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  1. Can you be a little more descriptive about what your trying to ask please, If you explained it could be the translator but I'm unsure what your trying to ask. Translate
  2. Ok, so I figured out some of my issues where a mix of Files in wrong spot, misspelling (this will be a killer for me alot)
  3. I Found the files require, will update the topic when i get my other mod working
  4. Hello all. I'm working on a mod which rearranges some of the crafting recipes as well changes the name of them. I tried to impliment my own custom code but for some reason the changes are not working So maybe someone here can tell me what i'm doing wrong, [Working with the latest stable build] Here is the framework code for Recipes Please do not nag about naming convention of function. (I am a Self taught c# Developer) [spoiler][code] -- Recipies Realms.Framework.Recipes={}; Realms.Framework.Recipes.Rename=function(name,newName) for i=0,allRecipes:size()-1 do local recipe=GetAll():get(i); if recipe.name==name then recipe.name=newName; break; end end end Realms.Framework.Recipes.Remove=function(name) for i=0,allRecipes:size()-1 do local recipe=GetAll():get(i); if recipe.name==name then GetAll().remove(i); break; end end end Realms.Framework.Recipes.GetAll=function() return getAllRecipes(); end [/code][/spoiler] Now here is the useage of the code [spoiler] [code] require "Realms/Realms" require "Realms/Core" if not Realms then Realms.Framework.Recipes.Remove("Make Four-Log Stack"); Realms.Framework.Recipes.Remove("Make Three-Log Stack"); Realms.Framework.Recipes.Remove("Make Two-Log Stack"); else end [/code] [/spoiler]
  5. So From what it looks to do what I want I would have to decompile and rebuild the IsoClothingDryer and Washer classes....
  6. So I guess doing what i planned wont work. unless i do some Java Editing. not to figure out that aspect
  7. So I've found the files ISClothingWasher IsClothingDryer lua files in, Game/media/lua/client/TimedActions As well as reference in Game/media/lua/server/ClientCommands.lua But still trying to figure out where the base stuff gets done
  8. Hello everyone, So My wife bought me Project Zomboid a week ago and since I've been playing. Well Today I decided to try to mod in a feature which seams to be missing. What I want to do is be able to put dirty rags and bandages In a washer and dryer so you can wash them like you do dirty clothes. What I'm asking i guess is what files would be the ones to look out
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