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  1. Rass


    Will this feature work with player-built structures? It would be great if their visuals finally worked the same as those of standard buildings.
  2. That's weird. I can pick up sand and dirt normally, but it doesn't work with gravel for me.
  3. This is not related to the pick up function that other objects use, but it's quite odd that gravel still cannot be picked up despite the fact that this has been reported many times over the years.
  4. Rass

    RELEASED: Build 35.26

    Really? I actually hope those kind of colors replace the in game text color in this IWBUMS.
  5. Rass

    RELEASED: Build 35.26

    Try building a full sized wall on each side of the fence with sheet rope, it makes climbing down a lot safer.
  6. Rass

    Best Bases

    This is a surprisingly good starting base despite not having a second floor. You can barricade just a few places to drastically reduce zombie migration and later on expand. pzmap.bmp
  7. Rass

    RELEASED: Build 35.26

    Both the alarm clock and digital watch have a random alarm time and whether it's turned on or off is also random.
  8. Rass

    Causes of Death - The Statistical Study

    I say do it anyway, it would be interesting to see how the community plays (and therefore dies) vs how I play.
  9. Rass

    RELEASED: Build 35.26

    Honestly, it sort of already has been changed. There are houses randomly dedicated to a profession. There are barricaded houses full of supplies (and zombies). You are still likely to visit the big warehouses and stuff, but now there are more randomly generated objectives along the way.
  10. Rass

    Locational damage for weapons

    Wouldn't this make stabbing weapons even more OP? A bat can chip and break, an axe can get dull, but you don't really have to do much to maintain a good knife as long as you only use it for stabbing.
  11. Rass

    Ideas for Literature

    Right now the happiness/boredom system is set up in such a way that unless you're trying to survive on worms, you don't need to pay much attention to it. The idea is good, but there would need to be an overhaul of the whole system for it to affect gameplay in any way.
  12. Rass

    Long-term surviving changes appearance

    Hygiene in general won't appear in the game because it takes too much micromanaging. With this in mind, growing hair would work well since you wouldn't have to cut it so often, but I'm not too sure about facial hair on male characters. Keeping your char clean shaven would be bit of a chore, though that might just add some immersion. As long as it doesn't influence the gameplay too much...
  13. Rass

    Seeds - Eat Them!

    You get more seeds than you sow if you harvest during the right stage. I agree about the second part though.
  14. Rass

    Butter fingers trait

    I agree with this. Maybe change it to generating additional noise while transfering items?
  15. Rass

    Mash's secret project.

    So it's decided, we're getting Dungeons and Dragons.