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Found 9 results

  1. Is it possible to create a repeating script that spawns hordes and sends them after you? Similar in purpose to a chopper event, but still deadly when in rural areas. Something like this: -Set a random countdown timer between 1-28 days -When the timer runs out, spawn 20 zeds near random player -trigger noise on said player to send the zeds after them -add +10 zeds to the next time this event triggers -repeat This would help shake up a rural safehouse I have with some friends. I've been using Necroforge to make stuff happen, but it's more fun if I don't know it's coming. It'd be much appreciated if you could help me out or suggest how I could start going about it myself! Zero coding experience...
  2. I just discovered Project Zomboid a week ago, couldn't believe I hadn't heard of it. I love it and I'm on my third character, Robert Neville, playing on 'The First Week' mode. I've barricaded myself into a warehouse, cleared all the zombies from the parking lot, and two weeks in I've made my own allotment growing potatoes and tomatoes. The question I have is do the zombies in this game mode migrate around in hordes like I'm told they do in Survival? Right now I feel pretty safe as no new zombies ever seem to approach the building. Should I be spending hours building walls around the warehouse to keep zombies out? It just seems a bit pointless at the moment if there aren't any on their way.
  3. So as of now all or mostly all of the zombie groups have relatively the same number zombies in them (not including hordes caused by meta noises, the player, house alarms, etc). But I think it would be fun if hordes varied in size, so instead having groups of 15 peppered across the map, zombies could form either larger or smaller groups (configurable in sandbox) to add a bit of randomness to the gameplay. An example is that you're going to loot a warehouse in muldraugh, as you make your way over to it you only come across small groups of 5-6 zombies, no big problem, but then when you arrive there is a large horde of 30 zombies right next to the warehouse. Now do you risk sneaking in to get the loot? or do play it safe and wait until the horde moves? or do you try and clear the horde yourself which could potentially end in your death. This would be a nice addition to keep things a bit more randomized rather than uniform.
  4. Post 32, I feel project zomboid is still too easy. Yes, you heard me: easy. I have collected my gear, moved out of town and created a safe house on, you guessed it: another roof. After destroying the stairs I have survived off the endless substanence of rooftop cabbages and potatoes. There are also alot more zombies. Good. Yet I feel they are still too stagnant, is it realistic and balanced they start centralized to city centers? Of course! Keep the players from looting the valuables from downtown I say. On the other hand this creates the problem of predictability. I want to play it safe? I'll just skirt the downtown core. I want hordes to be like the weather, one day I'll go outside without my umbrella and I'm going to get wet - or I'll be inside and forced to wait out the storm. Refrence Image for suggestion Currently in Project Zomboid, each super grid has a set number of zombies that respawn at certain intervals. I feel this is too predictable and easy to avoid. I say, keep the current max number, abolish the respawns and instead have macro hordes that move from super grid to super grid on set conditions. Each macro horde is a set number of zombies kept track of by only a few bits of information. It's current grid, its number of zombies and current behavior.If a macro horde passes over a grid that has less zombies than it's max, it will replenish that area.Each game will have a set number of roaming hordes set at the start if it's a sandbox game and will generate more if a horde is depleted.If two macro hordes meet they will combine.Macro hordes will randomly set a destination and will travel one supergrid every day.Macro hordes will abandon their set destinations if they detect distant signs of human life and will instead move to that location.The weight of actions that attract a horde would have a value between 0 and 1 which reprensents the percentage chance that the attractant will cause the horde to move on that location. Some actions that would act as attractants could be: Gunfire (sound)Cooking (smell)Campfires (light source + smell)Driving (when implemented)Having rotting non zombie meat from trapping (smell)These actions would have a falloff effect and their generated value would half for every grid away a macro horde is. If wind direction was implemented it could be a 90:10 weighted ratio for falloff depending on the winds direction. Once a horde has arrived, they do not leave. They suspect a human is there and are going to hang around until they either get him or something else gets their attention. It's time for the survivor to test his preparedness, does he have enough supplies to last a prolonged seige? Does he have enough munitions and manpower to force an exit? Does he have enough entertainment to keep the dangers of stress and paranoia at bay? I would like to see situations like these. Eventually, if the survivor inside is quiet enough and another survivor from somewhere else on the map creates an attractant of their own, the horde may migrate towards them instead and leave this survivor to escape.
  5. I have a question for the people who want attacking hordes because I'm not sure I understand why you guys do. Hordes are already able to attack your base if you make to much noise or if a chopper flys over your house zombies are bound to come and attack you (unless you live in a secluded place). But from what I understand it seems like you guys just want a random giant horde of zombies to spawn coming at your base, I don't like this because there is no reason for them to just attack your base other than they spawned and told by the game to do so. I want hordes to come attack my base if I have done something to attract them or something else has, not just zombie hordes having the ability to "find" our base and attack. That means if say, i were in one of the forest cabins and built it all up to be safe and self sufficient but one day I wake up in my cabin to find a giant horde banging on my walls, I have done nothing to attract them why are they there?! There is no good reason for them to be there because you the player or other outside forces have done nothing to attract them and that's punishing the player for doing nothing but surviving. So if you want big zombie hordes to attack your base just attract them with some noise.
  6. I've been playing for roughly 12 hours, and set up a terribly skimpy base for defense out in the woods, and I haven't been attacked by any hordes of zombies as of yet. Do zombies just not roam around in hordes? I see them do it on roads, but not in the forest. I would like to have 200 zombies come in from all sides and destroy my stuff, it would add to the atmosphere.
  7. I got to thinking about Zomboid today (which I do often because this game rocks!) and I started thinking about one of the most vocal complaints that I often see about the current game; that hordes never seem to attack our safe houses, so whats the point of building them? Then I thought: 'Well, why would a zombie attack my safehouse?' They are attracted to both sight and sound. Possibly smell as well since its a setting, but I don't believe its currently in game. Is it? If so, how is it? What smells and what doesn't? We the players do not give the zombies many reasons to be interested in our Safe Houses. Think about it. Our Safe Houses give them no sight of us. So there goes 50% of their stimulation source. There are very few noises that ever come from our Safe Houses. Occasional carpentry (and to be honest I don't think the noise generated from carpentry does a lot to attract zombies). How much noise does cooking, farming, reading books, sleeping, resting, etc make? You get the idea. There aren't even any conversations except an occasional 'Q' call. So what noise would attract them?Based on how zombies are currently simulated. We the players do a good job of staying off the zombies radar when we're in our safe houses. They don't see us and they don't hear us. And ultimately, I guess, thats the point of the 'Safe' House. But, I think there are some very realistic changes that could draw hordes based on a character's actions and not just random occurrence luck. I absolutely want the player who is mousey and secretive, that wants to stay hidden from zombies, to still be able to do that. If a player is meticulous in not attracting zombies, then I don't feel it would be good for game play to still throw hordes at them. Maybe a once in a great while random occurrence where a horde comes knocking just to please the probability of them just wondering around, but not often. So here are my fixes: Have carpentry make more noise. Hammering is loud. (Screws would be quieter ) Have cooking give off a smell. Its a setting already, so lets use it! Have campfires/lightposts shine light through the visible holes in walls unless they are high level carpentry walls. To have their light reflect off the 2nd story of a house above the player made walls that a zombie could see. Or perhaps be seen at the tops of tall trees that are nearby. Zombies would be attracted to this light. Have a snoring trait Or perhaps if you stay awake until completely exhausted you will snore? Every time you use chat (including global) it makes a noise. Being able to communicate without punishment is a boon to the player! Perhaps there could be a whisper function for players in your immediate vicinity? If you want to communicate silently with writing and not make a noise, then write it down and give it to them on a notebook or piece of paper. Make sure that TV/Radio broadcasts make noise that attracts zombies! Allow us to use CDs with the radio if we have batteries or when the power is on. This would reduce boredom, but would obviously make noise. You guys have great music for the game! I encourage you to make more! Blood left in a safe house would attract zombies by smell.These are all player made choices (other than snoring ). A player does not have to do any of those things, but should have to deal with the consequences if they do. There is reward is doing all of those, but also a risk. Player driven game-play by their choices and not just random occurrence. I don't think the behavior of hordes has to change much, but the sources that stimulate them do!
  8. I kinda agree with this, it seems that wherever you are zombies just begin to eventually spawn. I could be wrong but the meta game events seem spread around the player, which causes any meta game event to draw zombies into your area. If you go to the western farm, and stay there minding your own business, farming crops and building walls, then the odds of a large horde arriving should be minimal. It could have course happen. But it should be rare. Right now it seems that wherever you settle, a big horde will arrive on your doorstep in a few days. The spawning is also a little off. I even had a zombie spawn inside my fence once, I was gardning with my back turned to a blind fence that surrounded a very small and uncluttered area, then suddenly a zombie appeared behind me. Even Ezio Auditore could not have repeated that feat. Great way to keep me on my toes. But not as realistic as I'd hope. If a zombie is inside my walls, I expect the barrier to be broken. Ok so I posted this to the forum, went to bed in the northern farm, not a zombie in sight. The next morning I wake up, save, reload, brush my teeth, look out over my new porch and shat my pants. I don't understand why they're there or have any idea on how to get rid of them. I've heard no gunshots or other meta game events, and even if I had, I'd figure I'd be out of earshot. Maybe 2 or three would show up but that would be it. The area was deserted, I walked around to be sure. I arrived at the farm two days before the screenshot. I wanted to build a fortress here and go for a long term self sufficiency game staying away from the town and just laying low, trying to finally get some seeds to grow. The day before I chopped some wood and broke the door to the hen house because there was one of those deadheads hiding in there. I also planted some seeds and watered them. I'm posting this in bugs, to hopefully raise this functionality to bug status, because I very much doubt that just planting 100 zombies in formation in the players backyard is intended. I'm sure there are better ways of doing it. If it were the first time I'd see this I'd consider it a fluke, but it isn't, this happens a lot (See quoted post). And to be honest, it ruined this game for me. I could roll with the punches and go someplace else. But I keep doing that, the game before this one the same thing happened, I wanted to try my hands at base building. But I'm pretty sure that if I go someplace else and start building in just a few days I'll find a horde parked outside in a similar fashion.
  9. Is it just me or do the zombies seem to spread out as they advance at you when their is more that 1 or 2 if them, Not like they are Clipping on each other and the engine is forcing them to spread out. They seem to work like a pack of dogs and Spread out and try to encircle you or at the very least advance at you line abreast as to cut off your way of escape. This just seems odd as the Dev team says they want them to be "True Zombies" every zombie movie I have seen with theses "proper" Zombies they go directly for the prey. Even walking right over ledges, though fire, It never seems to matter what the danger is or how many of them there are always behave the same way. Its in fact what the humans rely on to get a upper hand on them. They are dumb they dont have anything going for them besides that they never tire and they seem to have endless numbers. The suggestion here being that Zombies should walk in a straight line at the PC not make any attempt to encircle you.
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