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Found 5 results

  1. Umbrella Mod (v0.11) This mod adds umbrellas to the world of Zomboid. Umbrellas keep you somewhat dry when it's raining. You might get a little damp, but no fear of catching cold anymore!! Use: As you find umbrellas they are closed and can be used as a very flimsy stabbing weapon. When you open an umbrella you can use it as cover from the rain by equipping it either in your primary or secondary slot. You can also close the umbrella to use it as a weapon again. This mod will only work from version upwards. It has been tested on (0014). Download from pz-mods.net Have fun!! Known bugs: You can open and close broken closed umbrellas for infinite use. Don't cheat!I'm sure there was something else that I'm forgetting... hmh..well. I guess it was nothing.Let me know if you find some!atm I'm using the OnPlayerUpdate event to launch the functions, so if you see a noticeable fps drop please contact me for a work-around. Changelog: Please feel free to contact me on anything conserning the mod or about pretty much anything else in life. Here comes the deadly small print! Muhahahahaa!! If I'm lost for at least 4 months this is up for grabs! In that case, remember to put credit where due. The zombie umbrella (poster) image is not to be distributed or used without specific permission from the author, even if the 4 months has passed. Special thanks: Kinyoshi: For getting me back on track with his code from the raincoat mod! RegularX, Kjulo: For making their mods so I could learn some lua! Aricane: For PZ-mods hosting and mods that I've used for learning lua! RoboMat: Extra-special thanks for guiding me through some of the high learning curve I've been up against and for great mods!!
  2. *Thanks to a generous offer of time and assistance from fellow forum-goer, LaDestitute, the last of the bugs have been worked out of this mod and I can now release it!* Rain Parka Mod Rain Parka Mod spawns custom rain parkas across the game world in all the available colors shirts can spawn as. The parkas *are wearable* and will replace your current vest, blouse, or sweater when worn. You will reach wetness level "Damp" when wearing a parka (they don't cover your whole body) but should not progress any past that as long as they are equipped to your torso slot. Thanks again to Suomiboi for letting me use his script as a basis for this mod! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/tpb714w5d7vrgl6/RainParkaMod.rar *Updated to v1.1: Cleaned the code a bit and increased rarity for balance*
  3. Here is a list of my suggestions... I don't really know if I should divide them into groups and make multiple threads. I would like to get lots of feedback - both positive and negative - as long as insults aren't included. I know its a very long list of suggestions, but in my opinion, some of them are pretty nice ideas for the current game. 1. Different character sprites for different body traits. (Obese, overweight, underweight.) - I understand this is too much work for too little outcome. (Because of different clothing and upcoming updates.) But it is one of my most wanted suggestion... 2. Changing primary/secondary hand to right/left hand. - During character creation, the player has an option to choose between right-handed and left-handed. - Depending on the player's main hand, a wound to that specific hand/arm will have more penalties than wounds to the other hand/arm. - Holding a weapon can be done in either both hands, main hand or sub hand, with best to worst weapon performance in that order. (This will affect gameplay during injuries/amputation.) 3. Ability to sit down - on the ground, on chairs, on benches and on beds. - (With a 1 second delay for both sitting down and getting up.) - Sitting down will replace resting and will have the same effect but with animation. - Sitting on the ground will have the minimum effect with beds having the maximum effect. 4. Ability to lie down - on the ground and on beds. - (With a 2-3 seconds delay for both lying down and getting up.) - Lying down will replace sleeping and will have the same effect but with animation. - Lying on the ground will have the minimum effect with beds having the maximum effect. - Waking up will make the screen blurry for about 5 seconds. (From the black screen) 5. Push-able objects - such as shopping carts, trolleys, strollers and wheelchairs. - Can carry lots of items with reasonable speed but with a lot of noise. (Loudness is proportional to the weight of items in the object.) - Wheelchairs can be used as a future vehicle for survivors with leg amputation or leg fracture. 6. Sprites for bags - for equipping on the back, in primary and in secondary. - Different sprites for each bag. 7. Sprites for carrying heavy objects - such as generators and corpses. - Different sprites for each object. 8. Sprites for character's injuries - scratches, bites, wounds and deep wounds. - Different sprites for each wound on each part of the body and a different moving sprite for fractures. (This helps in multiplayer for doctors/nurses to be able to immediately take action.) - Sprites for bandaged wounds and a different moving sprite for splinted limbs. - Sprites for dirty bandaged wounds. - Blood stains on clothes when worn above the wounds. 9. Sprites for blood stains on clothes. (Similar to blood stains on the walls and the floors.) - Blood stains on clothes from fighting zombies. - Blood stains can be removed from clothes in a similar way to removing them from walls and floors. 10. Craft-able and loot-able items to avoid getting wet. (From the rain.) - Umbrellas that can be found as a rare item and makeshift umbrellas. - Both umbrellas can only be used while holding in either primary or secondary. Holding them will reduce walking/running speed and have view penalties. - Raincoats that can be found as a rare item and makeshift raincoats. - Both raincoats can only be used while wearing. Wearing them will reduce walking/running speed and have view penalties. - All four items will reduce durability for time spent in the rain while holding/wearing them. The amount of durability from highest to lowest - umbrella, raincoat, makeshift umbrella, makeshift raincoat. - Umbrellas and raincoats cannot be repaired but makeshift umbrellas and raincoats can be. - All four items will only increase the time for each stage of getting wet. The amount of time increased from highest to lowest - raincoat, makeshift raincoat, umbrella, makeshift umbrella. 11. Decreased running speed while walking/running in the rain or on snow. - Rain boots can be found as a rare item to be able to walk/run at normal speed in the rain. - Snow boots can be found as a rare item to be able to walk/run at normal speed on snow. 12. Rename-able clothing. - Some of us like to collect different colors of clothing for cosmetic reasons, and being able to rename our clothing would be a nice add-on. - This feature would also remove the stacking of clothing, which would make it easier to see the color of each clothing. Thanks for reading, and again, any feedback is very much appreciated. Please let me know if there are any suggestions that have been mentioned before, and/or if they have been either approved or declined by the developers already. Cheers.
  4. So here goes nothing: I've been learning some lua on my freetime and gotten in to the point where I'll be publishing my first mod. I've gotten the code working so that it changes the getting wet values to 0 but there's still some problems with the events and execution of the stuff (that will hopefully start going thanks to RJ and the .14patch! Thanks man invaluable stuff!)... The Umbrella can (when released) be found in wardrobes in bedrooms and maybe in the small storage shelves. The umbrella, when found is closed and can be used as a stabbing weapon (KittenKnife stats for now...). It can also be opened and when held in primary slot provides you shelter from the cough inducing evil that is rain. Since I was going to keep this to myself until somewhat done there's still major flaws that need to be fixed but I'm slowly but surely getting there. I just had to put this out there because kinyoshi as clever a detective he is, found my secret! thanks a lot no pressure now... First I'll try and make it work like it should (I'll take all the help I can get!) and then I'll release the hopefully working version at some point. Definitely no ETAs (I'm a busy bee at the moment)! After that I'll try and take some suggestions, but again no promises I'm only learning the stuff. So in due time I will present to you teh UmbrellaMod!
  5. So... Umbrellas, not rare but not super-common as loot in houses and the stores. It would require both hands to use and would open in three seconds but take ten seconds to shake dry and close. Both of those timers would require you to be standing still. The noise from the water hitting the umbrella would make more noise than the rain around it making you a little more noticeable when walking around in the rain if zombies are about. It would be usable as a very limited bat like weapon and would break pretty fast, maybe one to three uses. It would have the close combat jaw kill move like knives, maybe four to five uses. If in multi-player, two or three people can stand under it and not get wet. It would wear out over time from the wear and tear and from the water damaging it (long-term). And if hot and sunny, you stay cool when using it.
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