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Found 7 results

  1. Version 41.78.16 Multiplayer N/A No Mods Occurs on any server Reproduction Steps: All that is needed to start the exploit is two players and one generator. Both players click grab on the generator at the same time. Both obtain a generator, maintaining same fuel and condition as well. This most likely works on Singleplayer as well but I have not tested it.
  2. Version 41.78.16 Singleplayer N/A No Mods Occurs on any save Reproduction Steps: All that is needed to start the exploit is two controllers to start a Split Screen session, and one in game Container-Bag; Bookbag, Duffle bag, etc. and a in-game tall wall that the player can vault over. Load into any session of Zomboid that allows Split Screen Co-Op. This can be both Multiplayer and Singleplayer Leave the bag on the floor, then one player clicks places item and waits for second player to pick up the back in either Primary or Secondary hand. Then place the bag with the first player and the player with the bag in their hand must jump vault over a tall wall, causing the bag to fall to the ground. Exit the Session and return to the game with two backpacks with Duplicated contents inside them. (IF ANY DUPLICATED ITEMS TOUCH EACHOTHER, THE GAME PROVES ONE IS A GHOST ITEM AND DELETES ONE) Duplication_Exploit.MOV The video I attached is recorded by me to further explain this exploit. After the video, you would join the game and have duplicated bags and items
  3. There's a bug with double sinks stacked on eachother in the women's restroom of this "mayor's meeting room" south of Westpoint The sink on the top/left side in women's restroom can be dismantled twice (means there are two of them stacked on eachother in the same tile) Map coords : https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.7370835199769697,0.26084050048118596,2079.5076923076927 Screenshot :
  4. Hello, I couldn't find a similar bug report so I decided to post one. When in Multiplayer, two players can attempt the same action (ex: disassembling the same door). The actions will both complete. I will go back to that post to add a video when I have the opportunity to play again. How to reproduce: Find a friend to play with Have you or your friend host a game (I think any settings should be able to reproduce bug) Start disassembling a door Have your friend disassemble the same door Both actions should complete You know have disassembled the same door twice
  5. Hello guys! I'm currently playing with some friends on a dedicated server (that I host myself), and there is a bug that could be quite annoying with time! It seems that the server duplicates the vehicles we use when it starts. It has happened twice currently: - The first time with a Vehicle (we'll call A), it was duplicated on the server next start, the duplicate was near us, but not just next to us - The second time, with a second vehicle we use (we'll call B), and this time the duplicate was right next to where we disconnected. The second time, vehicle A didn't seem to duplicate, or too far from us. I might be interesting to note that we always disconnect while standing in our vehicles, and both vehicles A and B had players in it before the second server restart. I'd be glad to help you find more about this bug! Regards, Thanaen
  6. Hey there, yesterday Windows decided to restart my PC all of a sudden (yes, I ignored every warning before it restarted) while I was playing on my private server. After restart I noticed everything kinda rolled-back (1-2 minutes back in time) but vehicles and items inside them were duplicated, so I've got myself 2 vans and 2 chevaliers. Every item inside these cars merged with original items when I tried to loot it (guessing because they have same internal ids or something) and disappeared, basically lost every duplicated item, not a big deal, didn't want these thing anyway, felt like cheating Wonder if that's known issue when suddenly terminating server? If yes just remove this topic. Build: latest Thanks, Alex.
  7. Hi all. I've made a mod in which killing a zombie spawns two zombies nearby after a short delay unless the original zombie was on fire. There will soon be options for whether fire should stop them respawning, the delay before the new zombies are spawned and the distance they should spawn at. My hope is that this could lead to some interesting gameplay by forcing you to think about whether it's worth killing one zombie now only to have to deal with more in a few seconds. If you have any suggestions or feedback then please do voice them so that I can improve the mod. This works on the latest IWBUMS (as of the 20th of June 2017). To install all one must do is put the zip into their Username/Zomboid/mods/ folder, right-click it and select "Extract All" in the drop-down menu. Download (Full Package) Other versions returning soon... Download (Kill it with Fire {No positional change}) Download (Delay Only {No position change} [No Fire]) Download (No Delay {Or positional change} [Or Fire]) Download (Build 23)
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