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  1. Should we start a poll? If it gets enough votes, would the devs consider it?
  2. Those damn penguins! T^T Banned for favouring the number 24.
  3. I see where your comming from now and I like this idea. As annoying as it would be to drop your plastic bags to weild a weapon may be, I like it just due to the main fact of realism. This kinda makes plastic bags an after thought if you just want to haul alot of stuff instead of just equiping alot of them which I like. As well as the added difficulty to the beginning of the game with not being able to carry alot of stuff I like due to the realism. There could always be an option or a difficulty where you start with a bag or something. I also like the idea of being able to stuff your pockets fu
  4. I know you guys like the sugestions to be simple, this one isn't exactly so. What I'm thinking will change the inventory as we have it now quite abit. So what I was thinking was to make it more realistic. I think in the bags there should be limited space to put items. I made a quick image to show what I mean. So in a bag will be a bunch of squares. Pretty much the items you pick up will be shaped and placed within these squares. So pretty much if it dosen't fit, you can't pick it up. So instead of having an infinate amount of carry space, it will be brought down to this more realistic sys
  5. I like the idea of visually seeing your damage. The others sound good in theory, but the effort and time it may take to do it may not be worth it. The ones you posted in my opinion didn't look overly fantastic either. I think time would be needed to make them look good.
  6. I only noticed I had one after reading this thread. I lol'd. :3
  7. I'm always the good guy, I don't expect it to work out too well.
  8. I like the crowbar-bat. It's a crowbar, with the striking good looks of a baseball bat! 2 in 1!
  9. Banned for not letting me fly around on your back. :<
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