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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I'm here cause I can't find a solution on my own and came here to ask you if this is possible to fix it, I recently made a server with the OS Unraid and take the docker of ich777, all work I can connect to the server and play with friends but I can't choose the spawn point or change it. I tried to add this two file by hand, but they don't work when starting the server, do you have some solution thanks for your help in advance?
  2. Hi devs, I'm trying to containerize the PZ server to deploy it to a k8s cluster, and noticed that your game files are huge!! Uncompressed v compressed, the media directory is 4.8G -> 860M, or 5x smaller An area we can focus on specifically are the maps. If we look at all of the `media/maps/Muldraugh,\ KY` dir, it's 3.9G! It's a large directory, but it's also doing 2 things at once, which might have been a legacy decision. Muldraugh is a named spawn point, but unlike its 3 neighbors, it also holds the entire gameworld files. This is slightly annoying as a server operator, because if I want to modify the spawnpoints in Rosewood, it's very obvious where the work needs to be done: I can't say the same for Muldraugh. That directory is full of chunk data files that get in the way. I think you should crowbar the functionality of Muldraugh being a named spawn point away from it storing the whole default world map. Doing so would be a nice quality of life improvement for server ops. additionally, having the world map stored off somewhere else would allow you to compress (zip?) the big chunk files into a nice, single binary file that can get decompressed at runtime, without closing off tweaks to the spawn area. Here's what that could look like: It's not lost on me that right now the team is going through a major rewrite of the game for 42... Maybe now's the time to tackle a bit of tech debt? If you want to talk more about this, I'm MindFlayer # 0001 on the Discord. Thanks.
  3. Hello, today lot of players encounter this error (we are speaking on Discord also diferent servers). 1- It only affects MULTIPLAYER, SIngle player it's ok 2- Unsubscribing to all mods and reinstalling doesn't solve the problem 3- Unuscribing to all mods and atempting to join a vanilla server doesn't work either 4- Deleteng the file on the specific route doesn't work
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