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  1. Domain name resolution has been brought up in the past, but I am going to bring it up again. Players can save the domain name in their favorites, but they get the "server is not responding" message giving them a false red flag. Of course, they can join just fine assuming the server is up & running. The main benefit of this is server branding. For obvious reasons this is huge. However, there are the benefits of readability for players and, of course, server owners that have dynamic IP addresses. From what I understand, other Steam games can use domain names in their server browsers, but by what means? I have not done the research. I could see vulgar domain names being used, but that could be addressed in the same manner server names are moderated. I assume they are most likely moderated via automated blacklist. Please consider domain resolution for the server browser favorites list. It currently gives the wrong indication to players joining a given server. Something as useful as this would not be requested very often, but then that is due to the small minority of players that admin/own servers.
  2. I host a fairly large and active unmodded Project Zomboid server. I really need a way to “whisper” players from server console. It’s unprofessional to announce warnings server-wide when someone is being naughty. Perhaps you could add optional flags to the /servermsg command much like the /banuser command. /servermsg <Message "String"> [-p "String"] [-s] [-b] [-n] <> Required [] Optional Options: [(-p | -player) "Player Name"] - Direct this message to a certain player, otherwise all players. [(-s | -say)] - Create temporary message over player entities. [(-b | -broadcast)] - Create a temporary message in the center of the screen. [(-n | -nolog)] - Do not send message to player(s) chat window/log. Not only could this aid in improving the server image but could also be used for certain owner-made events.
  3. Hi guys im starting my own server and i have a question, is there a form to change the Public ip? i mean what i need to know is how or where the server read the public ip and how can i change it. I'm using a vpn for multinox server, i want to start the server with the general VPN ip
  4. Hey, im using a dedicated server that uses a couple of map mods (~60). I'd like to use some more maps but the problem is that there is a size limit on the amount of memory the map mods need which leads to a java.nio.BufferOverflowException. I think it is between 2 and 4 GB but i cannot confirm. As im not willing (nor allowed) to decompile the Java code and change it for myself I want to suggest it in this forum. Please increase the ByteBuffer used in zombie.network.GameServer.receiveRequestData() to allow the usage of more map mods. Since I'd say that this is not a bug I'm posting it here in the suggestion forum and not in the bug forum. Thanks!
  5. A military operation shrouded in mystery and subsequent nuclear annihilation left civilization in shambles. You are one of the few remaining survivors, trying to rebuild in the ruins of Knox County. Upon emerging to the now post-apocalyptic Hell that is Knox, you start to notice strange phenomena- anomalies that, despite your best efforts, are impossible to rationalize. Something in this place is horribly wrong, and the worst part? It is beyond our comprehension. With everything in ruins, your best bet is following the promise of safe haven in the form of a radio broadcast, leading you to the Rosewood Police Department. Dead of Night is a player-driven roleplay experience focused on interaction with others and collective storytelling, ran by a team of fellow roleplayers. The focus is on the players and their characters' stories, with events to help push narrative forward. We aim to provide a challenging and rewarding experience where YOU influence the world around you. Gather your fellow survivors and fortify your base, for when the sun sets, undead hordes will grow ferocious. Featuring a large list of mods focused on providing realism and customization. Server details -Whitelist enabled. -PvP is allowed as long as it enriches the narrative and all parties agree to it. -Night sprinters. Stay close to your friends. -Extremely rare loot settings. -Multi-hit enabled. Not that it'll help much with Sprinters. -Default infection settings. -A dedicated event team, major story events as well as small interactions to make the world feel alive. -Streamlined applications system. -Unexplainable horrors. We shall see you in the Dead of Night. Our discord server
  6. First of all, I apologize if I hit the wrong branch/thread. I haven't found more suitable place for my question so far, however I still feel like Im doing it wrong. Please bear with me as its my second post. Here it is: Running server on AWS EC2 (Linux, Ubuntu). I've made a service as adviced in web, to actually start the process in background and to have a control over start/stop/restart, but still can't find any info on how would I kinda put the process on foreground and use the pz server CLI to actually invoke commands like servermsg and etc. Trying to solve few things, like server restart cron job with server messaging, making scripts for events, etc. I'm not new to coding, however not really experienced with Java. I would appreciate any help with it.
  7. Дискорд сервер по игре Project Zomboid по RU сообществу,поиск тиммейтов для комфортной игры с друзьями ссылка https://discord.gg/HyECvEnT .
  8. The two different (but apparently mutual exclusive?) settings * WaterShut/ElecShut * WaterShutModifier/ElecShutModifier should work together. "Modifier" should be a modifier and no hard value. That way we could set them way more flexible for our servers. WaterShut (somewhat random range) + Modifier (fixed minimum value). e.g. ElecShut = 2 (0-30 days), ElecShutModifier = 10 --> 10-30 days
  9. I know this was and is already discussed in other threads in sections like bug reporting etc. but here I would like to "officially" request a setting to be able to disable this feature. Aside from being totally broken in its current state it overall doesn't make much sense on my private server. I see the value though on public servers and encourage you to fix it and make it work please, but on my own private-friendsonly-server cheating is not an issue at all. On my server I should be the one who makes the rules and not the game, even if I'd accept cheating that is.
  10. Me and my friends are thinking about starting an mp server and a big question that came up on my side was how we will prevent loot cycling. For those that don't know, loot cycling is when people throw all the stuff from containers on the ground and leave it there. Many people doing this over and over again will greatly hurt server performance in the long run (we want the world to be persistent). Now what I thought off was to add items that are usually dumped to the ground (books, tools, trash items) to the removal list (thats a setting the game provides) so that the game will automatically delete those after some time. The problem with that approach is that this will also remove player based items in bases and thus limit the ability of players to decorate their base with items. Does anybody know a mod or some other way to effectively counter loot cycling like a server plugin or setting etc.? We will, of course, also make a rule that disallows loot cycling and would, if we decide to add items to the removal list, tell people about which items specifically on our discord. But you know how people are sometimes... Some will not follow it because they don't care and it's hard to catch them in the moment they do this so we really need a solution for that problem.
  11. Hi all, is this an intended behaviour? After renaming a server, players can no longer access their old characters. Host still has option to "delete player" and "delete world" etc. Anyone know how I can get those characters back? I thought of changing the name back but an experience I read elsewhere suggests that might make things worse.
  12. Hi all, I've been running a Project Zomboid server for the last couple weeks with a fairly high active player base (way over the official server limit) and I've been optimizing the server and fixing issues. However, some issues don't really make a lot of sense to me being a server and was just wondering if the devs or anyone could provide some guidance. I'm getting very frequently the following server log entries: [20-01-22 07:47:34.236] LOG : General , 1642664854236> 967 526 980> Item -> Radio item = Radio.CDplayer. [20-01-22 07:47:34.237] LOG : General , 1642664854237> 967 526 980> Warning: Radio worldsprite not valid, sprite = . [20-01-22 07:47:34.237] LOG : General , 1642664854237> 967 526 980> Moveable.load -> Radio item = Radio.CDplayer. And when I say frequent, I'm talking about several times a minute. Any guidance on how to fix this? Thanks.
  13. Welcome to The Damned! A new fresh server project, which will launch soon. This server aims to create a modded PVP experience with slight RP aspects. More than 60+ mods are included but at first sight, things will feel familiar to players who are used to vanilla and have little mod experience. Furthermore, the server uses a custom-made modpack to prevent constant mod updates which cause server downtimes and players not being able to join. Safehouses are enabled, but PVP is always on, and depending on the situation KOS is allowed (read the rules in our discord). Core features: ● PvP is always on ● KOS is permitted in many situations ● 60+ mods which allow for more fun gameplay, but are not overwhelming for vanilla players ● Custome-made modpack to reduce server downtimes ● Greatly organised Discord with active admins who are willing to help ● Safehouses and factions are enabled ● Read 4x times faster ● Map uncovered from start If you would like to play on our server, join our discord: https://discord.gg/bTveDh4gF8 We are welcoming both experienced and new players as The Damned is built to provide a fun enviornment for everyone who likes PvP!
  14. Greetings to all lovers of survival. I want to invite you to a new server - Project Darkwood. Here you can find: - Reworked zombies - Various new mechanics and events - Your own story, due to which the server changes - Balanced respawn (The weapon is extremely rare and you have to fight for it) And much more. Come in, you won't regret it! IP: Discord channel: https://discord.gg/gAc7VEPMEy
  15. So, I made a public server/browser list that's compiled from the public server list and the steam API. You can see it at http://pz.archspace.org/ If you do not want the bot to pull details from your server then add Robots=Disallow to your servertest.ini (or $servername.ini) You can also kick or ban the user PubServerBot from your server and it will eventually get removed. Optionally send me a message or post in this thread. Almost every server is actually flagged 'public' but a couple of popular servers weren't flagged and I was unsure if I should keep them or not. Post-steamworks integration the above no longer applies. You can click an active server and get more details including recent players, server options, mods, etc. The website is very much so an in-development product and mostly a learning exercise for node.js and jquery. It might blow up.
  16. Note: This was copy and pasted from my reddit post I made on the same subreddit. Sorry if this seems rushed or unformatted. Hello all. I did make a previous post about this issue a few weeks back when MP was a week old or so. Unfortunately, it didn't really make that big of a splash, and I thought it needed an update anyway. As a server owner, I have come across several details and features that make staffing in PZ more difficult than it should be. Don't get me wrong, some of the features, like being able to tweak server and sandbox settings on the fly (With a fairly easy to navigate UI) is a wet dream. However, there are many flaws that could make staffing on PZ less of a chore; Section 1: Logs One of my biggest concerns about Multiplayer is the log system. While it may have done the job when multiplayer first released, the game has had so many new features that the log files feel barren and almost useless when trying to figure out griefing and rule breaking; Think a staff member is giving themselves items? The server doesn't log them unless it's done through chat commands, which is almost never, since an Item List GUI is far easier to access. Someone stole someone else's vehicle while they were offline? Nothing about entering and leaving cars, only if they damaged or repaired a part. Someone burned down a PoI? Nothing for thrown Molotov's or pipe bombs. You can check if someone changed a tile to a burnt version, but it's difficult to see. On top of that, you can only access the logs if you have access to the server files, which is something I am not wanting to give lower-ranked staff. We already have features like looking in the in-game database and reading text files through the debugger, add that in for the current sessions logs. Given, I could send them the files of said logs, but you have to remember that it would just be easier to access in-game. Section 2: Access Levels On the topic of Staff, the lowest access level, an observer, can still do PLENTY of things that I would not like them to be doing, such as giving themselves items and the ability to change the sandbox settings, and yet, they cannot change their own stats? "Hire staff members you trust" is not only incredibly dull, but ignorant. I could hire a friend I've known for years, and they could still change a sandbox setting because they think it's unfair. And guess what? I wouldn't be none-the-wiser because of the logging system. Section 3: Loot Respawn Unless you are playing on a private server between you and friends, loot respawn is a REQUIREMENT for multiplayer servers, both for newcomers and veterans. However, the loot respawn feels dated, not multiplayer friendly, and is very exploitable. To have respawn on a fixed hourly countdown timer is terrible. Too low of a value, and there are unrealistic amounts of supplies, especially for rare items like military gear, and is boring for veteran players. Too high of a value, and looting becomes tedious for new players. On top of that, some players will always try to farm and grab the most expensive and rare loot the moment they know loot has respawned. Even having a time frame instead of a fixed value would greatly benefit servers. Section 4: Server Listing This one is less of a requirement, but more of a feature I'd love in PZ. When I click on the "Public Servers" on Project Zomboid, I am greeted with row and row of the same font with the same coloured text with the same headers and the same text format and layout. It's boring, it doesn't make your server stand out, and all the "big" servers feel the same as private ones. What would be great is if we could completely customise our descriptions and titles with text formatting and new colours. Hell, even a 128x128 PNG of the server logo would be good enough. But why should I, a regular player with no interest of opening my own server, care about any of this? Because server owners and staff want you to have fun. The last thing server staff want is someone to dislike their server because the giga-mart they've been trying to get to, death after death, has been looted for its food, only for them to die again because they couldn't find a weapon. Players who joined 3 minutes ago should have the same experience as someone who joined 4 months ago when they first started, and have a fair experience doing so. Anyway, if you've made it this far from my rambling, please discuss and share your opinions below. If you suggest something that I think could contribute this thread, I'll add it in. Thank you for your time.
  17. Server Italiano di Safarigames 24/24 - 7/7 - Mods Preparati a partecipare a eventi e a sopravvivere in questo server moddato . Safehouse e fazioni ,prendi possesso di un punto strategico ,insieme ai tuoi amici, e difendilo a costo della tua vita . Unisciti al server Discord di Safarigames : https://discord.gg/zxABE8CYnU e cerca nella sezione corretta ,per trovare come connettersi e rimanere aggiornato sugli eventi
  18. Hi there, Can someone from the dev team provide some clarifications on the meaning for the Zombies statistics? The server has wild performance differences and does so crazy Swings in zombie population. For example, just a few minutes ago, went from normal stable 4k zombies to 13k out of no where, tanking the server responsiveness hard. Most of them marked as "Unauthorized" for a few minutes later, to switch them to "Reusable". Would be great if some explanation on what each statistic here means. (the more technical the better btw) Lastly, the FPS section. I understand that in terms of "Main" fps, it's the server tick rate, where the target is 10. What about networking? What does it represent and what is considered to be healthy values? I've seen a big variation here, from having 150 fps on Networking, to be as low as 10 or less. Thank you.
  19. Can not increase the slots over 32, but saw a server with more than 32 slots. How can this be done?
  20. Hola, vengo a invitarlos a nuestro servidor de habla hispana Nacion Z, servidor 24/7, contamos con PVP abierto por lo que las desiciones de matar o aliarte las tomas tu, tenemos sistema de refugios (unicamente si el jugador esta Offline) y sistema de facciones activos, y varios mods que mejoran mucho la experiencia del juego sin arruinar la esencia del juego. IP: Puerto: 16261 Host: Sao Paulo Brasil Discord: https://discord.gg/sh4DNv53vU Abierto 24/7 Todos los mods se instalan automaticamente al ingresar al servidor. Todos quedan invitados, te esperamos.
  21. I'm running a 41.65 dedicated server (cloud provider, Linux platform). Problem is, the memory usage goes up in proportion to player count and never comes down in the same proportion, when players leave. This would IMO point to something in per-player bookkeeping not being freed properly. Dangling references preventing garbage collector from reclaiming memory? Server memory consumption starts around 3 to 3,5 GB, going up to 4-5 GB with a couple of players and from there steadily increases to 6,5 or 7 GB with only 4 concurrent players. Some of the players utilize multiple username/password combos to have several characters to switch between and occasionally log out and back in with different ones - this seems to be coincide with high memory consumption. (EDIT: 4 or 5 concurrent players -> 4 concurrent players; I don't think we've ever had more than 4 at the same time on the server)
  22. Hi all, I'm renting a dedicated server from Nitrado. No issues so far - however I'm hoping there's a way to play the server in Builder mode (can hit zombies 2-3 at a time, weaker zombies, etc). I see Sandbox settings in the admin tab when I'm connected but I'm not sure exactly what I need to do. Is it possible?
  23. Hello there survivors, are you looking for a serious roleplaying server and cant find one? Are you looking for a chill server to relax with some PVP? Project Cataclysm got your back. *RULES* -NO KOS -DONT BE A DICK -DONT BURN DOWN A TOWN UNLESS ITS A SPECIAL EVENT -just be a nice guy honestly, be responsible with the pvp. *SERVER INFO* Address: Port: 16261 *Discord* Also if you are interested in my discord I will keep you posted on any special events going on in the server. https://discord.gg/xp86sZ6z
  24. Hello. I Start a small project to make more easy installation of PZ servers on the VPS or DEDI server. Would anyone be interested to test it?
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