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  1. a allergist helping you with the allergy.
  2. I was just guessing, what is the relation betwen the "consecutively three letters " and a librarian? : P And I don't have any riddle for sharing ):
  3. I think that the best soundtracks games, is from "The Neverhood", I never finish that game, but that's not point.. Everybody Way oH! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFp_6WnujiU
  4. That's a decision in every day life, my friend (?) Recently I was in that situation some days ago and I want to believe that I choose red. What do you think of grapists?
  5. ^ I'm not pretty sure what are you talking about, but ok, maybe I am being watched by the eye. < When I poop, it hurts, doesn't bleed, but it always hurts. I think it's because the amount of matter that I always do. Any solution? v Have a dog called "Don Crapgold Mountain III".
  6. Banned beacause the old style pedoing was better. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHAsREDPrBc
  7. Speaking of metal And the essence of life is here, the doctor Dan Deacon man
  8. I love so much this band~ But right now I'm pretty obsessed with shoegaze or "similar" things
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