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  1. That's strange, doesn't it mean that you could abuse it to make zombie resistant summer clothes?
  2. No, here's how it works: At level 0 you've got base xp (100%) + bonus xp (25%). If you watch a cooking tv show, each xp gain is 12.5 xp because you get an additional 25% xp on top of the base 10 xp. The formula is 1*xp + 0.25*xp. Fast learner gives additional xp equal to 30% of base xp and your bonus xp. The formula is (1*xp + 0.25*xp)*1.3. If you have level 0 cooking and fast learner, each xp gain from watching a cooking tv show is 16.25. In short, it turns the 25% bonus into 32% while also adding another 30%.
  3. Fast learner is totally overpowered. It provides a 30% bonus to any xp gain, meaning that it applies both to base xp and bonus xp from traits or books.
  4. Shouldn't the body temperature displayed in the menu work the same regardless of the season? The sliders were all the way to the left and every body part was blue, but despite spending like 12 hours outside during the night under these conditions, my character was completely fine and the relevant moodles didn't pop up.
  5. One of my characters got stuck in the wilderness during the night. I had to rip up my clothes for bandages and as a result my naked character's temperature menu showed the sliders going all the way left to "cold". However, the only moodle that showed up was "chilly" and the character didn't seem to be affected in any way. Are temperature penalties not properly implemented yet, or is there something I'm missing?
  6. Try using unemployed + all negative traits (no positive traits), it's surprisingly viable even in build 41. The worst thing about it is probably the two shitty sleeping traits, but it's still a fun challenge.
  7. I've mostly been a city player so this has never really bothered me, but I just noticed that foraging zoning still doesn't extend to some rural areas. Is this something that may be addressed in the future, or is it a way of nerfing the "innawoods" playstyle?
  8. Nice detective work! The stuff with dogs could imply that the virus is a mutated strain of rabies, or at least that the military thought this to be the case.
  9. Trees and bushes shake when a zombie walks through them, so watch out for that.
  10. It's not that hard. Just clean the wound, use enough dressing to keep dirt out and enough pressure to keep blood in. One thing that could be expanded is wound cleaning. If you've got dirt, sand or gravel in your wound, you could use a toothbrush to rub it out under a stream of water. Hurts like a bitch, but it gets the job done.
  11. Haven't been there yet, I've been spending most of my time around Muldraugh. Might check it out later.
  12. I haven't really seen much difference in performance. I play on a 2015 midrange laptop with a dedicated GPU btw.
  13. Don't forget a diamond-pattern sweater (same stats as a regular sweater, but also protects the neck). By the way, which parts of the body does the fireman jacket protect? There's one type of jacket that only gives the usual 20 bite 40 scratch, but I've found it to be pretty good due to the fact that it also protects your crotch and thighs. That, and it makes you look like a character from a noir film if you pick the right colour.
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