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  1. Hi! Im a Admin on a multiplayer server. What is Reapply Style in the map menu?
  2. There is an issue, when hosting a server via private ISP connection with dynamic IP range. When the IP changes, players will have to rename their local savegames. For a workaround, players will have to manually change the IP to the correct hostname of the server in the favourite bookmarks. Please change the behaviour of the server, so he announces the hostname first and falls back to IP address if no hostname was configured.
  3. This is an ad for a server I play a lot, normally I wouldn't take the time to make a post but this server owner puts some much time into creating a dynamic wasteland. Name: Tombstone Loot: Common Zombie Population: EXTREME Vehicle Spawn: High Language: English Server Type: PvEvP Server Slots: 16 (To be expanded with growth) ---What our server Offers:--- - PvEvP - No Safety System - Extreme Population Peak - No Zombie Respawn - No Loot Respawn - Little to no server Wipe. - Traders in towns. - Over 10,000 tradeable items - Numerous Safehouses scattered throughout the map. - Higher risk areas reward better Gear ---Why join Tombstone?:--- - Our Sever heads have played the game for thousands of hours and can cultivate a rich environment for all form of player. - Roleplay is highly recommended and welcome! - New players will have tons of members that are highly veteran in the game and can offer guidance and patient thought and training. - A smaller community which means forms of progression and tons of opportunity at growth as a member and roleplayer inside the game. Please don't miss an opportunity to serve in a Server that will appreciate your time and treat you like family. Tombstone would be honored to have you join even if its just to see what we are about and learn how we can better your experience and knowledge in Project Zomboid.
  4. Every time I look for a guide or try to figure out what may be wrong, its something different for everyone. This isn't the first time my server has done this but it resolved itself overnight. That hasn't happened this time and I'm worried my server may be gone. It wont launch but any new server will, including mods. I'm not sure what could be going wrong if someone could give me advice/ help that would be beautiful. My buddy and I have put about 80 hours into this server in just a couple weeks and I'd hate to see it go like this. coop-console.txt
  5. I have been messing with server settings for weeks, trying to balance a PVE server for new players, to make it not too hard they'll quit, neither too easy they'll get bored of it. Anyway, I feel like the effect nature's abundance have on foraging is way too low, but way too high on fishing; I believe if we could set their abundances apart from eachother we could go for a more realistic experience. That's all I guess. If Anyone knows how I can do it somehow, let me know. SFMBE. Thanks.
  6. Recently I rented a server, uploaded a savegame on to it and there was no bigger problem. But now there is no accounts with Admin rights on the Server (I also dont have a server console), so I wanted to know if it is possible to change it somewhere in the files and how.
  7. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Proyecto de Hub de servidores hispanos de Project Zomboid -El objetivo de este servidor es ser el server de epicentro para los otros servidores hispanos de PZ -Con 7 servidores afiliados, escoge lo que mas te guste, entre Rol, PvE o PvP. -Con apartado también para gente que busque cooperativo -Soporte técnico del juego en español (Aunque no somos TIS, con limitaciones) -Staff especializado, atento y profesional Servidor Ingame: -Con servidor comunitario propio 24/7 ubicado en Canadá (64gb de RAM 50 slots) -Latencia estable para Europa y América (sobre 100 de ping) -Sistema PvP con ciudad PvE. Reglas claramente establecidas -Con sistema de facciones, crea una o únete a una y llevala a la gloria -Zombies variables, 2% corredores de todo el total -Más de 80 mods en pack propio. Aquí no hay reinicios de servidor por mods. -Reaparición de loot cada 4 días + máquinas donde poder comprar lo que necesites -Sistema de economía ¡Robales las joyas a los zombies y vendelas para ganar dinero! Servidor de discord: -Servidor especializado por roles para evitar el spam innecesario -Comunidad agradable y atenta -Sistema de roles de servidor según las horas que tengas en PZ ¡No esperes más, tanto si buscas rol, PvE, PvP o incluso un cooperativo, únete ya! -https://discord.gg/mEkfQJasa5
  8. ••••• 🇵🇱 **Project Zomboid MP** 🇵🇱 – Znajdziesz u nas zorganizowaną moderację oraz przyjazną ocaleńców. Pamiętaj o przeczytaniu regulaminu serwera. Zapraszamy do wspólnej gry! Zastanawiasz się pewnie co oferujemy. ••••• Oferujemy : 「🤘」Spotkania dużej ilości osób 「😊」Miłą atmosfere 「🚔」Ogarniętą administracje 「🎲」Dużo kanałów 「❗ 」Mało pingów 「😎」Wiele ról 「🎮」Dużo kanałów tematycznych 「🤖」Wiele botów ••••• Link: https://discord.gg/UfxbNzvurf
  9. Hi, The following error / bug is on a server that has been running the same map for a few months now (since 41.71 stable was released), with no mods. Today, I run "quit" to stop the server, in order to make a proper full backup of it. Without changing anything at all, when I start the server back up, it gets stuck initializing, completely stuck on a endless loop. 2022-08-09 13:20:05,075 |chat| INFO : Faction chat '#####' created 2022-08-09 13:20:05,141 |Log| INFO : loading 19471 zones from map_zone.bin 2022-08-09 13:20:05,460 |Log| INFO : Max #ZONES on one chunk is 19 2022-08-09 13:20:06,303 |Log| INFO : InventoryItem.loadItem() data length not matching, resetting buffer position to '1136780'. itemtype: Base.LightBulbCyan 2022-08-09 13:20:06,303 |Log| INFO : InventoryItem.loadItem() data length not matching, resetting buffer position to '1136780'. itemtype: Base.LightBulbCyan 2022-08-09 13:20:06,303 |Log| INFO : InventoryItem.loadItem() data length not matching, resetting buffer position to '1136780'. itemtype: Base.LightBulbCyan 2022-08-09 13:20:06,303 |Log| INFO : InventoryItem.loadItem() data length not matching, resetting buffer position to '1136780'. itemtype: Base.LightBulbCyan 2022-08-09 13:20:06,303 |Log| INFO : InventoryItem.loadItem() data length not matching, resetting buffer position to '1136780'. itemtype: Base.LightBulbCyan 2022-08-09 13:20:06,303 |Log| INFO : InventoryItem.loadItem() data length not matching, resetting buffer position to '1136780'. itemtype: Base.LightBulbCyan The error "InventoryItem.loadItem() data length not matching, resetting buffer position to '1136780'. itemtype: Base.LightBulbCyan" will keep spamming, at around 3 thousand entries a second and will never stop. I waited for 15 mins, which shows that its clearly stuck in some sort of code bug which causes a infinite loop. Being more specific, the server printed 4.3 Million log entries with this error only in 20 mins. Will test this on 41.73 or might even just give up on the map, but thought of reporting. EDIT: Confirmed, issue persists on 41.73...
  10. Looking for a Project Zomboid server? Give Tombstone a try, It's a Hardcore Survival Server where there is no loot respawn and the zombies wont respawn also it's a PvPvE Server. All you have to do is join through our Discord. Tombstone is hardcore player friendly and new player friendly, Login Details are on the Discord Discord Link Below https://discord.gg/8fdxqdqBAd This is our Server Mod Collection check it out https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2677869300 Server Details Loot: Abundant Zombie Population: Extreme Vehicle Spawn: High Server Slots: 8
  11. Welcome to Tokerzoid a newly created PvE server with added mods. We started as a small private server and have since decided to open the server up in the hopes of growing the player base. The main goal of our server is to just have fun and do what we do best kill zombies. You will find some of our server details below the rest of which can be found on our discord over @ https://discord.gg/mU9ArGdhAY
  12. It would be great if we could have access to some ChatServer functions in our server-side lua script to send messages to client chats - sendServerAlertMessageToServerChat - sendMessageToServerChat - sendMessageToAdminChat
  13. 10 år har gått sedan pandemin bröt ut i Knox Country. Det som en gång var en lugn del mitt i östra USA är inte längre sig likt. Naturen har tagit över världen men de döda lever kvar. Har du vad som krävs för att överleva? * 16 Slots (för tillfället). * PVP är alltid igång men tänk efter innan ni agerar fientligt. För att inte skada varandra så skapa factions (måste överlevt 24h innan det är möjligt). I factions får ni själva välja PVP on eller off. * 10 år in på apokalypsen, så mindre loot, färre generatorer och sämre skick på allt. * Mer larm på hus och bilar. * Bilar är i riktigt dåligt skick och majoriteten behövs repareras. * Varmt klimat så bär inte för mycket kläder. * 2x XP. * Snabbare läsning. * Tungt moddad server. * Skill Recovery Journal - Skriv över era skills och spara dem till nästa karaktär (Finns att crafta, tryck "B" för craftmeny). * Zombies: - Zombies är aktiva dagtid, på kvällen blir ALLA långsamma. - Zombies syn är nersatt medan hörsel är normal. - Smitta sprids bara via bett. - Långsamma: 30% / HP: 100% - Snabba: 60% / HP: 90% - Sprinters: 10% / HP: 70% (OBS: Dessa kan ändras för balansering) Joina servern: 1. Gå med i min discord https://discord.com/invite/ZKE4c8XJYJ 2. Gå till kanalen "Project Zomboid" 3. Reagera på inlägget i "join-server" Nu har ni tillgång till all serverinfo
  14. Suggestion to make it a bit easier for server mods to handle some of the situation. Most of it is doable in a hacky way but having those in the core engine would just make it cleaner and more efficient for us. EVENTS: OnServerPlayerConnected (playerObj, isNewPlayer) When the player officially connected to the server, passing a parameter to inform if it's a brand new player. Use cases: Show a message, an existing player has connected. Show a message, a new player has connected. Do something every time a player join. Do something one-time only when a new player joined for the first time. ___________________________________________ OnServerPlayerDisconnected (playerObj, reason) When the player has left the server, passing a parameter to inform the reason of leaving. (Logged Out, Kicked, Banned, Unknown/Crash) Use cases: Show a message, a player has left and why. Do something special when a player disconnect based on the reason. ___________________________________________ OnServerPlayerSpawned (playerObj, isNewCharacter) Similar to OnServerPlayerConnected but also trigger after re-spawning a new character (after death). Use cases: Do something every time a player spawn. Do something when a player spawn with a new character. ___________________________________________ OnServerPlayerDied (playerObj, reason) Trigger when a player has died, potentially add the cause of the death. Use cases: Show a message, when a player died and why. Do something every time a player died.
  15. Hello it's me yet again, Some mods require to save files or data into files that are kept into memory. The ability to save that data when ever the server is going to shutdown would be a blessing. Suggestion Adding a server event named 'OnServerShuttingDown' that allow server mods to do a finalization work when the server is shutting down. Result Saving files and data when the server is shutting down.
  16. Domain name resolution has been brought up in the past, but I am going to bring it up again. Players can save the domain name in their favorites, but they get the "server is not responding" message giving them a false red flag. Of course, they can join just fine assuming the server is up & running. The main benefit of this is server branding. For obvious reasons this is huge. However, there are the benefits of readability for players and, of course, server owners that have dynamic IP addresses. From what I understand, other Steam games can use domain names in their server browsers, but by what means? I have not done the research. I could see vulgar domain names being used, but that could be addressed in the same manner server names are moderated. I assume they are most likely moderated via automated blacklist. Please consider domain resolution for the server browser favorites list. It currently gives the wrong indication to players joining a given server. Something as useful as this would not be requested very often, but then that is due to the small minority of players that admin/own servers.
  17. I host a fairly large and active unmodded Project Zomboid server. I really need a way to “whisper” players from server console. It’s unprofessional to announce warnings server-wide when someone is being naughty. Perhaps you could add optional flags to the /servermsg command much like the /banuser command. /servermsg <Message "String"> [-p "String"] [-s] [-b] [-n] <> Required [] Optional Options: [(-p | -player) "Player Name"] - Direct this message to a certain player, otherwise all players. [(-s | -say)] - Create temporary message over player entities. [(-b | -broadcast)] - Create a temporary message in the center of the screen. [(-n | -nolog)] - Do not send message to player(s) chat window/log. Not only could this aid in improving the server image but could also be used for certain owner-made events.
  18. Hi guys im starting my own server and i have a question, is there a form to change the Public ip? i mean what i need to know is how or where the server read the public ip and how can i change it. I'm using a vpn for multinox server, i want to start the server with the general VPN ip
  19. Hey, im using a dedicated server that uses a couple of map mods (~60). I'd like to use some more maps but the problem is that there is a size limit on the amount of memory the map mods need which leads to a java.nio.BufferOverflowException. I think it is between 2 and 4 GB but i cannot confirm. As im not willing (nor allowed) to decompile the Java code and change it for myself I want to suggest it in this forum. Please increase the ByteBuffer used in zombie.network.GameServer.receiveRequestData() to allow the usage of more map mods. Since I'd say that this is not a bug I'm posting it here in the suggestion forum and not in the bug forum. Thanks!
  20. A military operation shrouded in mystery and subsequent nuclear annihilation left civilization in shambles. You are one of the few remaining survivors, trying to rebuild in the ruins of Knox County. Upon emerging to the now post-apocalyptic Hell that is Knox, you start to notice strange phenomena- anomalies that, despite your best efforts, are impossible to rationalize. Something in this place is horribly wrong, and the worst part? It is beyond our comprehension. With everything in ruins, your best bet is following the promise of safe haven in the form of a radio broadcast, leading you to the Rosewood Police Department. Dead of Night is a player-driven roleplay experience focused on interaction with others and collective storytelling, ran by a team of fellow roleplayers. The focus is on the players and their characters' stories, with events to help push narrative forward. We aim to provide a challenging and rewarding experience where YOU influence the world around you. Gather your fellow survivors and fortify your base, for when the sun sets, undead hordes will grow ferocious. Featuring a large list of mods focused on providing realism and customization. Server details -Whitelist enabled. -PvP is allowed as long as it enriches the narrative and all parties agree to it. -Night sprinters. Stay close to your friends. -Extremely rare loot settings. -Multi-hit enabled. Not that it'll help much with Sprinters. -Default infection settings. -A dedicated event team, major story events as well as small interactions to make the world feel alive. -Streamlined applications system. -Unexplainable horrors. We shall see you in the Dead of Night. Our discord server
  21. First of all, I apologize if I hit the wrong branch/thread. I haven't found more suitable place for my question so far, however I still feel like Im doing it wrong. Please bear with me as its my second post. Here it is: Running server on AWS EC2 (Linux, Ubuntu). I've made a service as adviced in web, to actually start the process in background and to have a control over start/stop/restart, but still can't find any info on how would I kinda put the process on foreground and use the pz server CLI to actually invoke commands like servermsg and etc. Trying to solve few things, like server restart cron job with server messaging, making scripts for events, etc. I'm not new to coding, however not really experienced with Java. I would appreciate any help with it.
  22. The two different (but apparently mutual exclusive?) settings * WaterShut/ElecShut * WaterShutModifier/ElecShutModifier should work together. "Modifier" should be a modifier and no hard value. That way we could set them way more flexible for our servers. WaterShut (somewhat random range) + Modifier (fixed minimum value). e.g. ElecShut = 2 (0-30 days), ElecShutModifier = 10 --> 10-30 days
  23. I know this was and is already discussed in other threads in sections like bug reporting etc. but here I would like to "officially" request a setting to be able to disable this feature. Aside from being totally broken in its current state it overall doesn't make much sense on my private server. I see the value though on public servers and encourage you to fix it and make it work please, but on my own private-friendsonly-server cheating is not an issue at all. On my server I should be the one who makes the rules and not the game, even if I'd accept cheating that is.
  24. Me and my friends are thinking about starting an mp server and a big question that came up on my side was how we will prevent loot cycling. For those that don't know, loot cycling is when people throw all the stuff from containers on the ground and leave it there. Many people doing this over and over again will greatly hurt server performance in the long run (we want the world to be persistent). Now what I thought off was to add items that are usually dumped to the ground (books, tools, trash items) to the removal list (thats a setting the game provides) so that the game will automatically delete those after some time. The problem with that approach is that this will also remove player based items in bases and thus limit the ability of players to decorate their base with items. Does anybody know a mod or some other way to effectively counter loot cycling like a server plugin or setting etc.? We will, of course, also make a rule that disallows loot cycling and would, if we decide to add items to the removal list, tell people about which items specifically on our discord. But you know how people are sometimes... Some will not follow it because they don't care and it's hard to catch them in the moment they do this so we really need a solution for that problem.
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