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  1. If you are using GOG Galaxy, it is available almost immediately after release . If you are talking about the standalone installer/update at GOG it's not available yet (at the moment of this post). If you install the game through GOG Galaxy, you just have to enable IWBMS at the game's settings like so: Select Project Zomboid in Galaxy -> click on the options icon ("2 lines with circles" icon on the top of the screen) -> Manage installation -> configure -> Beta channels -> IWBMS. You also might want to enable the "auto-update" checkbox. No MP at this time, it's stil
  2. Hello all, minor bug report: with this update you are no longer able to switch weapons from the belt, while holding down the right mouse button. So if you have no2 belt item out, and press 3 while right clicking, nothing happens - you have to let go of r-click, switch weapon (press 3), right click again and then attack.
  3. On the other hand, this would just add more busywork and micromanagement that isn't really fun for everybody. So my addition would be, if your suggestion does get implemented, that at least there is an "AUTO" switch position (that keeps the current generator behavior) or a related setting at the game's options.
  4. And here I thought I was the only one who did that, with glasses and hats that fall off dead zeds. Respect
  5. Well if you tried it without mods and the problem persists then maybe some file got corrupted. You can try verifying the integrity of the files and it will repair any corrupted ones. At steam this is done by right clicking on the game-> selecting properties-> going to the "Local files" (tab) -> and clicking "Verify integrity of game files".
  6. Are you perhaps using any mods? Watches have been heavily changed as of 41.40 and old watches are deprecated (see patch 41.40 release notes). If a mod is using watches the old (deprecated) way, maybe that's where the problem is.
  7. Hello again, I've compiled a short list of bugs, all of which persist since [41.37]. 1) When crafting food items, and add some components, then consume some of it and then add some more components, the values are added to the "pre-consumption" hunger values (same goes for the unhappiness value). Example: create a 40 hunger food item (i.e. fruit salad, etc) - consume half of it, results in 20 hunger food item - adding 10 more food component results in 50 hunger crafted item (instead of the "correct" 30 hunger value item) 2 ) Moving items between bags (i.e from the seconda
  8. Hello all, is it just me or has the latest update made it nearly impossible to "shove down" (shove them until they fall down) zombies, while holding a stabbing weapon (knife, screwdriver etc)? I've tried it with multiple stabbing weapons equipped and If I remember correctly, I was never able to shove down a zombie. I'm able to shove down zombies just fine if I have a blunt weapon equipped (i.e hammer). Just as an example, I tried shoving (NOT stabbing it) a zombie with a screwdriver equipped 20 times, and it didn't fall down. Then I switched to the hammer
  9. I would like to add some more bug reports and suggestions. Suggestions: 1) Foraging Focus window (and fishing window) would be great if they would retain/remember their moved position across play sessions (like the inventory window does) or if that is not possible, at least remember the position for the current play session (you will only need to move it once) 2) Foraging focus window (and fishing) would be great if it remembered the bag you select to store items (i.e. backpack) - instead of always auto-selecting "hands inventory" 3) Fishing splash sound seems to be
  10. I was able to temporarily revert to 41.36, drop the bag and upgrade to 41.37 - all is good now (the bag has a lighter/grey color - maybe that was related.) Great to hear about the posters fix. Thank you and keep up the good work!
  11. Hello, When loading in/continuing from the last save I had (41.36), it loaded me in, but without the duffel bag i was carrying on my left had - the bag (along with its contents) has disappeared. Also both my belt item slots where empty (but i don't really remember if I had anything attached to them - I usually do). Is there a way I can temporarily revert to 41.36 (so I can maybe drop the bag to the ground before upgrading to 41.37? (I have the last save backed up) BTW, the Duffel bag on my back was loaded in just fine. As a side note, in both 41.36 and 41.37 version
  12. I've been plagued with this micro stuttering issue myself for quite some time and have tried a lot of things but nothing worked (except one). Basically, I had the problem for a long time, but I thought the problem was with my older GPU (had a GTX 680 - 2GB) and my "low" system memory (had 8GB). But the random stuttering problem persisted even after upgrading the memory to 16GB and the GPU to a GTX 1660 TI. Dropping most of the game's settings down to zero or disabled/low was the only way I initially found to bypass the stuttering problem. However I noticed that, when ru
  13. I'd like to make a quality-of-life suggestion for the container window. Currently, in order to show this window (and the main inventory as well), there are 2 modes. The player can either left-click the container, or mouse hover over the proximity/container window, or have it "pinned"/"always-on" so as it is always visible. I would like to suggest a third optional mode, where the window would automatically appear/unfold when there are items to be shown. Alternatively the window could appear when there is a container to be shown - whether it be empty or has items (or this could e
  14. @Tuboscape Try disabling "dynamic skybox" in the game options. This (new) setting is what introduced performance issues for me (game was "lagging" in Solo Play). When I disabled it, the game returned to it's previous good running speed. Just for reference my pc specs are: -Intel Core i7-3770 @3.4GHz -8Gb RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 (with 398.11 driver) Win10 x64 (GOG 40.30 build)
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