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  1. SenorMonstro

    Picture Battle

    a allergist helping you with the allergy.
  2. SenorMonstro

    Riddle me this.........

    I was just guessing, what is the relation betwen the "consecutively three letters " and a librarian? : P And I don't have any riddle for sharing ):
  3. SenorMonstro

    Riddle me this.........

    a librarian?
  4. SenorMonstro

    Colour Me, Stupid!

    I hope it helps : P
  5. SenorMonstro

    Musical tastes

  6. SenorMonstro

    Musical tastes

    I think that the best soundtracks games, is from "The Neverhood", I never finish that game, but that's not point.. Everybody Way oH!
  7. SenorMonstro

    Ask the User below you Anything

    That's a decision in every day life, my friend (?) Recently I was in that situation some days ago and I want to believe that I choose red. What do you think of grapists?
  8. SenorMonstro

    The ^<V Game

    ^ I'm not pretty sure what are you talking about, but ok, maybe I am being watched by the eye. < When I poop, it hurts, doesn't bleed, but it always hurts. I think it's because the amount of matter that I always do. Any solution? v Have a dog called "Don Crapgold Mountain III".
  9. SenorMonstro

    Ban The User Above You

    Banned beacause the old style pedoing was better.
  10. SenorMonstro

    Musical tastes

    Speaking of metal And the essence of life is here, the doctor Dan Deacon man
  11. SenorMonstro

    Musical tastes

    I love so much this band~ But right now I'm pretty obsessed with shoegaze or "similar" things