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  1. New bug since 34.26 or 34.27: Only one player in split-screen co-op can attach sheet ropes to windows. To reproduce, enter game with player one. confirm ability to attach sheet rope. add player 2, now player 1 can no longer attach sheet ropes, however player 2 can.
  2. Thanks for the quick fix for NullPointerException @ SwipeStatePlayer.ConnectSwing Had it again just now and came back here to see it was already fixed. There goes my motivation for learning how to use Javassist!
  3. Gotten 2 crashes so far tonight at this same line of code while playing split screen co-op: java.lang.NullPointerException at zombie.ai.states.SwipeStatePlayer.ConnectSwing(SwipeStatePlayer.java:945) at zombie.ai.states.SwipeStatePlayer.execute(SwipeStatePlayer.java:349) at zombie.ai.StateMachine.update(StateMachine.java:130) at zombie.characters.IsoGameCharacter.update(IsoGameCharacter.java:9679) at zombie.characters.IsoPlayer.update(IsoPlayer.java:2642) at zombie.iso.IsoCell.ProcessObjects(IsoCell.java:1353) at zombie.iso.Iso
  4. kick ass idea. i might actually mess around with a server after this matures a bit. got a couple dedicated gigabit beasts not doing much.
  5. just recently made my first mod and my advice to you is either break out the decompiler or read the source of some of the mods here. preferably both. if you're super dedicated then do it java style and hack the hell out of her =D
  6. probably bad design to go that route even if you could. hopefully a single player game would be smart enough to not know or care about most of the offscreen items (unless previously seen), and hopefully a multiplayer server is secure enough to not offer that info to clients. if i find out otherwise i'll let you know though.
  7. yeah, i was rambling way too much before i got my hands dirty. i have a tendency of doing that. you're 100% correct. this whole thread was kinda pointless, i'll try to have more restraint. on a side note i love how easy it is to create your own custom little client/server protocol for mods using the Lua functions.
  8. Sorry for being spammy, but something else I noticed was that transmitModData() is implemented in IsoObject, so only objects which inherit from it can do the automagical sychronization (i think). This, for instance, excludes InventoryItem objects unless they happen to gain an IsoWorldInventoryObject in their .worldItem field.
  9. i think in some places (especially some events) i'm not gaining access to the actual object with my modData, but a copy or clone of some kind. i think that's the real root of my problem.
  10. i figured that, but it wasn't working so i attempted it manually.
  11. IsoObject.transmitModData() give this: receiveObjectModData: index=-1 is invalid x,y,z=10878,10116,0 is this still a work in progress? currently attempting to use custom sendServerCommand as a workaround.
  12. sounds impressive, gonna give it a shot
  13. hell with that, i don't RP an average joe. i RP me vs. my zombie neighbors....and i'm not an idiot, i can set up a forge using millennium+ old technology. besides, if you don't like crafting or decide your character is too stupid to pull it off, nobody is forcing you to do it.
  14. Wow, I can say goodbye to my reloading games and printing debugging messages way of doing things, lol. i should really pay closer attention to the forums.
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