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  1. I'd love a mod or game option, where the weather have some extreme fluctuations, lasting for only a couple of days and then everything goes back to normal. A game called Frostpunk has this, where you must prepare for this and try to ride it out. There are many mods with permanent snow/cold but I find it gets very wearisome/dull due to the fact it's permanent.
  2. This is a good idea! Metalworking lvl 10 letting you get some extra use out of a katana
  3. I have unsuccessfully tried to fix this bug myself before, so I was very excited by the latest patch note So I went ahead and tested this on carpentry doors placed both in carpentry-doorframes and world-doorframes, in a new 45.46 savefile. In all instances the zombies still opened locked doors just like they previously did. I had suggested earlier that you should add ... && (!this.Locked || !this.isLockedByKey()) in IsoThumpable.class because I wasn't sure at the time which the correct boolean was. What you added in this patch is ... && !this.isLocked() if (((IsoZombie)var1).cognition == 1 && this.isDoor() && !this.IsOpen() && !this.isLocked()) { I'm convinced you just gotta use !this.isLockedByKey() instead. This shouldn't create any problems because ISLockDoor.Lua calls setLockedByKey(true); regardless if the players locks the door by key or without key (from the inside). I don't think isLocked() or it's synomym Locked() is being used at all. Let's put an end to these wretched lockpickers EDIT: Here's a bonus bug+fix. All types of crafted doors is indestructible by navigation+open door zombies, whenever the door is obstructed (Barricades is working as excepted though). thats because the zombie just loops at toggledoor -> door blocked -> toggledoor -> door blocked... So dear gamemasters, just have a look this line, it should be a double-kill on these buzzing bugs if (((IsoZombie)var1).cognition == 1 && this.isDoor() && !this.IsOpen() && !this.isLockedByKey() && !IsoDoor.isDoubleDoorObstructed(this) && !this.isObstructed())) { Here I'm hoping checking a normal singledoor for !IsoDoor.isDoubleDoorObstructed() would just yield null which is the same as false(...right?). But If I'm wrong I guess you gotta throw in something like this inside the Thump instead public void Thump(bla) ....blablabla boolean Obstructed = false; if (this.getSprite().getProperties().Is("DoubleDoor")) { if (IsoDoor.isDoubleDoorObstructed(this)) { Obstructed = true; } } else if (this.isObstructed()) { Obstructed = true; } if (((IsoZombie)var1).cognition == 1 && this.isDoor() && !this.IsOpen() && !this.isLockedByKey() && !Obstructed )) { this.ToggleDoor((IsoGameCharacter)var1); return; }
  4. Secret patch note: - New awesome curtain sounds
  5. Yeeah I know Was just hoping to make it low hanging fruit so to speak
  6. That's a interesting workaround. I appreciate the suggestion, will definitely play around with that as soon as I my brain is ready for the lua basics
  7. I haven't managed to replicate this yet so I'm unsure if I should even make this post, but I'm really curious if others has experienced this awell. So I'm doing my daily chore, fighting a bunch of zombies, and I jog away from them to reposition myself, which I've probably done thousands of times by now. This time however, while I was jogging I got the idea of using sprint to speed things up. But the moment I transition from Jog to Sprint my guy instantly gets stuck in the getting grabbed animation and I end up being eaten. None of the zombies was in range and after reviewing the footage I can see none of them are even attacking, they were still all walking towards me Here's a 10 sec clip of it, recommend 0.25x playback speed to see whats going on (also makes me getting upset sound a bit funny ) https://www.twitch.tv/hetcigarr/clip/LuckyShortSagePhilosoraptor-61g9aF_EbSVK-bxD
  8. I mean all this "RNG forcing you to die" just doesn't exist. Wether you screw up or not isn't based on RNG, it's all in your control wether you bump a zombie/get grabbed or not. However, when you do screw up THATS when the diced are rolled, and RNG will decide wether or not you will be forgiven for your mistake. It's like you're burning yourself by laying your hand on a hot stoveplate and saying "omg stoveplate why did you do this to me, that's so unfair I did nothing wrong!!!"
  9. Rain washing away the blood on exterior tiles. The old blood takes so long to fully fade away(if it ever does not sure?). Can't play with blood graphics turned on as it lags the game too much. If the rain/snow washed it away it would probably be fine.
  10. Hi, it's me again. 30 zombies behind a door will be heard, even from outside building. Use the sound and you'll know it's more than 1 zombie behind that door. Find another opening or let them open the door themselves. You don't have to give them a hug. Cheesing zombies at fence can be very effective, but it comes at a risk. 100% scratch/bite protection boots is easy to come by, so even if you screw up you're pretty safe. Just don't use this cheese if there are zombies behind you. You're never forced to be grabbed or dragged by zombies, you can outrun them very easily. no wait you can literally outwalk them Zombies are too weak, the player is too overpowered, nothing can kill after you learn the game mechanics. If you don't want to learn new things, the option to play b40 is still available
  11. Yeah all rags/strips do that I believe. It's weird, it's not like we are trying to sterilize it. The water is clean enough to wash our clothes, but not clean enough for the cloth patches that we sew onto our clothes
  12. b40 was a very long time ago, all I remember was there was multi-hit and that I died alot when first switching to b41. I'm guessing you're just not used to B41 yet as you are comparing them so much. My survival tip is to not run towards the attack you're trying to avoid. My killcount is 100.000+ and never once have I experienced the problem you're describing. You're making some kind of a mistake and instead of learning from it, you go on the forums to say the problem is the zombie
  13. Candles are cool. Fits the game atmosphere nicely. Sadly at this current stage candles are just left in the dark, unutilized. Although they kinda suck compared to flashlights, they are extremely rare. After months of looting I end up with having 1-3 of them stored, never to be used, only to be treated like this: My suggestion is - to avoid littering the world with candles - boost their commonness x25 by replacing their spawns with Box of candles, featuring 25 candles. I think that would be completely balanced and realistic.
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