Healing phase only during sleep Background: At the current, food acts like magical healing bottles. If you're recieved damage, eat something, recover your health and than continue your looting campaign (maybe killing just another amount of 20+ Z's on your way). Suggestion: If food won't have the healing ability (but should've positive effect on regeneration while sleeping if youre fed), you've the opportunity to decide wether to continue (with the handicap of being injured) or interrupt your looting campaign, return home to your savehouse and take a break for recover. While sleeping you regenerate your health (not fully recover, just an amount of hp), so it can take a longer time to be healed completly, compared of your suffered injuries. The condition of your hunger and thirst and the quality of your sleeping place should add a bonus to the regeneration. Suggestion II: To compensate for the lack of the healing rate of food, there should be added (rare or very rare) medical supplies like regeneration boosters or adrenaline syringes (too much playing JA2 ). Also an option "Rest until completly healed" should be added if going to bed. I'm looking forward to your opinions
  8. I'm sure this has been discussed before, so feel free to move/merge this if so. Right now, first aid involves slapping on a bandage and taking some pills. That's fine, but I'd like to see this tied to a First Aid skill. After all, we have skills for farming and cooking. At its most basic implementation, a first aid skill could influence how quickly an injury is healed and reduce the chances of "fake" sickness/infection. Obviously more advanced ideas could be added, but be happy with that for starters. High levels of the skill could even mean doing more damage to enemies, since you have a better understanding of anatomy and where to strike!
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