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  1. https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/24964-the-newest-update-light-system-is-gamechanger-and-i-hate-the-indie-stone-for-it/ Give us our lightning system back! Thank you!
  2. I just bought 4-pack on lastest sale for couple of my friends and we're enjoying game but 1 question was born. We playing through Co-Op mode (Host in main menu) so I do have to login into game, create server and stay logged in at "god mode", but the time is running even if nobody's playing at the time, which is not perfect. Is it possible to host dedicated server if I have: 1 steam account with game but 2 PCs? Let's say first PC is low-energy PC which can be used to host dedicated server 24/7 2nd PC is gaming PC which will be used to connect to game when I want to play
  3. How to use PZServerSettings, where should I put SandboxVars.lua file?
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