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Found 54 results

  1. I haven't played too much (still very new), but I have read that the power and water goes out, so water becomes scarce unless found in wells (which apparently, so far there is only one). I was thinking, maybe if you dropped bowls or cups outside, when it rains it will collect water? Making it easier to get water.
  2. With the upcoming water rain barrel collecting, there should be times of drought, mainly in the spring and summer, but also in the winter. Not always, but there should be times when it just doesn't rain.
  3. I would love to craft this things: But except that the devs want to put the profession "potter", and then you can create with clay a pot... you could only find the clay pots in some homes I think : P What you guys think.. is too bad idea? haha I was thinking about make a mod... but, I don't know anything about it, and right now my life is too lazy to try...
  4. Hi i just found an infinitive whater barrel in ofice of some werehouse (Seen them in other ofices) (If someone didnt understand i am talking about 2 small werehouses on left side of a map) Soo i had a question is it a bug? Or It is not endless? i just was drinking from it for around 3 weeks and it still allowed me to fill my bootles and drink, also i tested it in sandbox mode with insta whater shutdown, it still functions fine. If it is not a bug. well no need for a well )
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