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Found 6 results

  1. I found two missed strings. Furnitures: location_shop_generic_01_53 & location_shop_generic_01_54 Strings for OverlayMap will be. overlayMap["location_shop_generic_01_53"] = {other = {"clothing_01_14", "clothing_01_22"}} overlayMap["location_shop_generic_01_54"] = {other = {"clothing_01_15", "clothing_01_23"}} With this code we can view clothing when container is filled.
  2. Good evening. I am writing because I am experiencing a serious problem with some of my home inprovement projects in my current game. Please see the attached image below. As you can tell, I am simply unable to remove the Diner table. Both Fifties Seats were easily lifted from their bearings with the Carpentry Skill, but the table would not move. I tried using the Pick Up function, right clicking the table, and even drawing out a Crowbar, a full Propane Torch and Welding Mask, and so on. Funny enough, despite the seats being removed, I was still able to Rest and Sleep by right-clicking the unmovable table. What am I doing wrong? I really wanted to make my home base more comfortable, and I was going to add a Bed there. Is there anything I can do to move this table? Thank you for any assistance. -TURTLESHROOM
  3. What do you think about usable table ? Actually , we can put usable oblject (like radio, microwave..). Add a container capability and display (loot sprite) on table. to integer with usable object : - disable container capability when an usable object is on - or reduce container capacity and display loot on usable object. Can be used in MP for intiate exchange : if 2 person look at container : divid window in two part , above dragable container window and below display other's above part (but without draging). A classical Accept button who have to be pressed by two for exchange. more : possibility to discuss rules (modify per Player server options) like : - allow enter in safehouse. - allow watch/loot container in safehouse. - other idea ? Possibility to share crafting recipes.
  4. Hey everyone, Quick question, when using table.insert does it insert the new entry at the top or bottom of the table index wise? Thanks!
  5. So can anyone explain me with details how i can edit spawn chance of certains items? For example i would like to increase number of empty jars but what's those numbers mean excatly? So numbers after name of items are spawn chances but what they mean excatly? "Base.Mirror", 3, - is it mean that mirror has spawn chance of 30% or 3% or something different? How number of rolls interact with those number next to item's name. I would like to remove some items from spawning at all. How do it?
  6. So ya, is there a better way than below to spawn items? I've been running into Swap Buffer errors when starting games and sometimes loading a save-game (maybe one in every 20 starts error out, but I start hundreds of games daily, testing stuff out..), only with a load of items mods that spawn a massive amount of stuff. table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["bin"].items, "EntomophagyMod.KMDragonFly1");table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["bin"].items, 1.7);
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