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  1. Hello guys! I'm currently playing with some friends on a dedicated server (that I host myself), and there is a bug that could be quite annoying with time! It seems that the server duplicates the vehicles we use when it starts. It has happened twice currently: - The first time with a Vehicle (we'll call A), it was duplicated on the server next start, the duplicate was near us, but not just next to us - The second time, with a second vehicle we use (we'll call B), and this time the duplicate was right next to where we disconnected. The second time, vehicle A didn't seem to duplicate, or too far from us. I might be interesting to note that we always disconnect while standing in our vehicles, and both vehicles A and B had players in it before the second server restart. I'd be glad to help you find more about this bug! Regards, Thanaen
  2. Cette mise à jour déchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire !
  3. Clem0970

    LAN Servers

    He launched projectzomboidserver.bat , same way we do to play online , and gave me he's ipv4 address .. But can't connect
  4. Clem0970

    LAN Servers

    i already did all of this but it's all the same.. failed to connect What about the port? Maybe this is the problem , i opened it for him , but maybe i have to do something else ! :/
  5. Clem0970

    LAN Servers

    Me and my friend want to play PZ:onlinetest on a LAN server , but i don't know what address enter to join his server. I tried the IP " 192.168.1.XX " , but it didn't worked.. Can i have some instructions about how to create a lan server ? Thank you !
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