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  1. I've been plagued with this micro stuttering issue myself for quite some time and have tried a lot of things but nothing worked (except one). Basically, I had the problem for a long time, but I thought the problem was with my older GPU (had a GTX 680 - 2GB) and my "low" system memory (had 8GB). But the random stuttering problem persisted even after upgrading the memory to 16GB and the GPU to a GTX 1660 TI. Dropping most of the game's settings down to zero or disabled/low was the only way I initially found to bypass the stuttering problem. However I noticed that, when running PZ, some of my 8 logical processors where peaking to 90-100%, while others where mostly idle. Long story short, I disabled "hyper-threading" in my BIOS cpu settings, and the CPU usage became much more consistent (all 4 processors/cores where now similarly used around 60-70%) and the stuttering all but vanished. I only get a bit of lag when the game starts, maybe 30 seconds in, then everything runs (mostly) smoothly, with very very rare stuttering (usually when loading new map chunks). These are my current game settings: Fullscreen:Yes / Borderless Window: No / VSync: No / Multi-core: Yes / Post-processing: Yes / Resolution : 2560x1080 / 3D Models : All / 3D corpses : Yes / Blood Decals :100% / Lock Framerate : Uncapped / UI Offscreen Rendering : Yes / UI Rendering FPS : 15 / Texture Compression : No / Double sized textures : Yes / Lighting quality : High / Lighting updates : 15 / New roof-Hiding : Yes / Enable Zoom :Yes (200% , 75%) / Wind sprite effects : Enabled / Door shaking on hit : Enabled / Dynamic skybox : Yes / Environment reflections : Yes Just for reference my pc specs are: i7-3770K @ 3.40GHz, DDR3 16GB @ 1600MHz, GTX 1660 TI PZ installed on Kingston SSD Win 10 x64 (1809). PZ 40.43 (GOG), single player Hope this helps.
  2. I'd like to make a quality-of-life suggestion for the container window. Currently, in order to show this window (and the main inventory as well), there are 2 modes. The player can either left-click the container, or mouse hover over the proximity/container window, or have it "pinned"/"always-on" so as it is always visible. I would like to suggest a third optional mode, where the window would automatically appear/unfold when there are items to be shown. Alternatively the window could appear when there is a container to be shown - whether it be empty or has items (or this could even be a 4th optional mode if you prefer). I think this would greatly increase the user friendliness of the UI, as having the container window always open hides a part of the screen, and having to mouse over it, is a bit of a drag especially on higher resolutions. For now, I'm at 2560x1080 resolution and I just keep the window constantly visible, because of how "annoying" it is to have to constantly mouse over to the top right of the screen. I hope I explained this adequately.
  3. @Tuboscape Try disabling "dynamic skybox" in the game options. This (new) setting is what introduced performance issues for me (game was "lagging" in Solo Play). When I disabled it, the game returned to it's previous good running speed. Just for reference my pc specs are: -Intel Core i7-3770 @3.4GHz -8Gb RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 (with 398.11 driver) Win10 x64 (GOG 40.30 build)
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