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  1. Yes I recently discovered how easy it was to dupe currency with the Hydrocraft mod and currency. So we'll have to serialize each token and track them to prevent duplicates. Thanks for the video! I'll give it a look and see if this is something I can handle on my own, if not I'll be back.
  2. We had sprinting zombies working in multiplayer. The only issue was players complained that the zombies would lag and suddenly appear near them and they would get bitten and/or scratched. Personally I loved it, the lag wasn't too bad on my end but it was damn scary having a zombie turn and run at you full speed! =)
  3. Cars are broken again.

    I'm on MultiPlay, is this something I would set in an .INI file? PhysicsDelayServer=0 in ServerConfig.ini?
  4. I'm looking for an item that can only be dispensed to players by an admin. It will be a "Token", just a circular coin with 3 letters on it. Players can accumulate these tokens handed out by the admin and then give them back to an admin when they choose. Edit : I would like it to work with IWBUMS and vanilla. I am willing to pay to have this mod created.