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  1. yes I wondered if I should contextualise it with a good or bad It's great hehe Ironman is my favourite marvel character. Now he just needs a way to pewn zombies with his palm weapons, or better yet take out a horde of them with targeted shoulder missiles!
  2. Is this the right place to feed back on new builds, I can't remember.. If not. Sorry. Just a few of thoughts, mainly around the new health system. So I got bitten, and had bleeding, bitten, infected. (In red) I applied a bandage and got Bandaged (In green) Removed the banaged when it got dirty, and saw that the bleeding, bitten, and infected were back. (Some kind of an alert when your bandage gets dirty might be nice, or when your medical situation needs attention. I am not sure if the 'injury first aid required' moodlet does this or not, as it seemed to come up after I bandaged and not when I had 'dirty bandage'. Perhaps the heart symbol could flash red (or something such as this.)), I think it would be better, if these states were still visible after you bandage, but in green to show they are 'ok' from an action perspective. (Although the bite and infected would probably never be ok, unless infected meant normal infection not zombie infection?) My final thought was to be able to access inventory action from the medical screen that are relevant. At the moment you have to go to the medical screen to check your bandage, then click remove if it is dirty, then go to your inventory and find your 'bandages' then right click on the 'bandage' to apply a fresh one. I think it would be nicer (and more intuitive) if you could right click on a wound, and see your available actions depending on what supplies you have available in your inventory. So brief summary of thoughts. 1. Thumbs Up all round. 2. Alert for 'medical action required' (perhaps the heart could flash) (This may be done by the injury moodlet, but it did not seem to line up with in game events...) 3. Keep 'active medical states' such as bleeding visible when 'being treated' but change to a green (or other positive colour) to show that no further action is required at that time. (this way it lets the player know they may need more bandages in the future, rather than feeling everything is now ok because it is gone.) 4. Medical actions available in medical screen for inventory items, rather than having to go to the inventory to do them. (faster and more intuitive) EDIT: Ok this one already is happening, did not seem to work first time around, I wonder if it may have been due to some left over mod conflicts from disabling mods without restarting the game. As I noticed some mod bits still appeared when I disabled them. Always enjoying the Updates!
  3. Someone recently posted up a build 27 version of lockpicker, you can find the link 'currently' at the end of the lockpicker thread. to unzip it, you will need a program, google something like winrar, or 'unzipping .rar files' and you should find free software for doing this. The other thing to check is that you put the folders/files in the right place. At the bottom of the mods screen in game it should show you the file path to where your mods need to be, so make sure you put them in there.
  4. locate your mods folder (you can see the filepath at the bottom of the mods screen in game,) Necroforge is easier because it is only 2 files to sort out. all you need to do is in the mods lua folder add a client folder NecroForge/media/lua/client and then drop the two lua files into that folder and it will work from the mods screen (no need to mess with the PZ install thus no chance of blowing up your game install ) I have never tried multihack, but the general rule of thumb with modsbefore B25 i think it was is that you need to add a client, server and shared folder to the lua folder and put the lua files into one of these (experimentaition required but usually it is the client folder) Also on the topic of necro forge, the 'drip irrigation mod' has a file called necroforgesupport (or something like this) that is an easy to use and nifty template for adding objects from mods to necro forge.
  5. For anyone who is interested, this still works with build 27#1 it is only the book icon that needs to be fixed like this: The entry in the recipeBook.lua just needs to look like this: (line 14) recipesBook.init = function(player) recipesBook.iconActive = getTexture("book.png"); recipesBook.iconInactive = getTexture("book_grey.png"); and move the book icons to 'outside' of the media folder. So as soon as you open the crafthelper folder you see the two book.png's
  6. Have you checked that the mod file path is correct i.e. you have put the mods in the right place. it tells you where to put them on the mod screen.
  7. that one is hard, I had it working at one point, I am not sure if I did something to break it or if the new cooking recipes broke it, as they work in a different way to regular recipes now, i think.
  8. I had this working for V26, see my post just above, but now we are v27 so i don't know, haven't done anything in a while.. but wahoo trapping is official!
  9. if it really is screwed because of 26, my guess is it is the new cooking recipe system, throwing it all out of whack!
  10. I think you would need to ask that in the new cooking system section, basically you want to ask how to add a new item to cooking, then when you know that you just add all the item names for the dried fruit
  11. you need to put it in your zomboid/mods folder it shouldn't need to be in the main game folder. check to make sure the suburbdistribution file is in the lua server folder. This mod also supports necroforge spawner. Hoses are what you find, then you lay them on the ground as 'pipe' bits 1 hose give 10 pipes have you tried SP to see if you can find any hose? if you can find it in SP but not MP, then maybe something more needs to be done in MP compatibility. If you can't find them in SP... then more info may be needed as to what has not been done right (file layouts etc.) as they spawn for me.
  12. hmmm.... i don't know.. maybe something needs to be moved to or copied to the shared or server folder in lua... Otherwise I guess it would be more code and something rather complex to make it compatible with MP.. I haven't been able to test MP with any of the mods yet as I have had no one to play with!
  13. Corpse Mod also introduces the ability to remove bodies using bleach, as well as a chance of catching the infection if bodies are left in your house too long or you do not use gloves when you clean. I haven't been able to test if this works 100% (the infection part) on the latest build, but bleach and body removal (as well as your character complaining about all the dead bodies) does work
  14. I also thought about ditches too, I thought it would be good if they were quick but could be 'broken through' by zombies, then if you made a weapon (like a spear) with a long enough range you could 'poke' zombies on the other side I also thought about the idea (going with fire damage) of something like boiling oil that you trigger from an object and fore flows along a pre made shape so if tile = fire tile, spread fire. These are just my fevered rantings though Also Liking the cellar! now all it needs is some kind of monster to poke it's eyes out from the dark
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