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Found 8 results

  1. If you cook food and throw it on the floor, it will not lose its temperature. I noticed this at 41.50, but I thought they paid attention to it.
  2. Good day fellow survivors! I thought it would be a nice addition to the Temperature setting in the sandbox options to have a setting that would allow for hotter summers and colder winters at the same time. The current Very Cold to Very Hot setting is nice, but depending on which way you adjust it you are going to make the other half of the year more manageable, be it a pleasant summer on cold settings or a warm winter on Hot settings. I don't know the technical feasibility to it, but as a sandbox option or as a challenge option I think it could be an exciting setting to play with. It is the apocalypse after all, so a climate in crisis could be fun to manage. A playthrough where you have to worry about overheating in summer if you are wearing too many layers, at the same time worrying about if you have enough wood chopped for your fireplace in the winter.
  3. Outdoor temperature: -1.3 Room temperature: 22.0 Temperature inside the car: 3.6 The conditioner in the car is off.
  4. Hello, I have some weird bug with temperature on versions 41.33 and 41.34. My digital watch always shows me the same temperature value (Celsius - 22; Fahrenheit - 71.6) inside every building. No matter how cold or hot outside, no matter day or night, first or second floor etc. But the only exception is burning heat sources like BBQ's and fireplaces inside building - then the temperature will increase or decrease. The outdoor temperature and temperature inside the cars works pretty fine, like it should be. I also found that in versions like 41.27 and 41.28 ("zoom" and "zombiefpstest" branches) there is no sign of this bug - indoor temperature works fine. And yes, I tried to reinstall the game and mods on IWBUMS branch, but seems that not working for me. The only solution of this annoying bug is roll back to previous versions. And, finally, the last thing - I watched some Zomboid videos on Youtube and find out that only one of 4 players which I have watched has the bug like mine. I don't found any temperature bug reports in Steam or this forum so I think it might help a bit.
  5. I originally wanted to post it in Small but Important Suggestions Thread, but since it grew to be more than a small suggestion, I decided to make a separate thread for it. Currently, we have the CantBeFrozen flag, as well as the cooling down and freezing mechanic as well as related blue color change and freezing progress bar and icon for food that extends their shelf time, but it applies to food (Type = Food) items extensively. In the opposite, there's a temperature mechanic for food that depends on the heat source and temperature settings, as well as related GoodHot and BadCold flags and a related red color bar which this time applies to all items, but only have effect on food that either can be cooked or has the before mentioned flags. Those mechanics are fine, but not without issues it seems but what I'd love to see is extending it to be slightly more realistic for other items. Currently you can put items with CantBeFrozen inside the working freezer and while they don't get the benefit of freezer, they also don't get the disadvantage of freezing (having to thaw). Conversely, you can put a book in oven and it'll be just fine. With that in mind, here's what I suggest: At the very basics, all items should froze when put in the freezer and have to be thawed before using, including items that have CantBeFrozen flag (see below for details) and items that are not Type = Food. Accidentally put your gun in the freezer and want to shoot it? Sorry, you have to let it thaw. Similarily, putting non-cookable items in heat sources should destroy them (and risk a fire?). Ideally those items would be replaced with (Burnt) version of said item – similar to cookable food – alternatively replaced a generic item such as ash, to easily identify the item was destroyed and having to remove it afterwards. In case of the latter, ash even can have some uses. Finally, items with CantBeFrozen flag should get damaged (destroyed?) when frozen – packaged drinks, milks and eggs, would explode for example. However, CantBeFrozen flag currently isn't much consistent with its usage. Right now from perishable foods, only eggs, wild eggs (but not egg carton!) and milk have it, when only a part of nonperishable items have that flag. Which brings me to the following conclusion: only items that pose a risk when frozen should have the CantBeFrozen flag, as it seems to be an original idea, as almost all bottled liquids got the flag initially. Over time additional items got it, mainly things like antibiotics, cigarettes, salt, pepper. I don't quite get what was the logic to add the flag to Chips, Instant Popcorn, Peanuts and Sunflower Seeds (though the latter weren't even possible to find in the game shortly before this flag was implemented) when other perishables don't have this flag. If my last suggestion would be implemented, then usage of this flag could be tweaked, with only tightly sealed liquids to pose a thread of damaging when frozen, most of which already got the tag anyway. For details, see my food spreadsheet. The whole system would certainly need some tweaks to get it right, depending on how accurate it'd be, for example some items would burn faster than other (magazines, books), especially when put in campfire, and some would actually explode (fuel, deodorant, ammunition). Some items would actually survive too, depending on temperature (metal things), on the other hand putting metal things in microwave would risk a broken microwave or even a small fire too, which was already suggested, most recently here. Heck, maybe that could actually replace the current add fuel to campfire mechanic eventually? Something like other sandboxes such as Minecraft have – if it can burn, it can extend the time campfire is lit when put inside the container. All of these suggestions would reuse the mechanics that are already there and I think would fit nice with the temperature/weather overhaul with the addition of outside temperature having effect on food as well (cooling down in winter causing it to last longer when outside or heating up when left in summer, causing it to rot faster, as was originally suggested in the weather test build thread by @vanorfeadiel and later expanded by me:
  6. Welcome and I would like to start by saying I didn’t take any ideas, these are mine and I had these for months. Second I would like to thank you for taking the time to read it. It means a lot. Now without any more interruptions here are my suggestions. Now winter is a problem in Project Zomboid for sure. The only real way to combat this is by sweaters and a campfire. Now my suggestion is the system of heat but before that I need to cover some other things that would play a part in this. The system overview- I say make it so each room has its own temperature, the outdoor has its own too. The temperature would work almost like the locks at the Panama Canal. When a room is open to the outside the temperature slowly balances to the outside temperature since opening a door won’t change the outside temperature. Doing so with rooms however will balance them to a mid-level of balance. For example a room A is 70 Room B is 80. When connected the temperature becomes 75. This does take time so opening a door for a second won’t drop the room temp instantly. Temperature Control- These things help cool or heat the player and/or safehouse: · Thermostat- this is a little panel like the light switch that allows the temperature of the house to be changed. It could be set to choose presets like Hot, Cold, Warm, and such or in a way where you can control the temperature by putting in number. (using Fahrenheit) Setting 80 would put it to a warm temperature while setting it to 40 would be a cold temperature. This would be a major part in the system. · Ceiling fans- these just provide slight cooling when on. It requires power. · Heater- these small little items are placed down near power sources and provide heat to the room. · Small Fan- these are like the heater but provide cooling instead of heating. · Generators- this is like a very poor heater. It provides some heat but very little. · Players- players produce heat and being in a room can make it warmer. · Insulation- when you knock down walls you will find this fluffy pink stuff. Making walls using it (requires a higher carpentry skill) will keep the house warmer or cooler for long as you will see in the system. · Lights- having lights on will also heat up a room or area. · Working fridge- this will produce some heat while powered. · Stove- when it’s on it will heat up the room. · Swamp coolers- these will cool down a room fast but are noisy and take power and water. · Heated stone- this can be held to warm you up. It is made by putting a rock in a fire. It can cause burns on hands if pulled out when it’s too hot. · Cold packs- now these can be used to cool a player by having it on a secondary. · Wet towel- these can be used to cool a player if in secondary. Now for a list of factors that will alter the room’s temperatures: · Doors- this will be the major point of temperature change. It is a major loss speed when open and very little when closed. · Windows- these are the second major point in the system. Having them open cause’s moderate temperature change, while having it closed it still changes but slower. Having curtains slows this even more and if you have it boarded it also slows it a little bit more. · Walls- these doo cause very VERY slight temperature loss. It’s even slower if they have insulation but player made walls at low levels do decrease faster. · Roofs- like the wall this is so very slight, player made ones are worse. · Flooring- tile and laminate cool faster and will lower room temperatures while being great insulation. Dirt is very poor at insulation. Carpet is really good insulation and keeps the room warmer but at the cost of lower insulation. Wood is ok at insulation and gets better as the levels go higher. The pavement and cement both hold and store a ton of heat during summer. They also could injure your feet if you are barefooted when hot. They also hold the cool temperature in the winter. Now for the major system descriptions and non-variables: The whole system revolves around each room having their own temperature. These are chosen when the game starts by the season chosen so you don’t have freezing houses in winter and such. Second the outside temp can’t be changed but the temperature around a house can be. If you are in front of an open door of a cold house while outside is hot the air reaches about 3 tiles out getting stronger as you grow closer and same with windows and other factors. Now a room can generate heat by the list of items at top so you can leave doors open and manage to keep the same temperature but it requires major power. That’s just about all of it so any questions or comments please leave down below.
  7. My Mitts 1. If you are BUTT naked. You shouldn't even be allowed to access your inventory. Meaning if you have absolutely NOTHING on, and you're indoors, in the darkness (and I'll get into "indoors" and "darkness" later). But assuming you still have two arms at least. The very LAST things you could POSSIBLY have left in your hud, is obviously Primary and Secondary. Although I guess if you lost an arm it would just be primary by default. My Eyes 1. I feel everything for your hud (that I can think of), just like your inventory menu, should be able to be moved around as much you want. 2. Allowed to be resized vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. 3. I feel ALL of the things that can be in your hud can ONLY be shown if it is in your character's direct eye sight. Now bear with me. Clocks 1. I love it, but I feel the "default" should not be the digital clock. To me, always having the digital clock kinda feels like cheating. There for, I lose appreciation for the value of time. 2. You only should see the digital clock; which should be a whole seperate icon apart from the "default" mind you, if you're holding and/or wearing, and/or just simply looking at one on the wall, and/or maybe even a big town clock that you can see from farther away, useful if it even works, and if there are any, in the towns we're in of course. 3. Same goes for analogue clocks as well, obviously meaning you'll have to animate an analogue clock for the hud. 4. We should be able to see multiple clocks on the screen too, so as to easily compare them to one another. Because SOME will be alive, and showing the right time, while most will either be dead, or need to be rewound or reset. Such as the state of the human population and economy at this point. The "Default" of Time 1. The "default" should be a seperate thing all together. But I can only call it the "default" because you see it most of the time, you cannot bring it up at will, and it was here first (before clocks). 2. Now, the game is isometric, so we obviously won't ever actually be able to see the sky. But don't worry, I'm not talking about a literal first-person view, that would be way too much. I'm just talking about a basic-easy to understand-representation. Only the basic things your character would see, that the player can do with this as far as their character is equipped for. But obviously, still relying on what the player can ultimately understand. The Representation of The "Default" The Sun. It should shine really bright sometimes, and other times, not so bright, through out the potential years to come. The moon. Maybe you could make a rough idea of how much of the sun is actually reflecting off of the moon at different times of the year. Or even an eclipse and a blood moon, for flavor. The Clouds. Maybe you only wanna show a few clouds. Or maybe it's so cloudy that you can't even see the sun on this thing, hindering your ability to tell time without a proper clock. The Transition of The Sky. My basic example would be like, from black with stars to red to orange to yellow, and then strangely-suddenly to blue or grey depending on the weather, time of year, and the part of the world you're in. And it goes on like that for like, half of the day, and then back to yellow to orange to red and to black with stars again (and any other colors I missed). Maybe that could better help to figure out what colors to shade the landscape at different times of the day and year. I think that would help us better to feel apart of this planet. A Box. A box to put it all in. Directions of The Sun. On the Left then Right of the box you should put East then West. That will make a compass more meaningful as well, but we'll get to that later. Weather. To allow for better planning through out the day, add some basic weather effects that will be easy to understand. And people can eventually learn the patterns of these effects. That way, people know to get indoors ahead of time. But I'm not talking about an exact forecast, just the basic stuff you would pick up from simply looking into the sky. For example, if you know the temperature is warm, but the sky is grey, the clouds are packed, and the sun is covered, but you know there's still daylight up there above the clouds. You can probably guess that it's gonna rain. All of this in a box of allowed variant sizes. Indoors 1. Now I said you would see this "default" time indicator MOST of the time. Assuming most of our characters would be outside mostly. 2. So if you're indoors and too far away from any open shade window, the "default" would disappear. That way, being indoors with the shades closed for long periods of time, can really make you lose track of time if you don't have a proper clock. 3. You would lose happiness faster. More HUD Items Maps. They obviously NEED to be in your hands to be looked at. Compass. In hands, got a strap? You can where it. Step counter. These are supposed to be worn around the waist, so they always come with a clip, so I guess you could just always wear them. But a step counter makes it easier to learn when your feet are going to get sore as well. Oh yeah, and sore feet. . . that should be a thing. Thermometers. Thermometers and any other hand-held weather measuring equipment you could think of, you should add into the game. GPS. It should be like a map, a compass, a clock, and maybe even a thermometer all in one. That, would be a sweet use of batteries. Books. You hold books, you SEE the books (on the screen), you read books, you write in books, blah blah bl-blah blah. I'm not gonna tell you how to use pens or pencils. I'm sure I'll love whatever you all do. Player Knowledge 1. Again, able to be solely reliant on the player's knowledge of how to use these tools. Some of these items would really help to find distance. And knowing distance related to time can help plan out trips. Darkness 1. When it comes to the darkness, we all know the darkness likes to hide things. So the darkness should make your hud harder to see. Unless the tool has a screen that lights up, glows in the dark, or you have a flash light on. I don't know, could be cool. Some Extra Things Shade. Even on sunny, blue sky days, clouds should still be able to block the sun sometimes. A little shade can be the difference between depleted stamina and death. Especially, for people with asthma, on really hot days. Or making it colder in winter days with blue skies as well. Trees. Unless that's truly ALL the trees the state has, there NEEDS to be more trees besides pine trees. It is a real pain in the fracking arse to push through all of those damn pine trees. Maybe some trees where the bristle or even leaves are actually above your head. And instead of having to push through the bristles all of the time, you could just maneuver around the stocks of some oak trees or something. Plus, I wanna climb a tree. . . I wanna climb a tree. . . I really really REALLY wanna climb a tree (in the game). If some of the stuff you're already doing is the same as some the stuff I mention, sweet. But that's all I got for now, I still love this game like it's my first time, every gruesome death I endure, will allow me to enjoy the pleasant death I will earn in due time. I love you all, peace. P.S. Did I do the right punctuation for "You only should see the digital clock;" in number two about Clocks?
  8. Hello everyone, in this suggestion I will be talking about what clothing I would like to see in the game and how I believe different clothing should have a different "armor value" attached to them. DISCLAIMER: I am aware that there have been many posts about armor and that armor is a maybe on the list of "Commonly Suggested Suggestions", but most threads about armor (that I have seen) talk about things that in my opinion would either be to OP, wouldn't fit into the lore, or just too silly and impractical (looking at you, posts about duct tape armor, looking at you). This will not be a post about steel plate armor or a Kevlar vest, but rather practical things that you will be able to find basically anywhere. ALSO sorry that this suggestion got a little long, the more I wrote the more I wanted to write . Now that I got the disclaimer out of the way, lets move on to my suggestion... I am not sure whether or not wearing clothes reduces the chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin, but if this is current, then I do believe it does not. My suggestion: adding armor values to already implemented clothes and adding new clothes that have different armor values, as well as other values like, inventory size, etc. How this will work: Shoes- flip-flops/sandals- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 5%. Although not a very practical set of clothing to have on in a zombie apocalypse, it would still be better than going barefoot. Tennis shoes (the type already in the game)- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 25%. Working boots- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 50%. Although an armor value this high may seem a tad too high remember that these are shoes. Unless you're being attacked by a crawler (or walking on a pile of broken glass) this wouldn't make you too unstoppablePants- Shorts- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 10%. Although your legs are completely bare, your crotch will be just "fine" and "protected" from the teeth and claws of your undead neighbors. Jeans- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 25%. Your legs are better covered, but one layer of denim can't protect you from teeth and nails that well. Leather pants- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 40-45%. Although this is a higher armor value, most zombies aren't going to try to bite your thigh when your neck and face is out in the open, combine that with the fact that your character will get really hot while wearing these makes it sounds a lot less OP. Shirts- Classic T-shirt- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 5%. Most t-shirts aren't very thick and almost anything sharp can tear a hole into them, though it's still better than going outside naked. Long sleeve shirt/turtle necks- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 10%. Protects more of your body, but will still be really easy to tear through.Vests- A normal vest- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 10%. A nice thick vest protecting your torso, leaving your arms perfectly exposed to the elements and the sharp teeth of your enemies. Leather vest- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 20% A nice thick vest protecting your torso, leaving your arms perfectly exposed to the elements and the sharp teeth of your enemies.Jackets- Sweater- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 20%. Thicker than a shirt, higher temperature than a shirt. sweatshirt- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 25%. Has a hood, pockets, and decent thickness. leather jacket- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 50%. Yes, this is a tad high and may be a little too OP... I might change the value later.. There is so many more clothing items I want to suggest but i'm sure the majority of them have already been suggested; this post was mainly about the "armor values" of clothing anyway though. Thanks for reading.
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